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PUBG PC Patch Notes

Uncrowned Guard

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PC Update 13.2 - Patch Notes

09 . 01 . 21
est. 19 min read


Hello, Survivors

13.2 Highlights

New Weapon: P90


In this update, we are adding the fan-favorite P90 SMG to Care Packages. The P90 is our first Care Package SMG since the original Tommy Gun, and as such, we made sure it is a worthy addition. It comes loaded with its own unique 5.7mm High Powered ammo, which is capable of longer-range combat, unlike our other SMGs. It also comes with a Cheek Pad, Handguard, Laser, and Silencer pre-attached and non-detachable.

It also features dual optics that allow for fast switching between close-range and medium-range combat. Use the Holographic Sight for nearby foes and Flip on the Flipsight for added magnification when they make a run for it.
It comes paired with 250 rounds of 5.7mm ammo in the Care Package.

A single magazine holds up to 50 rounds which you (and your foes) can see deplete live as you’re firing due to the magazine’s translucent design. With the translucent magazine keeping you aware of the high Rate of Fire and the Laser helping you keep track of your targets, the P90 is a solid addition to your loadout.

  • Spawns on all maps
  • Equipped with all attachments right out of the crate
    • Silencer
    • Laser
    • 50 round magazine
    • Non-detachable small low profile sight with some magnification
  • Ammo type
    • 5.7mm
  • Damage: 35
  • Maximum Effective Range: Up to 300m
  • Rate of Fire: 1,000 RPM

Taego Updates


Introducing the new pickup truck, Porter, exclusive on Taego! The Porter is Hyundai Motor Company’s representative commercial truck, which was first introduced in 1977. Since then it has been carrying a lot of loads based on its solid basics and excellent durability. It is the only vehicle on PUBG available with the Trunk System, a new feature to be introduced below. Porter is a truck capable of carrying large loads and up to four passengers at the same time. Get your chicken dinner with the use of Porter which can easily run on any types of terrain with the support of the permanent four-wheel system!

  • Drivetrain: All-Wheel Drive
  • Maximum number of passengers: Four
  • Trunk System is available and the capacity is 400
  • Maximum Speed: 130 km/h
  • HP: 1,200 
  • Porter replaces the UAZ

New Feature: Trunk System


With the Trunk System, you can maximize the acquisition of items for victory on Taego. Use the compartment of the Porter to load various items and take them out when needed. If the vehicle gets blown up, all the items in the compartment will also be destroyed. If you desire to keep your items safe, make sure your vehicle is safe!

  • Any item that can be placed in your inventory and weapons, helmets, vests, backpacks can be loaded into the Trunk.
    • However, due to the weight of weapons, helmets, vests, and bags, it may not be possible to load large quantities.
  • Only available on Taego with Porter vehicles.
  • The Trunk system can be accessed with the interaction key when not onboard. When onboard, it can be accessed by opening the inventory. 
  • All items in the compartment will be lost if the vehicle is destroyed. 
  • The compartment of the vehicle does not belong to one person. Anyone can load and take out items. 
  • Item weight depending on their types are as follows.
    • When a weapon with attachments is placed in the trunk, attachment weight is added and loaded into the trunk with attachments attached.
Item Type Weight
Vest: Level 3 90
Vest: Level 2 75
Vest: Level 1 60
Helmet: Level 3 60
Helmet: Level 2 50
Helmet: Level 1 40
Backpack: Level 3 62.5
Backpack: Level 2 50
Backpack: Level 1 25
Jammer Pack 100
Main Weapons 100
Secondary Weapons 16 – 20
Flare Gun 100

New Weapon: Blue Zone Grenade


Introducing the Blue Zone Grenade! This throwable item can be used effectively if you want to deal damage in a broader area for a certain period of time. Especially in situations where you want to lure enemies out of a building. The Blue Zone Grenade creates a round blue zone with a maximum radius of ten meters, lasting for five seconds. It maintains its full size for five seconds, then decreases and disappears over another 5 seconds.

  • The blue zone gets as big as ten meters in radius and lasts for five seconds.
  • It remains in its full size for five seconds and then shrinks and disappears for another five seconds.
  • It does not explode underwater.
    • But, when activated near water, it gives damage to players inside the water.
  • Damage: 10/second
  • If you are already in the Blue Zone and are in range of an additional Blue Zone Grenade, additional damage will be applied.
    • Blue Zone + Blue Zone Grenade = Both damages apply
    • Blue Zone Grenade + Blue Zone Grenade = Both damages apply

New Weather

To maximize the experience on Taego, we are adding the following weather options to Taego. They will be randomly applied. 

  • Sunset
  • Overcast

Blue Zone Rebalancing

Based on community feedback, we decided that the first phase of the Taego Blue Zone was a bit long. Therefore, we have reduced the duration of the first phase to provide a smoother Taego play experience. Enjoy more dramatic Taego through quicker farming!

