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Call of Duty: Vanguard Patch Notes

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Welcome to Vanguard Season 1.5

by Sledgehammer Games

Welcome, friends, to a new year. We’re happy to report that our Season 1.5 Update has some resolutions we’re eager to share with you. This update is due to go live today at 4 PM PT.

You may have noticed some intel from our social channels last week teasing the upcoming changes to Vanguard Multiplayer. Along with new seasonal content in today's update, you can expect to see some significant changes to gameplay and bug fixes. We’ve nerfed Incendiary Grenades and updated Perks to give you new ways to counter fire damage (sorry for the excessive burns). Alongside this, we completed a weapon balancing pass that buffs Sniper Rifles and fixed a few Camo Progression bugs that should allow you to unlock Atomic. Also, we've adjusted some of those crazy Control spawns and remedied a few issues resulting in packet burst.

We've heard your feedback on the issues you’ve been facing since Vanguard’s launch and we want you to know that we are committed to improving the state of Vanguard Multiplayer. Bluntly speaking, not every fix in today’s update will be a perfect fix. Some issues, especially with spawns and packet burst, might take us some time to thoroughly address. But we want you to know we hear you, we’re working on those things (and more) and you can expect more updates coming to Vanguard before Season 2.

Today’s update doesn’t only include seasonal content and changes to MP. It also includes a Zombies update from our partners at Treyarch. Read up on the top changes here, or you can get the full Zombies treatment over at the Treyarch blog.

For more information about seasonal content updates, check out the official Call of Duty blog.

Multiplayer Updates


  • Several sources of packet burst have been identified and resolved
  • Several sources of Multiplayer crash errors have been identified and resolved
  • Xbox Series X players will no longer experience game crashing with CDN setting enabled
  • Playing with keyboard and mouse will no longer result in ‘controller needed’ message 


  • Spawn logic has been tuned to improve small maps with higher player counts
  • Adjusted spawn logic for Domination on Dome
  • Spawns in Control mode have been significantly adjusted to:
    • Prevent out-of-map spawns on Tuscan
    • Prevent spawning in the enemy’s line-of-sight on Bocage
    • Prevent players from spawning directly on teammates

Weapons & Equipment: Bug Fixes

  • Attack / Guard Dog kills now count towards Panzerfaust Camo Challenges
  • STG "Reptilian" Camo Weapon Challenge is now tracking Bloodthirsty kills
  • STG "Predatory" Camo Weapon Challenge is now tracking Multikills
  • Katana unlock Challenge is now tracking properly 
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the "Kill an Enemy While They Have a Spy Plane Active 5 Times" challenge from tracking in the Counter Measures career challenges
  • Player selected camos will now appear during the match intro sequence
  • Locked Camos and attachments can no longer be swapped onto unlocked weapons
  • A bug resulting in missing Post-Match Flow has been fixed
  • A bug resulting in Type 100 Blueprint “Thunderhead” being invisible in the pre-match countdown has been fixed

Weapons & Equipment: Balancing Changes

  • Weapons
    • M1 Garand
      • Reduced Recoil
    • Type 99
      • Reduced Aim Flinch
      • Reduced ADS Time
      • Retain One Shot Kill potential for chest shots when smaller caliber ammo is used 
    • 3-Line Rifle 
      • Reduced ADS Time
    • Kar98
      • Retain One Shot Kill potential for chest shots when smaller caliber ammo is used
  • Ammo
    • Bolt-Action Hollow Points
      • Removed damage range penalties
  • Equipment
    • Stun Grenade 
      • Reduced Stun Grenade damage in Hardcore modes
      • Reduced how long players are affected by Stun Grenades
    • Incendiary Grenade 
      • Damage has been reduced
  • Killstreaks
    • Mortar Barrage
      • Duration of Mortar Strike has been reduced
      • Number of Mortar Strikes per streak has been reduced
      • Addressed issue where Mortar Barrage deployment was inconsistent
  • Perks
    • High Alert  
      • Slight delay added before Perk activates after being seen by an enemy
    • Dauntless
      • Gives immunity to fire and burning effects including Incendiary Rounds, Flamenaut, and lingering fire on the ground
    • Fortified
      • Reduces fire damage taken by 30%
      • Reduces excessive damage of all explosives


  • Polish pass to improve and fix player collision issues with map environments 
  • Overall polish pass on Destructibles throughout all maps


