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First Person Shooters

First-person shooters are the core of Uncrowned Gaming and the core of the shooter genre as a whole.  Series such as Call of Duty and Halo have engraved the genre into one of the most popular games ever played and eSport titles like Counter Strike have been essential to driving the competitive gaming world to where it is today.


  1. Apex Legends Series

    Apex Legends took the battle royale genre by strong when it literally popped out of nowhere and boomed to a massive success.  The future of EA's wildly successful game hasn't been very clear but the current current game is doing well and has already got itself into a solid eSports market.

  2. Battlefield Series

    EA's Battlefield series likes to change up the FPS market and offer gamers more "war like" experiences.  The series itself is doing very well but is often troubled with inconsistent release periods and games that simply stray too far from the core of the series.  Battlefield games generally do not have a strong eSports appearance, but the team based focused is almost unbeatable.

  3. Call of Duty Series

    Activision's Call of Duty series has been the most popular shooter for quite some time.  Many games try to dethrone it and many gamers have lists of complaints, but the series continues to thrive.  Their are numerous eSports leagues featuring Call of Duty and Activision even hosts it's own league at this point with great success.

  4. Counter-Strike Series

    Counter-Strike is one of the original FPS games and also one of the original eSports games.  The series continues to shine in the competitive market and eSports love the skill based gun fights.  Although it is often deemed "too competitive" for casual players, the series is far from struggling to gain new players and continues to be one of the most played games year after year.

  5. Destiny Series

    Bungie's Destiny game is somehow both a solid eSports shooter and an ability RPG that can fill the void for any FPS gamer.  It is not seen the wide spread eSports fame of Bungie's old Halo games, but it has an amazing team focused gameplay.

  6. Halo Series

    Microsoft's Halo series was king of eSports and really enhanced the eSports market to a level never seen before it's release.  However the series has come down with a fair bit of problems for quite a few of it's latest releases.

  7. Overwatch Series

    Blizzard's massive success and, at the time, radical FPS game made a solid place for itself in just about every market.  The game is considered an FPS and has a massively successful eSports market along side a highly enjoyable casual playerbase.

  8. Rainbow Six Series

    While part of the much larger Tom Clancy series, the Rainbow Six games have more then enough games to be considered their own series.  With a focus on realism and tactics, these games are a great way to break up the "run and gun" style of play most FPS offer.  Rainbow Six has a strong eSports presence and the casual player base is also a thriving matchmaking.

  9. Other FPS Games

    If it is an FPS game and it doesn't have it's own forum, then this is a great place to get it's community started!!!

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