Comeback BR Improvements

Since the introduction of Comeback BR, we have received a lot of feedback about how it could get boring. Therefore, we have made the following changes to encourage fast-paced Comeback BRs. 

  • Blue Zone Changes
    • Now the Bluezone will shrink even more
  • Timeline changes
    • The total time of the Comeback BR has been reduced
    • Players can return to the battlegrounds when the phase two Bluezone starts to shrink

Mini Map Improvements


The Taego minimap has been updated to make it easier to identify by making the outline of the unplayable area a bit darker.

Custom Match Updates

  • Rule Tab 
    • Added new weather
    • Added Comeback BR on/off option
    • Changed the blue zone value
    • Removed the Red Zone setting
  • Spawn Tab Items
    • Blue Zone Grenade
    • Porter
  • Sandbox Mode Items
    • Blue Zone Grenade
    • Porter

New Mode: Casual Mode


Casual Mode is a way for players to practice and have fun in a less intense environment than standard Battle Royale Matches.

You can play up to 3 matches per day in Solo, Duo, or Squads and will drop into Erangel with a maximum of 12 players per match, with bots filling the remaining space.

Whether you’re looking to warm up or just let of some steam in a more relaxed environment, Casual Mode is there to help! 

  • Only available on Erangel.
  • Maximum of three matches a day (Solo, Squad, and 1 Man Squad).
  • Only available in TPP mode. 
  • Maximum number of players in a match: 12, the rest will be filled with bots.
  • The following are supported:
    • Career: Stats/Match History/Medals/Survival/Weapons/Replays
    • Pass Mission
    • Event Mission
    • BattleStats
    • BP Rewards
    • XP Rewards
    • Spectating
  • Matchmaking Modes
    • PC Test Server
    • AS, NA
      • Solo / Squad / 1-Man Squad
    • All other regions matching on AS, NA
      • Solo / Squad / 1-Man Squad

Arcade: Team Deathmatch

Taego is added to the Team Deathmatch arena.

  • Arena List
    • Miramar – Campomilitar        
    • Vikendi – Peshkova / Podvosto
    • Erangel – Stalber / Sosnovka 
    • Sanhok – Paradise resort / Getaway / Bootcamp / Painan / Ruins 
    • Taego – Palace / Field / Mountain / Shipyard / Market

Survivor Pass: CRAZY NIGHT


Introducing the newest Survivor Pass CRAZY NIGHT!

We’ve made more changes to the Survivor Pass system in this update by extending the service period from the previous six weeks to eight. Read more for details. 

  • Service Period Changes
    • Extended the pass service period to eight weeks.
      • XP rebalancing to match the extended period.
      • Configuration and UI changes are applied to match the extended period.
  • New Pass Rewards
    • Contraband Coupon
    • Name Plate
    • Spray
    • Survivor Pass: Crazy Night, SKS, 30 Levels
    • Survivor Pass: Crazy Night, SKS

Pass Schedule

  • PDT: September 7, 7 PM – November 2, 7 PM
  • CEST: September 8, 4 AM – November 3, 3 AM
  • KST: September 8, 11 AM – November 3, 11 AM 

Make sure to claim all rewards before Survivor Pass: CRAZY NIGHT wraps up, as there is no additional grace period to claim rewards.

WSUS Updates

Contraband Crate

  • Sales Period: 
    • PDT: September 9, 7 PM – December 30, 7 PM
    • CEST: September 10, 4 AM – December 31, 4 AM
    • KST: September 10, 11 AM – December 31, 11 AM 
New Items Tier Probability
[BATTLESTAT] Fractured Element – AKM Epic 0.75%
[BATTLESTAT] Fractured Element – Mini14 Epic 0.75%
[BATTLESTAT] Gilt Dynasty – Kar98k Epic 1.00%
Tick Tock – M416 Epic 1.00%
Gold Plate – AKM Epic 1.00%
Schematics x3 0.90%
Schematics 0.90%
Fractal Onslaught – G36C Elite 1.25%
Fractal Onslaught – QBZ Elite 1.25%
Fractal Onslaught – SKS Elite 1.25%
Gilt Dynasty – Beryl M762 Elite 1.60%
Gilt Dynasty – QBZ Elite 1.60%
Gilt Dynasty – QBU Elite 1.60%
Gold Plate – Groza Elite 1.70%
Gold Plate – SKS Elite 1.70%
Silver Plate – SCAR-L Elite 1.70%
Jigsaw – Mini14 Rare 2.40%
Jigsaw – Tommy Gun Rare 2.40%
Jigsaw – Win94 Rare 2.40%
Desert Digital – Kar98k Rare 2.50%
Desert Digital – Mini14 Rare 2.50%
Gold Plate – UMP45 Rare 2.50%
Gold Plate – Sawed-Off Rare 2.50%
Silver Plate – UMP45 Rare 2.50%
Silver Plate – Tommy Gun Rare 2.50%
Gold Plate – Vector Rare 2.50%
Grayson – DBS Special 2.60%
Grayson – Mk47 Mutant Special 2.60%
Grayson – MP5K Special 2.60%
Grayson – S686 Special 2.60%
Desert Sun – P1911 Special 2.40%
Desert Sun – Deagle Special 2.40%
Desert Sun – PP-19 Bizon Special 2.40%
Gold Plate – Win94 Special 2.80%
Trifecta – P92 Special 2.80%
Desert Digital – R45 Special 2.80%
Desert Digital – Win94 Special 2.80%
Desert Digital – Micro UZI Special 2.80%
Desert Digital – P18C Special 2.80%
Rugged (Orange) – Kar98k Special 2.80%
Polymers x200 1.50%
Polymers x100 3.50%
Polymers x50 13.15%