  • "Seasonal Challenge" menu is now present in the Challenges tab
  • Players will no longer experience visual rank swapping between players in Private Matches
  • The Objective progression bar will no longer clips into reticles
  • Unintended distortion of MVP images has been fixed
  • The continuous post-game level-up animation when players reach Prestige 3 has been fixed
  • Store: menu navigation has improved when viewing and toggling between Bundles

Zombies Content Update

In Zombies, classic survival gameplay arrives in “Shi No Numa” this week with the new Void Objective for players who want to kill endless waves of zombies, watch the rounds go up, and grind weapon camos to their heart’s content. Explore Von List’s Office, a previously unavailable area that harbors narrative secrets and a mysterious new portal. Upgrade your Artifacts at the Tome of Rituals, equip three new Pack-a-Punch camos, build the Warmachine and Deathmachine at the Crafting Table, discover new narrative intel, and more.

The Combat Shield also joins loadouts and the Mystery Box, and new weapon unlock challenges for the Katana and Welgun SMG are coming to Zombies. Get the full overview of everything included in this week’s update over at the Treyarch blog.

Survival Gameplay

  • Void
    • Survival gameplay comes to “Shi No Numa” in the Void, accessed from Von List’s Office in Stalingrad.
    • Rounds are advanced by defeating increasingly difficult endless waves of zombies, rather than by completing Objectives.
    • After completing 3 rounds in the Void, players must choose to Flee or Survive. Choosing Survive continues to spawn waves of zombies until players choose to escape, or if the game ends when all players go down.
    • Players earn 5,000 bonus Essence for every 3 rounds completed in the Void.
    • After surviving 12 rounds in the Void, players earn a reward that prevents Perks from dropping below Tier II upon going down for the rest of the match.
    • The Pack-a-Punch machine is available in “Shi No Numa” when in the Void.
    • Players can return to Stalingrad to upgrade their Perks, Covenants, and Artifacts after surviving 3 rounds in the Void, and can return to the Void at any time.


  • Von List’s Office
    • Explore this previously closed-off area of Stalingrad to discover new narrative intel and the portal to the Void.

New Feature

  • Tome of Rituals
    • Invest Sacrificial Hearts at the new Tome of Rituals to upgrade Artifacts up to four tiers in-game.

Artifact Upgrades

  • Frost Blast
    • Tier I – Freezes normal and Special enemies for 3 seconds once they have been in the Frost Blast zone for 0.5 second.
    • Tier II – Increases the Frost Blast radius by 100%.
    • Tier III – Increases the number of charges from 1 to 3.
    • Tier IV – Frozen normal enemies are insta-killed when damaged.
  • Energy Mine
    • Tier I – Stuns normal and Special enemies hit by Energy Mine for 3 seconds.
    • Tier II – Explodes 3 times in a row with a 0.75 second delay between explosions.
    • Tier III – Increases the number of charges from 1 to 3.
    • Tier IV – Increases the explosion radius by 66%.
  • Aether Shroud
    • Tier I – Automatically reload weapons when activated.
    • Tier II – Deal 500% bonus melee damage while active.
    • Tier III – Gain 50% move speed while active. Duration extended from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
    • Tier IV – Increases the number of charges from 1 to 2.
  • Ring of Fire
    • Tier I – Normal enemies inside the ring take damage equal to 2% of their max HP every second.
    • Tier II – Players within the ring use ammo from stock.
    • Tier III – Staying within the ring for up to 10 seconds increases the duration from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
    • Tier IV – Staying within the ring for up to 10 seconds increases your damage bonus from +50% to +75%.

Pack-a-Punch Camos

  • Three unique camos added to the Pack-a-Punch machine.
  • Weapon camo will now change in appearance with each Pack-a-Punch upgrade up to Tier III.
  •  Pre-Packed loot weapons will display Pack-a-Punch camos after being picked up from Sturmkreigers or the Mystery Box.


  • Combat Shield
    • Now available in Zombies loadouts and the Mystery Box.
    • Mitigates a portion of damage from the direction the player is facing when raised. Cannot break.
    • Protects the player’s back from partial rear damage when stowed.

Weapon Unlock Challenges

  • New weapon unlock challenges added to Zombies for the Katana melee weapon and new Welgun SMG via Create-a-Class:
    • Katana: In Zombies, get 5 rapid kills with a Melee weapon during 50 different Portal Objectives.
    • Welgun: In Zombies, get 5 rapid Critical Kills with an SMG during 50 different Portal Objectives.

