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Delta Force Returns: Rebooted Military Shooter Promises Larger-Scale Multiplayer Battles

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TiMi Studio Group is reviving the classic military shooter Delta Force, a game renowned for its exploration-based, open-world combat and large-scale multiplayer PVP action. The developer has promised a cross-platform experience available on PC, consoles, and mobile, with the full reveal set to occur at Gamescom Opening Night Live.

Carrying on the Legacy

Delta Force, which initially launched on PC 25 years ago, was celebrated for its realistic portrayal of military operations. The development team, led by producer Shadow Guo, has a deep-seated interest in creating realistic military-themed shooter games. Inspired by their own experiences with Delta Force, the team aims to continue the legacy of the original gameplay while also introducing new and evolved features.

Large-Scale PVP Multiplayer

The rebooted Delta Force will maintain the tradition of large-scale PVP multiplayer battles, now accommodating even more players than the previous 32-player limit. The battleground will feature diverse terrain and vehicle routes, offering players a variety of engagement methods.

Vehicles Galore

In addition to a wide variety of terrains, the game will feature technologically advanced vehicles that players can use in large-scale PVP battles. Players can expect assault vehicles, helicopters, armored vehicles, attack boats, terrain vehicles, jeeps, pickups, fighter jets, and drones, all contributing to a richer gameplay experience.

Authentic Military Experience

The developer prioritized maintaining the original Delta Force's authentic essence while adding a near-future flavor. Real-life actors were employed, photogrammetry was used for 3D world creation, tactical movements were captured by military professionals, and guidance was sought from former Special Forces personnel. The campaign mode will be based on the movie "Black Hawk Down", with the development team studying the film and its historical context to provide an authentic and immersive gaming experience.

More to Come & A Note of Caution

Fans of the classic military shooter should keep an eye out for further details on the Delta Force revival, which will be unveiled at Gamescom Opening Night Live. The updated and expanded version of the beloved game is sure to excite both longtime fans and newcomers. As gamers await the return of Delta Force, it is important to exercise caution. While the TiMi Studio Group is a Tencent company with a strong track record in mobile gaming, they are not the original developers of the Delta Force series.

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