  • Sales Period: 
    • PDT: September 9, 7 PM – December 30, 7 PM
    • CEST: September 10, 4 AM – December 31, 4 AM
    • KST: September 10, 11 AM – December 31, 11 AM 
New Items Price

Scrap Broker

  • Sales Period: 
    • PDT: September 9, 7 PM – December 30, 7 PM
    • CEST: September 10, 4 AM – December 31, 4 AM
    • KST: September 10, 11 AM – December 31, 11 AM
New Items Price
[BATTLESTAT] Fractured Element – AKM 1000 Scrap
[BATTLESTAT] Fractured Element – Mini14 1000 Scrap


Join Team


We have updated the Join Team feature where PUBG Friends can now join teams without invitations! The difference between this and the Team Invite feature is that this doesn’t require “accept” from the team. This significantly reduces the waiting time as players will not need to wait for the team leader and team members for match-making. 

  • Join Team feature can be turned on/off from the Settings.

Direct Message

  • DM Spam Blocker
    • If an abnormal number of DMs are sent in a short period of time, DM feature will temporarily be restricted. 
      • If 40 DMs are sent within a minute, it will be restricted for 30 seconds.
      • This applies both during matches and when in the lobby.
    • Chat and connection alert messages received during a match will be sent to the lobby.
      • Messages received during a match can be read in the lobby after the match ends.


  • BLACKPINK collaboration elements have been removed.
  • Improved bots are spawned on Karakin.

Lynx AMR Update


Since the release of the Lynx AMR, low ammo capacity combined with the inability of players to access additional ammunition has limited the overall usefulness of the weapon. To make the Lynx AMR widely used in the battlegrounds, we have increased the ammo capacity.

  • Increased ammo capacity from 5 to 10.



Esports tab is added. Below updates are applied.

  • Removed TEAMS
    • Added PUBGESPORTS.COM’s teams and players information.
    • Menu updates every 20 minutes instead of the previous 10 minutes. 
  • PCS4 → PCS5

Your Shop

Your Shop will be available during the following period.

  • September 29 – October 20


Added option to select DirectX version in graphics settings.

  • DirectX 11 Option: Default graphic option
  • DirectX 11 Enhanced Option: Performance-optimized options through rendering pipeline improvements

UI/UX Improvements


  • If the item is used immediately after purchase and is non-refundable, the following message is displayed at the purchase stage.
    • Kakao
      • Non-refundable information and link to Kakao’s Terms and Conditions
    • When connecting to Steam from outside of South Korea
      • Notice of non-refundable
    • When connecting to Steam from South Korea
      • Non-refundable information and link to Terms and Conditions
      • Agree to purchase checkbox
        • If the checkbox is not checked, the CONFIRM button is disabled
        • If the checkbox is checked, the CONFIRM button is enabled
    • G-Coin purchase and charging popup have been improved.
      • It shows the amount of the G-Coins you currently have and the G-Coins you have chosen to purchase.
    • You can select the sorting function for each menu in “Store” – “Items” by item type.
    • Added icons to images and descriptions when previewing to make it easier to identify BattleStat items in the store.
    • When previewing an item, the enlarged state is not reset even if the item is unequipped in the enlarged state.

QOL Improvements

  • When signing up for PUBG, players can find the Terms of Use/Privacy Policy in their language.

Custom Match

  • The Racing Mode, which PUBG’s Lead Partners can create, will end with the Update 13.2 live update.


  • Optimized memory.
  • Reduced FPS and hitching issues.
  • Objects outside a certain distance, such as furniture and stairs, have been improved so that they appear normally when ADSing at medium/long distances.

Replay System 

The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unable to be used.

Items & Skins

Sales period is subject to change.