Support Weapons

  • Warmachine and Deathmachine now available in the Support tab at the Crafting Table.

See you online!

As always, we’ll continue to collect feedback from all the corners we can find it. Have constructive feedback? Please let us know your thoughts!

You can also report a bug or leave feedback about Call of Duty: Vanguard in this survey.

Best of luck out there!

Sledgehammer Games 

Full Notes: https://www.sledgehammergames.com/blog/2022/vanguard-season-1-5-update

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Vanguard Season Two Patch Notes

by Sledgehammer Games


Multiplayer Updates


  • Bug Fixes
    • MP-40 (Submachine Gun)
      • Rune Blueprint will now fire Shadow Tracer Rounds as intended. 
    • Welgun (Submachine Gun)
      • Addressed an issue which prevented weapon unlock progression in Multiplayer and Zombies.
    • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
      • Fixed a bug that resulted in the Atomic (Completionist) camo from being equipped.
  • Balance Adjustments
    • MP-40 (Submachine Gun)
      • Decreased damage range.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Proficiency (Sniper Rifles)
      • Addressed an issue that sometimes resulted in game disconnect while aiming down sights with the Quickscope Proficiency and the Hardscope Proficiency.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Counter-Spy Plane (4 Killstreak)
      • No longer prevents the V-2 Rocket (25 Killstreak) from being used.
    • Mortar Strike (5 Killstreak)
      • Addressed a graphical issue which caused smoke and fire effects to populate more than once.
    • Bombing Run (7 Killstreak)
      • Server Snapshot Error should no longer occur when using Bombing Run
  • Balance Adjustments
    • Spy Plane (4 Killstreak)
      • Enters and exits the play space significantly faster, making it more vulnerable to being destroyed.
    • Counter-Spy Plane (4 Killstreak)
      • Enters and exits the play space significantly faster, making it more vulnerable to being destroyed.
    • Bombing Run (7 Killstreak)
      • Improvements to the flight path determination logic to further avoid damaging the player who called it in.
      • Decreased damage and damage radius of bombs.
    • Attack Dogs (10 Killstreak)
      • Added an audio cue to further communicate the position of a nearby Attack Dog.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Incendiary Grenade
      • Addressed a graphical issue which caused smoke and fire effects to populate more than once.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Addressed a typo in Anna’s biography to reflect setting accuracy.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Field Specialist challenge from progressing.
    • Addressed an issue which prevented “... kills while moving” challenges from progressing under certain circumstances.


  • Combat Pacing is now available for Hardcore modes in Quick Play.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Motherland
      • The correct Calling Card “Food Ration” has been granted to players who purchased this Bundle. 
    • Bayou Bruiser
      • The correct Padmavati Calling Card has been granted to players who purchased this Bundle.


Zombies Updates


  • Addressed an issue where zombies could move at slower speeds than intended in "Terra Maledicta."

  • Super sprinters will now show up by Round 12 as intended.

Wonder Weapons

  • Ray Gun

    • Increased base damage, Pack-a-Punch damage, splash damage radius, ammo count, and ammo pickups per community feedback.

    • Base damage increased from 300 to 400.

    • Pack-a-Punch Tier I damage increased from 600 to 900.

    • Pack-a-Punch Tier II damage increased from 1200 to 1800.

    • Pack-a-Punch Tier III damage increased from 2400 to 3600.

  • Decimator Shield

    • Drastically increased base melee damage per community feedback.

    • Standard melee attack now kills normal zombies in one hit through Round 12.


Bug Fixes

  • Battle Pass Tier 100: The "White Mirage" Operator Skin's preview and item have been corrected. Players who reached Tier 100 prior to this update will be granted both versions of the Operator skin.
  • Players will now be shown the Season Two Story Cinematic upon loading into Vanguard for the first time during Season Two.



  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a spontaneous crash when scrolling through friends lists


  • The Sten Mk5 Historia weapon blueprint spawns as a STG 44 on public MP matches


  • Attack on Titan - Levi Edition Bundle

    • The Sten Historia weapon blueprint will no longer spawns as the STG44 in public Multiplayer matches

  • Paradise Lost Bundle

    • Halima's skin Fire Brand is now consistent with the preview.

