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Oct 2nd - Gears 5 Women's Tournament (October)

Uncrowned Guard

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  • Saturday, October 2nd from 10:30am to 6pm PT, broadcasted on Twitch.tv/Xbox
  • 32 teams of 4 players each (Only Women allowed)
  • Consoles only
  • The tournament will only be available to players in the NA and LATAM regions (https://www.gears.gg/handbook/player-eligibility/#region-residency)
  • $5,000 Prize Pool
  • 5 Rounds total will be played
  • Each round, the teams with the most wins advances to the next round
  • Best of 3 for each round
  • Best of 5 for Finals
  • Gametypes will be a mix of Control, Escalation & Execution 2.0
  • https://www.gears.gg/handbook/competitive-platform/#map-host-selection
  • Casters retain the right to join the lobby to cast the match
  • Higher Seed team is the team on top of the bracket matchup

  • 5 Rounds total
        * WB Round 1 = 32 teams. Bottom 16 teams eliminated.
        * WB Round 2 = 16 teams. Bottom 8 teams eliminated.
        * WB Round 3 = 8 teams. Bottom 4 team eliminated.
        * Semifinals = 4 teams. Bottom 2 teams eliminated.
        * Finals = 2 teams. Best team wins.

Match Settings
  • Each team of 4 players will play a Best of 3 Match. Best of 5 for Finals.
  • We'll be following the Gears Esports Ruleset. View this link for more information in the "Competitive Platform" section - https://www.gears.gg/handbook/competitive-platform/#game-settings
  • Be sure to read the following sections in the rulebook
        *Competitive Platform
        *Game Size
        *Map and Host Selection
        *Best of 3
        *Game Settings
        *Escalation Settings
        *Starting Loadout
        *Character and Weapon Skin Restrictions
        *Universal Match Rules
        *Spectator Rules
        *Player Disconnects
  • “Mulligan” rule in effect, which means you have 2 minutes to restart the match after it's started in case of any problems

Prizing = $5,000 total
  • 1st = $2,500
  • 2nd = $1,250
  • 3rd/4th = $625

Full Info: https://smash.gg/tournament/xbox-tournaments/event/gears-5-women-s-tournament-october/overview

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