  • Value Pack


  • Sale Begins: 
    • PDT: September 7, 7 PM
    • CEST: September 8, 4 AM
    • KST: September 8, 11 AM
  • Thanksgiving Rabbit



  • Sale Begins:
    • PDT: September 16, 7 PM
    • CEST: September 17, 4 AM
    • KST: September 17, 11 AM
  • Club DJ


  • Sale Begins: 
    • PDT: September 7, 7 PM
    • CEST: September 8, 4 AM
    • KST: September 8, 11 AM
  • PCS 5


  • Sale Begins: 
    • PDT: September 7, 7 PM
    • CEST: September 8, 4 AM
    • KST: September 8, 11 AM

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the objects and buildings not loading properly on Miramar.
  • Fixed the issue where there is a gap between the ground and rocks under the cliff in Alcantara, Miramar.
  • Fixed the issue where objects are floating in the air in a cottage near Crater Fields, Miramar.
  • Fixed the issue where characters get stuck between rocks near Minas Del Sur, Miramar.
  • Fixed the awkward location of the entrance door of certain buildings in Miramar.
  • Fixed the issue where players can get stuck between the truck and the cliff near Chumacera, Miramar.
  • Fixed an issue where windows of buildings in Miramar were not displayed depending on the distance.
  • Fixed the issue where players could not vault on some windows in Miramar.
  • Fixed an issue where the movement of the character was stuttering when located by the window on the second floor of the Miramar Warehouse.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would get stuck in rocky terrain near Los Leones, Miramar.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could see through trees when located too close in Miramar FPP.
  • Fixed the awkward texture of the steel doors on Puerto Paraiso, Miramar.
  • Fixed the issue where certain stairs were transparent in Miramar.
  • Fixed the issue where a match would start inside a rock in Miramar.
  • Fixed the issue where certain poles were floating in the air in Taego.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of falling into the water of some ponds in Hae Mu Sa of Taego was abnormal.
  • Fixed abnormal terrain in Taego.
  • Fixed an issue where a building in the Go Dok area of Taego existed right in front of the entrance door, making it impossible to pass.
  • Fixed an issue where the character was perceived as falling from the rocks of Taego.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could go under the ground on the main road under Hosan, Taego.
  • Fixed an area where bullets would not pass in Taego.
  • Fixed an issue where dirt was on the floors of some houses in Taego.
  • Fixed an issue where certain parts of fences are transparent in Buk San Sa, Taego.
  • Fixed the issue where trees were floating in the air in Taego.
  • Fixed the issue where the character gets stuck in the blue object in Yong Cheon, Taego.
  • Fixed the issue of the parachute not disappearing when Multi Care Packages drop on top of a vehicle.  
  • Fixed the issue of receiving damages when climling on top of Multi Care Packages, by ledge grabbing or vaulting, which have landed on water.
  • Fixed the issue where some parts of the texture of Lynx AMR bipod did not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where assigning the “Y” key to a specific emote would cause the spray and emote to work at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where explosions and gunfire reverberations were not heard when the gameplay volume was set to 20 or less.
  • Fixed the issue of the latitude value being incorrect when placing short and long-range markers.
  • Fixed the issue of when a team with squadmates who haven’t finished the placement test gets matched with opponents that doesn’t meet the team’s average RP.
  • Fixed an issue of awkward messages being displayed when the Spray was used in an invalid location.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spray’s item preview image was blurry.
  • Fixed an issue where the First Aid Kit icon was marked with a cross from the observer’s point of view.
  • Fixed an issue where if the host stopped the emote while the moving emote was in progress, the participant’s emote would also stop.
  • Fixed the issue of when the host who creates a session after ending a custom match, the session was deleted.
  • Fixed the issue where windows would break when a player does certain things. 
  • Fixed the issue of when a player uses smoke and frag grenade in the same position following certain steps, the player doesn’t take damage from explosion.
  • Fixed an issue where character animations looked awkward when using the spray function while using certain emotes.
  • Fixed the issue where the Bluezone location in Phase 4 and 8 are awkward in Custom and Esports Modes.
  • Fixed an issue where teammates sound was not heard when disabling the voice input mode.
  • Fixed an issue of when using a quick marker on a vending machine, “Missing table entry” message was displayed to team members more than 1km away from the point of use.


  • Fixed an issue where the fire mode UI would remain dimmed after using a healing item.
  • Fixed the BI logo on the Custom Match result screen to an updated version.
  • Fixed the BI logo on the Replay screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the kill message system worked abnormally when reaching more than one kill.
  • Fixed the issue where the Radio Message was not aligned with Team List UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the weapon level up animation in the progress bar isn’t displayed from the second page.
  • Fixed an issue where “undefined” was displayed in the purchase pop-up, when there isn’t enough G-coin.
  • Fixed the issue where the images in the Store preview were stretched sideways. 
  • Fixed the issue where the left and right arrows next to the options on the Social Screen Settings menu were not aligned.
  • Fixed an issue where the TOP 4 UI and the compass UI overlaps when watching through the Observer.
  • Fixed the issue where the kill messages were not displayed in Observer screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the order of equipped medals were the opposite in Match report and Survival.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview was intermittently not displayed when selecting an item or skin after moving the menu.
  • Fixed the issue where the character UI is displayed in the bottom corner of the screen when entering the character view after the vehicle preview.
  • Fixed the issue where assigned Medals on the PUBG ID inconsistently render during the End of Match sequence.
  • Fixed the issue of kill count showing 100.
  • Fixed the issue where the Invite Friend UI in the bottom right corner of Lobby, the mouse hover area is right aligned.
  • Fixed the issue when placing the cursor above the background of the Survival Timeline, the scroll bar does not function.