  • Final Flight Bundle

    • The Hawk Blueprint will no longer use Ironsights instead of the Scope when Aiming Down Sights

Battle Pass

  • Tier 20 Reward “Beatrice Parisian skin”

    • An issue with the Beatrice Parisian skin has been fixed. All Tier 20 players have been granted this item retroactively.


Wonder Weapons

  • Addressed an issue where the Decimator Shield would not respawn in the Corrupted Lands Arena if the player died.


Due to a stat-breaking issue that only appears in the live game environment, the Ranked Play Beta will not go live the morning of 2/17 as expected. Stay tuned to @Treyarch on Twitter for updates on launch timing while a fix is implemented.

New Pillar Mode will be available via the Vanguard Main Menu allowing players to play competitively, earn a Seasonal Skill Rating, compete in biweekly Ladder Events, and earn Ranked Play rewards. 

Competitive Game Modes, Maps, and Settings

  • Play competitive 4v4 using the same modes, maps, and settings used in the Call of Duty League ruleset.
  • Select Weapons, Attachments, Equipment, Perks, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks are restricted based on official CDL competitive rules.

  • Game Modes: CDL Hardpoint, CDL Control, CDL Search & Destroy.

  • All unrestricted content is unlocked for players regardless of their current Military Rank Progression to ensure a level playing field for all players.

Seasonal Skill Rating

  • See where you stack up competitively each season by earning a visible Skill Rating (SR) and advancing your way through Skill Divisions and Tiers.
  • Play 5 Skill Evaluation Matches each season to earn a Seasonal Skill Rating and placement in one of 7 Skill Divisions. Each Skill Division has 5 Tiers.
  • Earn or lose Skill Rating after each match based on win/loss and personal performance.
  • Skill Ratings are reset at the end of each season.

Progressive Rank

  • Progressive Rank celebrates the player's Ranked Play journey and success in Ladder Events.
  • Players start UNRANKED and earn Rank 1 the first time they are placed on a Ladder.
  • Progress your Rank by earning Stars based on final Ladder Event position.
  • There are 50 Ranks to earn in Vanguard Ranked Play. Rank carries over from season to season and is never reset.


  • Earn a Calling Card and Emblem every 5 Ranks.
  • Reach Rank 50 to unlock the Ranked Royalty Solange Operator Skin, an animated Calling Card, and Emblem.

  • At the end of each season, earn an animated Emblem that celebrates your highest Skill Division that season.

  • Unlocked rewards can be used in both Vanguard and Warzone.

  • Additional Ranked Play Rewards such as Weapon Blueprints, Camos, Charms, a Master Skill Division Operator Skin, and more are coming in-season.

  • Each additional Ranked Play season will feature a new set of exclusive rewards to earn.

Ladder Events

  • Compete in 50-player Tournament Ladder Events to earn Stars and progress your Ranked Play Progressive Rank.

  • Play in 2 Ladder Events a week: Weekday Ladder (Monday-Friday) & Weekend Ladder (Friday-Monday).

  • After completing your 5 Skill Evaluation Matches, play 1 Placement Match while a Ladder Event is active to get placed on a 50-player Ladder.

  • Earn 200 Bonus Points the first time you are placed on each Ladder.

  • Earn 100 Ladder Points after each win and -61 Ladder Points after each loss.

  • Each day of a Ladder Event, earn 20 Bonus Points after each of your first 5 wins of the day up to a maximum of 100 Daily Bonus Points.

  • At the end of each Ladder Event, Stars are awarded based on final Ladder Position:

    • 1st = 5 Stars

    • Top 5 = 4 Stars

    • Top 10 = 3 Stars

    • Top 25 = 2 Stars

    • Top 50 = 1 Star

  • Competitive Integrity Features

    • Players who disconnect or quit matches will receive Ladder Point and SR penalties as well as temporary suspensions, with escalating penalties for repeat offenders.

    • Repeated Friendly Fire will also result in players being kicked from games and receiving penalties and suspensions.

    • If a player quits or disconnects before the start of a match, the match will be canceled, and the remaining players will be returned to the main menu.

  • Party SR Restrictions

    • To ensure competitive and balanced matches, players can only party up with other players with similar Skill Ratings:

      • Challenger & Master Players: Parties must be within 500 SR.

      • Elite & Expert Players: Parties must be within 1000 SR.

      • Advanced, Specialist & Contender Players: No Party Restrictions.

      • Players in Expert or higher may not form Parties with players who haven't yet completed their Seasonal Skill Evaluation Matches.




