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Scuf Nomad Mobile Controller: Unleashing Tactile Precision for iPhone Gamers

Uncrowned Guard


Scuf Nomad Mobile Controller Review

As a gaming geek with a proclivity for Scuf's collection of premium gaming controllers, I was thrilled to experiment with the brand new Scuf Nomad mobile controller. Designed to turn your mobile gaming experience into something akin to playing on a Steam Deck OLED or Asus ROG Ally, this device is Scuf's first foray into mobile controllers for iPhones. With this review, I intend to provide detailed insights into the pros and cons of the Scuf Nomad, potentially revolutionizing your mobile gaming experience.

Product Overview

Flaunting an ergonomic design, rear paddles, responsive thumbsticks, and adjustable input sensitivity, the Scuf Nomad borrows several features from its predecessors. Priced at $99 on Scuf's own website, the device boasts boundless customization, though it succumbs to one notable drawback - it can't charge the iPhone while it's attached. Nevertheless, the Nomad might just be the best gamepad option for iPhone users yearning for tactile controls when playing mobile games.

What you should like!

One of the most striking aspects of the Scuf Nomad is the overall design, blending comfortability with visual appeal. The controller's symmetrical Hall-effect analog thumbsticks are loose and produce a satisfying click when pressed. Available initially with concave grips, you can conveniently switch to convex grips if you prefer. Furthermore, the device is available in black or white, allowing you to match it with the color scheme of your iPhone.

Another remarkable feature is the intuitive user interface facilitated by the Scuf app. This application provides quick access to your controller-supported games, offers an array of customization options, and stores all your screenshots and clips. Remarkably, you can also keep your iPhone encased while playing, a design feature that makes it all the more appealing!

Performance Unleashed

The performance of the Scuf Nomad is undeniably impressive. I did not experience any perceivable input lag throughout my usage, with commands being initiated instantaneously. Although I did not test any online games, the offline games I experimented with showed no signs of input lag.

What you might not like!

One noticeable drawback of the Scuf Nomad is the lack of passthrough charging. Although the gamepad connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, making it compatible with any iOS 16-compatible iPhone, you will be incapable of charging your phone while the device is in use.


No doubt, the Scuf Nomad is a fun addition to the mobile gamer's arsenal. Despite its relatively high price point, the controller's high customization capabilities, demonstrably low latency, and undeniably sleek design make it worth considering for regular mobile gamers. Its only drawback, the inability to charge phones while in use, maybe a minor issue depending on your typical length of gaming sessions.


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