Items & Skins

  • Fixed an issue where the uniforms were displayed abnormally when wearing two basketball uniforms on a female character consecutively.
  • Fixed an abnormal graphic issue when Queen’s Guard Hat, Haunted Pumpkin Mask, and Racy Reindeer Top were equipped at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where the preview was displayed abnormally when equipped with BLACKPINK Hair.
  • Fixed an issue where the costume was not displayed when wearing and previewing the EL POZO HOME UNIFORM SET.
  • Fixed an issue where male characters would show two tails when parachuting while wearing the Leo Jumpsuit.
  • Fixed the clipping issue which occurs when equipping Mr. Ma and Retro Cabbie Hat together.
  • Fixed the issue where Golden Dragon Tang Shirt With Tattoos is equipped with other torso in the outgame.
  • Fixed an issue where wearing a Floptop Mask on Female Face 17 would cause a clip on the cheeks on either side of the face.
  • Fixed an issue where both wrists would clip when wearing the Skeleton Queen Leather Jacket and hambinooo’s Gloves at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where all hairstyles would clip when female characters wore the SEA Champ Training Snapback.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrists to become transparent and the sleeves to sag when female characters were wearing Pretty Pajama Pants and a long sleeve top at the same time.

Full Notes: https://na.battlegrounds.pubg.com/patch-notes/pc-update-13-2-patch-notes/

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Hello, Survivors. First up in this update is the ability to pick up and carry a downed survivor. You can now throw them over your shoulders and bring them with you to victory.

Next up, Taego has received a lot of changes. Additional covers are added in some areas, and the terrain has also received improvements. Furthermore, Breakable Pots have items inside so break and loot! Error Space are special new zones marked on the map that can spawn items featured in other Battlegrounds, so make sure to check the map for locations.

In addition, Taego and Paramo have been added to the Ranked. The rulesets have also been changed accordingly, so check out the details below. Many changes have been made to Erangel’s hot place Pochinki, along with the Pony Coupe and Porter, Halloween decor and weather on Erangel, the new Trick-or-Treat Progressive M416, and more, so be sure to check them out below for full details.

14.1 Highlights


Taego Updates

Taego World Improvements


Since the introduction of Taego, we have been continuously analyzing the play history to collect information about the overly advantageous areas on the map. As a result, we discovered that some regions of Taego have a relatively high win rate compared to others. After checking the win rate of the most popular combat zones, objects and terrain improvements were made for the areas with a win rate of 75% or more.

  • Improvements
    • Added cover to the mountain area north of the Palace and the river area east of the Terminal.
      • Fixed field of view, bends, and cover for areas where terrain composition is difficult to overcome.
    • Improved the cliff topography in the north of Buk San Sa area.
      • Corrected the height of the cliffside terrain, which was considered to be OP.
    • Reorganization of the topography around the School area.
      • After removing the surrounding trees, added fields.
    • Covers and hills have been reorganized.
      • Terrain improvements in some coastal areas.
        • Redline: Corrected the cliff topography of the entire coast.
        • Blueline: Removed rocks located around the lighthouse.
    • Some mountain/river areas:
      • Green area: Added trees to the hillside.
      • Magenta Zone: Added flat terrain curves.
      • Sky Blue Zones: Added cover for areas that lack cover.

Error Space 


Introducing the Error Space, this map exclusive feature to Taego allows players to gather other map-exclusive weapons and supplies to be spawned randomly within these zones.

Error Space zones are displayed randomly on the minimap  and will be active until the end of the match, so make sure you head to the Error Space early so you don’t miss out! 

Game Modes:
   Custom Match
        – Players can set the number of Error Spaces.
        – Players can set the spawning probability of Error Spaces.

Breakable Pot


Various items are placed in Breakable Pots that are placed all over the map. Break the pot to loot multiple items inside and lead the match to victory. However, be aware that the sound of breaking the pot may expose your location to enemies. You may break the pot by punching it, but a few shots with your gun can come in handy.

  • Game Modes
    • Normal Match
    • Ranked
    • Custom Match
  • Spawned Items
    • Medical Items
      • First Aid Kit
      • Bandage
    • Boost Items 
      • Adrenaline Syringe
      • Painkillers
      • Energy Drink
    • Throwables
      • Frag Grenade
      • Smoke Grenade
      • Stun Grenade
      • Molotov Cocktail

Comeback BR and UI Improvements


We received much feedback on the inconvenient situations that players experienced while waiting for Comeback BR. Therefore, to provide a better overall experience, we have made the following improvements.

  • UI Improvements
    • A warning message will be displayed when trying to leave while spectating Comeback BR.
    • If you die while being able to participate in Comeback BR, “Exit to lobby” button will be disabled for three seconds.
    • A timer that indicates the time left until the start of Comeback BR will be displayed.
    • Comeback BR team UI improvements
      • Nicknames are now displayed brighter for squadmates who are waiting for Comeback BR to begin.