  • Made several improvements to player textures and animations that resulted in Packet Burst spikes. 

  • Stability improvements should result in better connectivity and lower crash rates. The time to connect to Online Services should also be reduced.   

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in disconnecting during MVP Highlight Animations.


  • General

    • A thorough pass on map environments has been completed to fix objects with unintended collision, issues with portaling through the ground, and to remove out-of-map exploits.

  • Champion Hill

    • There will no longer be two consecutive buy rounds at the beginning of every Champion Hill Duos 2v2 private match.

    • A bug has been resolved that resulted in players losing Perk and Field Upgrade functionality in Private Matches if they played a match in Champion Hill previously.

    • Spawn improvements have been made for teams of three.


  • Control

    • Fixed a bug that resulted in matches ending prematurely after spectator disconnects.

    • Late match joiners are now able to spawn in when lives are available.

    • Swapping to spectate/different teams now consistently updates the lives left.

    • The last player alive warning now consistently appears.

  • Private Matches

    • Silent Plant Option now works in Search and Destroy Private matches (fixed Feb 3rd).


  • Seasonal Challenges

    • All players can now unlock Season 1 Mastery Cards after completing all challenges.

    • Field Specialist challenge is now tracking for all players.

    • Counter Measures challenges are now tracking consistently for all players.

  • Operator Challenges

    • The Diamond operator skins will now unlock for Barbarian and Shadow operators.

  • Welgun 

    • Gold and Diamond camos are now unlockable after completing all weapon Challenges.

  • Launchers 

    • Ground based Killlstreaks now count towards the 'Deadeye' camo.

Weapon Adjustments

  • Throwing Knife

    • Distortion VFX have been removed.


  • Incendiary Grenade

    • Fixed a bug that caused additional visuals to appear when Incendiary Grenades are used.

    • Number of Incendiary Grenade uses are now tracked in your combat record.


  • Dauntless

    • Suppression no longer applies to players with the Dauntless perk when the player is hit by shots.


  • Glide Bomb

    • Fixed a bug that resulted in graphical corruption when Attack Dogs were killed by a Glide Bomb.

  • Mortar Barrage

    • Fixed a bug that resulted in the flare and smoke VFX from previously called-in Mortar Barrages temporarily re-appear.

    • Deploying the Mortar Barrage will no longer force-switch the player's weapon.

  • Flamenaut

    • Activating the killstreak and getting killed at the same time will now grant you the killstreak.

Field Upgrade

  • Fix a bug with Deployable Cover that resulted in constant screen shake.

Bundles & MTX

  • Year of the Tiger  

    • Players who purchased this Bundle but did not receive the Tiger Blueprint, should now have the item.

  • Red Reactor Mastercraft 

    • Tracers are now displayed on weapons as intended.

  • Graveyard Shift Mastercraft

    • “Ashed” tracers will now display correctly when applied to the Ore Sniper Rifle.

  • Animalistic

    • Fixed a lighting bug with the Aquatint SMG that cause an unintended lighting effect.

  • Santa Slay

    • The Lucas Operator outfit, “Yarn Burner”, is no longer invisible for some players.


  • A bug has been fixed that stopped players being unable to select a weapon when editing Prestige weapon classes.

  • Prestige player progression is now viewable and tracking properly.

  • Watch preview is no longer missing from the Battle Pass menu.


  • A bug resulting in Play of the Game not playing or ending early has been fixed.

  • Quips no longer play after an Operator is dead.

  • Free Trial players should no longer encounter the error "This content is only available in the full game.



  • "Terra Maledicta"

    • New Zombies experience located in Egypt available on Feb. 14th.

  • Arenas

    • Three new Arenas available in "Terra Maledicta": Eastern Desert, Corrupted Lands, and Hall of Truth.

Story Quest

  • New Story Quest available in "Terra Maledicta" starting at 9AM PT / 12PM ET on Feb. 14th.

New Intel

  • New narrative intel available in "Terra Maledicta" to advance the Dark Aether story.

Wonder Weapons

  • Ray Gun

    • Ray Gun Wonder Weapon available via the Mystery Box and loot drops on Feb. 10th.

  • Decimator Shield

    • Available via the Story Quest in "Terra Maledicta."

    • Added to the Mystery Box once it has been obtained from the Story Quest.

    • Offers players superior protection and the unique Decimation Blast ability.

