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Ubisoft Dismisses Rumors: Inactive Accounts with Purchased Games are Safe

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Ubisoft Debunks Account Deletion Rumors

Ubisoft fandom experienced a tumultuous weekend when rumors circulated about potential account deletions due to inactivity. However, the gaming giant was quick to debunk these rumors, promising players their digital game libraries are safe.

Rumors Spark Panic

The seeds of panic were sown when an email titled "Ubisoft Account Closure Due to Inactivity" was shared on social media. The communication warned of a temporary account suspension, leading to a permanent closure within 30 days unless the user took action. While Ubisoft Support confirmed the legitimacy of the email, it was the added claim by the original poster - "You will lose all your games purchased forever" - that set off the alarm bells.

Ubisoft Clarifies Position

Ubisoft stepped in to clear the air in an email to IGN. The company stated that, in line with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and as a measure against fraud, it has been deleting inactive accounts for several years.

Criteria for Account Deletion

In its clarification, Ubisoft shed light on its deletion criteria. The primary rule, much to the relief of gamers, is that any account containing purchased games is exempt from deletion. Other factors the publisher considers include:

  • Gaming activity since the creation of the account.
  • The account's libraries: those with purchased PC games are not eligible for deletion.
  • Duration of account inactivity, including the last login to Ubisoft's ecosystem on platforms such as Steam.
  • The presence of an active subscription linked to the account.

Ubisoft emphasized that users receive a warning email 30 days before account deletion, and a login attempt during this period triggers a reactivation notice and link.

Assurance for Gamers

Ubisoft gamers can now breathe easy, knowing their digital collections are safe, even if they've not logged into their accounts for a while. While questions remain about the digital ownership of games and media, at least in this instance, Ubisoft's policy on account deletion does not pose an immediate threat.

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This is good news for those who have a Ubisoft account with games on. Unfortunately, you always get a company on the internet that sees something and instantly assumes the worst and it has to be cleared up by the company themselves. 

I do hope the company who mentioned that you would lose all your games retracted their update. 

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