Vehicle Balance Updates

We gave high low-end torque and excellent stability in consideration of the rugged and mountainous terrains of Taego for its exclusive vehicles. Also, Taego is very difficult to travel without a vehicle. So we have high max speeds to prevent them from being destroyed easily from attacks. However, we have listened to the voices of our community saying the top speeds were too fast, so we have reduced the top speeds of the vehicles.

  • Pony Coupe
    • Normal: Reduced from 140km/h to under 130km/h.
    • Boost: Reduced from 150km/h to under 140km/h. 
  • Porter
    • Normal: No changes are applied.
    • Boost: Reduced from 130km/h to under 120km/h.

Ranked Ruleset

  • Leaver Penalty
    • The leaver penalty should be applied for players who have died and are qualified for the Comeback BR but choose to leave the match without waiting for the Comeback BR to begin.
    • Leaver penalty is applied when leaving match during Comeback BR

Erangel Updates



An update has been made to Pochinki, one of the most popular drop points for dropping on Erangel. Until now, it was challenging to escape from Pochinki after early match combat without a vehicle. Also, the surrounding area was made up of fields, which made it easy for the enemies to find you. The following updates have been made to address these difficulties. Last but not least, the quality of the terrain around the map has been improved.

  • Pochinki Church Renewal 
    • In order to balance with the surrounding two or three-story buildings, we have blocked the church rooftop play.
    • Added a secret room in the basement of the church where items are spawned. This room can be accessed without a key. 
  • Updated Terrain Around Pochinki
    • Added waterway.
    • Added cover.
    • Added fences.
    • Fixed terrain height. 
  • Improved Pochinki Terrain Quality.

Halloween Updates


Trick or treat! It’s that season of the year again. To maximize the Halloween vibes, we have finished decorating some parts of Erangel. Knock on the door and shout out trick or treat!

  • School, Hospital, and the Starting island area have been decorated with the Halloween concept.
  • Halloween-themed weather, with unique moon color and fog in certain areas, is added.
    • Game Modes
      • Normal match
      • Custom match
    • Weather Probability
      • Halloween: 30
      • Clear: 50
      • Cloudy: 20
  • Care Package Smoke Color
    • Changed to Halloween colors.
      • Flaregun supply crates are not included.
  • Placed Mummy Coffins at School, Hospital, and the Starting Island.

New Feature: Carry


Making its way to the Battlegrounds this update is the new Carry feature. Be the hero your team deserves by risking it all to carry an ally to safety or take a downed enemy on the adventure of a lifetime – before they bleed out, that is. 

There are pros and cons to picking up a downed player. For one, they’ll serve as a sort of human shield, guarding you against some incoming fire (pro for you, con for them…), but in return, you will not be able to sprint, jump, crouch, prone or hurdle, so make sure you choose your rescue route carefully. You can still fire while carrying a player, but your options are reduced to hip fire only. As for the carried player themselves, their bleed out time will be lowered, and they’ll also be able to spot for you, though their visibility will be limited to whichever way you turn them.

  • Available on all maps.
  • You may pick up any downed player (friend or foe) that is not currently self-reviving or being revived.
  • While carrying a player, the following is true:
    • The following cannot be used.
      •  Panzerfaust
      • Melee weapons
      • Throwables (includes Gas/Jerry Can)
      • Emergency Pickup
      • Emergency Parachute
    • You and the carried player still take damage separately.
    • Your movement speed remains the same. However, you cannot crouch, go prone, sprint, jump, or hurdle.
    • You may still fire your weapon, but from the hip only.
    • You may not use healing items.
    • You may not use throwables.
  • While being carried a player, the following is true:
    • Your field of vision is limited to the direction your carrier is facing you.
  • Carried players cannot join you in a vehicle.
  • When the Carrier starts to swim Carry is canceled and the carried person drops/sinks to the bottom.
  • You cannot attach to an Emergency Pickup while carrying a player.
  • You may not use an Emergency Parachute while carrying a player.

Map Rotation


The following are the map rotation plans for this update.

  • Normal Match
    • As-is: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi , Karakin
    • To-be: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Taego, Paramo
  • Ranked
    • As-is: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi 
    • To-be: Erangel, Miramar, Taego, Paramo

As the Taego and Paramo are added to the Ranked, a separate ruleset is set for Ranked Mode.

  • Taego
    • Maximum Players: 64
    • Blue Zone: Same as Normal Matches.
    • Care Package: Same as Normal Matches.
    • Red Zone: Not available.
    • Vehicle Spawn: Added fixed spawning locations.
      • Only Pony Coupes are spawned in Garages.
    • Item Spawn: Same as Normal Matches.
    • Flare Gun: Only available to call in a custom airdrop. BRDM-2 won’t be dropped. 
  • Paramo
    • Maximum Players: 32
    • Blue Zone: Seven Phases.
    • Item Spawn Increase.
    • Vehicle Spawn: 
      • Normal Matches: Buggy
      • Ranked: Rony 
        • Rony is spawned from fixed spawning locations.
    • Red Zone: Not available.
    • Weather: Clear.

