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Titanfall 2's Comeback: An Omen for Titanfall 3?

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Once a paragon of first-person shooter (FPS) gaming, Titanfall 2 had been largely cast aside by its developer, Respawn Entertainment, in favor of their blockbuster title, Apex Legends. Players faced connectivity issues so dire that the game was barely playable on official servers. But Respawn has recently orchestrated a turnaround, releasing an update that catapulted Titanfall 2 back into Steam's top 100 games list.

The Fabled Janitor Delivers

For years, fans have lightheartedly speculated about an unsung hero—a janitor within Respawn—who might be secretly championing the cause of Titanfall 2. It seems their wishes have been answered. On September 9, Respawn released an update resolving many of the game's nagging issues, from matchmaking woes to hacker infiltration. The patch also introduced a new game mode, cheekily dubbed "Attack on Titanfall," reviving the player base and nearly breaking the game's all-time record for concurrent players on Steam.

Teasing a Mysterious Future

The latest update also offered a tantalizing glimpse of what might be on the horizon for Respawn and the Titanfall universe. A plushie mascot from Apex Legends, known as Nessie, appeared in several in-game locations. Accompanying Nessie was a cryptic message consisting of UNIX timestamps that correspond to the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends. Fans have taken this as a sign—could Titanfall 3 finally be in the works?

For years, rumors swirled that Respawn had been working on a third installment in the Titanfall series, only for it to morph into Apex Legends. With Respawn now heavily invested in their popular battle royale game, a Titanfall sequel has seemed more like a pipe dream. Yet, with the recent rejuvenation of Titanfall 2, hopes for a sequel are higher than ever.

Fans may be reading too much into these cryptic clues, but if a "janitor" can resuscitate a beloved but beleaguered game, maybe, just maybe, he can also bring a much-anticipated sequel to life.

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As much as I enjoyed the first one’s one for a short period of life it had online, I couldn’t justify buying the second one right now. But seeing that they seem to care I would consider the 3rd one if we get one. They should get a free play or one the ea pass while the updates fresh and get as many players on it as possible.

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