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Call of Duty: The Board Game Achieves Kickstarter Target

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Adding a new dimension to the renowned FPS saga, Call of Duty: The Board Game, a table-top reimagination of the celebrated first-person shooter, has successfully attained its Kickstarter target.

The table-top version of the first-person shooter will come equipped with miniatures, stellar artwork, and additional intriguing features that offer an innovative take on the famous video game series.

Recreating Call of Duty for the Table-Top

Call of Duty: The Board Game brings together the thrill of tactical planning, combat strategy, and the fast-paced action emblematic of the Call of Duty video games. Players will be assigned the roles of elite soldiers, engaging in intense confrontations set within the iconic environments familiar to Call of Duty gamers.

The board game will come with exceptional artwork and high-end components, including miniature figures representing the iconic soldiers and arsenal from the franchise. A host of scenarios and game modes will provide players with an entirely unique way to experience the intensity of Call of Duty.

A Passionate Project

“We are excited to collaborate with Activision in transposing the Call of Duty franchise to the table-top,” exclaimed Bryan Pope, the CEO of Arcane Wonders and one of the game's principal designers. “Being die-hard COD fans, we have put immense effort into capturing the grandeur, intensity, and the rapid-fire action of the video games in a way that will captivate both seasoned and novice board gamers. We eagerly anticipate bringing the high-stakes fun and competition of COD to game nights in the future.”

Extending the Campaign

Call of Duty: The Board Game has already surpassed its funding goals, but supporters can continue to contribute to the campaign to reserve their copy of the game. Additional donations also unlock an exclusive weapon skin for Call of Duty: Warzone.

The board game is slated for a retail release in 2024, and enthusiasts can view the ongoing Kickstarter campaign here. This project offers a fresh perspective on the beloved franchise, bridging the gap between digital and physical gameplay in a unique and engaging way.

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