Ranked Season 14


Season 13 Ranked Mode Rewards

Season 13 has now wrapped up and it’s time to enjoy your rewards, after a hard-fought season of Ranked. Rewards will be automatically distributed to your inventory upon login at the beginning of Season 14.

Season 13 rewards are granted based on your final end-of-season rank.

Tier Reward List
Bronze Bronze PUBG ID Emblem
Silver Silver PUBG ID Emblem
Gold Gold PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
Platinum Animated Platinum PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
Diamond Animated Diamond PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
Master Animated Master PUBG ID EmblemAnimated Master NameplateRanked Parachute Skin
Top 500 Bonus rewards for Top 500 players:Animated Top 500 PUBG ID EmblemAnimated Top 500 Nameplate

Unlocked Rewards

  • The earnable rewards above will be ‘unlocked’ for a single Ranked Season only (except for the permanent Parachute Skin reward) for the purpose of featuring a player’s seasonal accomplishments.
  • Players will only receive the reward for the highest rank they get just before a Ranked season ends.
  • Players can find their Unlocked Rewards in the inventory at the start of a new Season.
  • Once the server undergoes maintenance after a Ranked Season ends, we will be collecting players’ Unlocked Rewards from their inventories.

Comeback BR in Ranked

  • Kills
    • Player kills that happen during the Comeback BR will count as valid kills.
  • Team Placements
    • Team Placements are calculated the same way as long as the spectate system works the same way. This means:
      • Players who are alive and participating in the comeback BR can be spectated by their dead teammates.

WSUS Updates

New Progressive Weapon Skin – Trick-or-treat M416

  • You can view upgraded features for each level of your Progressive Weapon Skin. Consume materials to upgrade your Progressive Weapon Skins.
  • Progressive Weapon Skin Rundown
    • Schematics and Polymer are required.
    • Upgrading your Progressive Weapon Skin will unlock the features for each level one by one. More schematics and polymers will be needed to get to the next level.
    • Upgrades cannot be reverted to the previous level.
    • The Trick-or-treat M416 Progressive Skin levels unlock the following:
Level Spec.
1 Basic Skin Cosmetic (Level 1 appearance)
2 Magazine / Muzzle Skin x6
3 Uncommon Skin Cosmetic (Level 2 appearance)
4 Total Kills Battlestat
5 Inspect Animation 
6 Killfeed Skin
7 Grip / Stock Skin x7
8 Rare Skin Cosmetic (Level 3 appearance)
9 Loot Crate Skin 
10 Scope Skin x7

Contraband Crate

  • Sales Period:
    • October 5 2021, 7 PM PDT – January 30 2022, 6 PM PST
    • October 6 2021, 4 AM CEST – January 31 2022, 3 AM CET 
    • KST: October 6 2021, 11 AM – January 31 2022, 11 AM
New Items Tier Probability
[PROGRESSIVE] Trick-or-treat – M416 Legendary 0.90%
Gourd Smasher – Pan Epic 1.20%
Glory – UMP45 Epic 1.00%
Gold Plate – AKM Epic 1.00%
Schematics 0.90%
Bewitched – AWM Elite 2.00%
Bewitched – Beryl M762 Elite 2.00%
Bewitched – Vector Elite 2.00%
Gold Plate – Groza Elite 1.70%
Lucky Knight – SKS Elite 1.70%
Lucky Knight – M24 Elite 1.70%
Gold Plate – AWM Elite 1.70%
Silver Plate – SCAR-L Elite 1.70%
Silver Plate – S12K Elite 1.70%
Waffle Cone – M16A4 Rare 2.70%
Waffle Cone – S686 Rare 2.70%
Waffle Cone – R1895 Rare 2.70%
Toxic – S1897 Rare 2.50%
Turquoise Delight – P1911 Rare 2.50%
Gold Plate – UMP45 Rare 2.50%
Gold Plate – Sawed-Off Rare 2.50%
Silver Plate – UMP45 Rare 2.50%
Silver Plate – Tommy Gun Rare 2.50%
Gold Plate – Vector Rare 2.50%
Cobalt Callsign – K2 Special 2.90%
Cobalt Callsign – Micro UZI Special 2.90%
Cobalt Callsign – SLR Special 2.90%
Cobalt Callsign – UMP45 Special 2.90%
Cobalt Callsign – G36C Special 2.90%
Cobalt Callsign – S1897 Special 2.90%
Cobalt Callsign – P18C Special 2.90%
Gold Plate – Win94 Special 2.80%
Silver Plate – VSS Special 2.80%
Silver Plate – AUG Special 2.80%
Silver Plate – S1897 Special 2.80%
Silver Plate – DP-28 Special 2.80%
Rugged (Orange) – M4 Special 2.80%
Rugged (Orange) – AKM Special 2.80%
Polymers x200   1.50%
Polymers x100   3.50%
Polymers x50   8.30%


