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How To Add eSports Events!

Uncrowned Guard

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How To Post Events

  • In order to help prevent spam, you need to be in the Uncrowned Legion to post topics here.  All that means is that you need to have 5 content items (posts, topics, blogs, etc) that have not been flagged as spam to advance from Legion Initiate to Legion.
  • Make sure you include the basic information that players need: Dates, Times (including timezone), Links to stream/event registration, etc.

Are Any Events Not Welcome?

  • We focus on Shooter Gaming and therefore these are the events our members focus on and our staff promote.  Any eSport is welcome here, but be advised that posting non-shooters well result in not getting promoted to the calendar and such.
  • Local, non-interactive events.  E.G. if you are hosting an event for your local area and have no way for our members to join, watch, or interact in anyway.  (Local events are allowed as long as we can at least watch a stream of the event).
  • Double posting events, please check our Calendar to try and ensure the event wasn't already posted or do a quick search.

Getting Events on our Calendar

  • Uncrowned Gaming focuses on Shooter based gaming (FPS, Third Person, Tactical Shooters, Etc) and therefore we generally only add these types of events to our calendar.
  • Make sure your event has set dates and times (with the timezone) to ensure we have to information to add the event.
  • Our staff will then add the event to our calendar asap.  This normally takes about 24-48 hours.
  • If your event seems to fit all the needed criteria and it is has not been added after 2 days, feel free to open a support ticket to figure out why it was not added or to let us know that we simply messed your event. (Open a Ticket Here)
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