  • Sale Period:
    • October 5 2021, 7 PM PDT – January 30 2022, 6 PM PST
    • October 6 2021, 4 AM CEST – January 31 2022, 3 AM CET 
    • KST: October 6 2021, 11 AM – January 31 2022, 11 AM
New Items Price

Scrap Broker

  • Sales Period:
    • October 5 2021, 7 PM PDT – January 30 2022, 6 PM PST
    • October 6 2021, 4 AM CEST – January 31 2022, 3 AM CET 
    • KST: October 6 2021, 11 AM – January 31 2022, 11 AM
Items Price
[PROGRESSIVE] Trick-or-treat – M416 3000 Scrap
[PROGRESSIVE] Buzzkill – SLR 3000 Scrap
[BATTLESTAT] Fractured Element – AKM 1000 Scrap
[BATTLESTAT] Fractured Element – Mini14 1000 Scrap
[BATTLESTAT] Cataclysmic Magma – M416 1000 Scrap
[BATTLESTAT] Cataclysmic Magma – SKS 1000 Scrap
Schematics 600 Scrap
Contraband Coupon 10 Scrap

Lobby Updates

  • The Halloween theme has been applied to the lobby and its background music.

UI/UX Improvements


  • We wanted the Nameplate animations to be shown better so we delayed the appearance of emblem, nickname, level, and medal.
  • The font size was reduced as well.

QOL Improvements

Key Guides

We have improved the key guides for vehicle types and actions (ex. Motorcycle – Lean Back) to provide a more accurate and detailed experience.


DirectX 12 Version

  • DirectX 12 Option: You can now choose to use the DirectX 12 rendering system.
    • DirectX 12 may enhance performance, but as an experimental feature, it may not be as stable as DirectX 11.
    • Please check the version of your GPU driver for a better DirectX 12 experience.
      • Nvidia GPU: Version 471.96 or above is required.
      • AMD GPU: Version 21.10.1 or above is recommended.


  • Key Hint Widget Optimization
    • Frame drops and hitching are reduced.


  • Item descriptions will now pop up when players hover their mouse over Set previews.
  • The release date for the Progressive Weapon Crate will now be displayed on the Store featured page.
    • Clicking on the new banner will take you to the Progressive Weapon Crate menu.

Replay System 

We have updated the replay system. Replay files from the previous updates will no longer be available.

Items & Skins

  • Sales period is subject to change. 
  • Fresh Hood
  • Sale Begins: 
    • PDT: October 20 2021, 7 PM.
    • CEST: October 27 2021, 4 AM.
    • KST: October 27 2021, 11 AM.
  • Sale Begins:
    • PDT: October 19 2021, 7 PM.
    • CEST: October 20 2021, 4 AM.
    • KST: October 20 2021, 11 AM.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue of the BZ Grenade pin flying to the back of the character when cooking grenade.
  • Fixed the sound being inaudible when player is hit by melee weapons. 
  • Fixed the issue of the small multi-drop care package’s collision range seeming bigger than it looks. 
  • Fixed the game crash issue when player collides with care packages in Sandbox Mode. 
  • Fixed the issue of the killfeed message making it hard for players to drag items that are on the bottom of inventory. 
  • Fixed the sound being inaudible when player is descending with a parachute after jumping off of plane. 
  • Fixed the issue of the incorrect visual effects (VFX) being rendered when vehicle collides with wall in a sunny weather setting. 
  • Fixed the issue of Porter getting destroyed right away when shot by Panzerfaust.
  • Fixed the issue of Pony Coupe’s and Porter’s speed not lining up with the speed dashboard. 
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to kill a different player intermittently appearing and disappearing. 
  • Fixed the issue of grenade moving to and exploding in a spot different from the thrown position. 
  • Fixed the incorrect camera position issue when player shoots from vehicle in Replay/Death Cam. 
  • Fixed the issue of the observer getting reported when observer reports a different player through Replay/Observer Mode’s player list. 


  • Fixed general bugs in Erangel and Taego.


  • Fixed the issue of Korean being shown in the Refund Policy message when purchasing G-Coins in a language setting that is not Korean.
  • Fixed the issue of the Random Crate UI overlapping with the Back button. 

Items & Skins

  • Fixed the clipping issue with character’s skin when equipping Taego Survivor Tee. 
  • Fixed the goggle texture issue of Crimson Cadet – Helmet (Level 1) when dropped on floor. 
  • Fixed the transparent ankle issue when female character equips both Cheerleader Sneakers and PGI.S Tactical Pants. 
  • Fixed the clipping issue with armpits when male character equips Sleeveless Turtleneck and does the Victory Dance 61 emote. 
  • Fixed the clipping issue with forehead when most female characters equip only the Blood Hound Muzzle. 
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect transparency of the glass part when equipping Moon Seeker Helmet.

Full Notes: https://na.battlegrounds.pubg.com/patch-notes/pc-patch-notes-update-14-1/

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