New Ally

  • Vercanna the Last

    • New Dark Aether entity available, featuring the Healing Aura ability via her Artifact, the Wand of the Wilds.


  • Zaballa the Deceiver

    • New enemy type added to "Terra Maledicta" and "Der Anfang."


  • Sacrifice

    • New Objective type available in "Terra Maledicta," and added to "Der Anfang" at a later date.

    • Keep the Syphoncores from feeding on undead essence to stop the hordes from being unleashed. Prevent zombies from filling all three Syphoncores to stop the dark ceremony and complete the Objective.

  • Void

    • Modified the way the Objective complete XP bonus is awarded when returning to Stalingrad after a Void Objective in "Der Anfang."

  • Harvest

    • Closed exploits related to the Sin Eater in "Der Anfang."


  • Healing Aura

    • New upgradable ability available via Vercanna the Last's Artifact.

    • Tiers:

      • Tier I - The Wand of the Wilds summons Vercanna's Life Energy to instantly heal yourself and allies to full health.

      • Tier II - Knock down normal enemies and stun Sturmkriegers near each player.

      • Tier III - Revive all downed allies.

      • Tier IV - Revived allies have their lost Perks returned.

      • Tier V - The Life Energy persists at each location for 10 seconds and continues to heal and revive players.

  • Energy Mine

    • Energy Mine now triggers the Splatterfest Covenant.

  • Frost Blast

    • Frost Blast Tier I now freezes Sturmkriegers.

  • Aether Shroud

    • Addressed an issue where players weren’t being ignored by zombies after activating Aether Shroud immediately following a Self-Revive.


  • Artifact Ward

    • New ability with three rarities added to the Altar of Covenants on Feb. 10th.

    • Equip for a chance to trigger your Artifact for free when hit by a melee attack from the rear.

    • Rarities:

      • Rare: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a chance to trigger your Artifact

      • Epic: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a higher chance to trigger your Artifact.

      • Legendary: Being hit by a melee attack anywhere has a higher chance to trigger your Artifact.


  • Season Two

    • KG M40 and Whitley available in Zombies loadouts once unlocked via the Season Two Battle Pass.

  • Unlock Challenges

    • New Weapon Unlock Challenges added to Zombies for the Cooper Carbine and Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle.

  • Support

    • The Warmachine and Deathmachine can now be obtained from the Mystery Box, chests, and as loot drops from enemies. 

    • Addressed an issue where critical damage was not being correctly displayed for the Warmachine.

  • General

    • Addressed various issues with attempting to swap out a melee weapon for a weapon from the ground.

Pack-a-Punch Camos

  • New Camos

    • Three new camos available at the Pack-a-Punch machine in "Terra Maledicta."

  • General

    • Pack-a-Punch Camos in "Der Anfang" are now animated.

    • Pack-a-Punch Camos now properly apply to Weapon Blueprints, weapons found in the Mystery Box, and weapons dropped by enemies.


  • Season Challenges

    • New Season Challenges available at the start of Season Two.

    • Addressed an issue where the Season One Mastery Calling Card was not displayed correctly.

  • General

    • Addressed an issue where Launchers and the Combat Shield were not correctly contributing to certain Challenges.

    • Addressed various UI issues related to Challenges.


  • Fixed various stability issues related to Covenants, Objectives, Perks, Power-Ups, and Equipment

Full Notes: https://www.sledgehammergames.com/blog/2022/vanguard-season-two-patch-notes

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  • 4 weeks later...

Welcome to the Vanguard Season Two Reloaded Update

by Sledgehammer Games

Gather round, friends. In less than 24 hours, Vanguard Season Two is about to get a huge midseason update. Along with new seasonal content dropping in today’s big update at 9 AM PT, you can expect to see significant changes to gameplay with a Sniper Rifle balance pass, Aim Assist fix, Map exploit fixes, and performance updates. We’re also going to kick off the upcoming weekend with a Featured Playlist update and Max 2XP Weekend! 

Now is a great time to grab a drink and some snacks because it’s blog time, baby. 


  • A brand new Mode, Arms Race, which takes place on a new large Map, Alps

  • New Vehicles: Motorcycle, CD12 Transport, and Tank

  • A New Playable Operator, Gustavo dos Santos

  • New Weapon, Armaguerra 43

  • Ranked Play — Top 250 Skill Division & Leaderboard

  • New Ranked Play Rewards

  • Ranked Play Skill Rating Restriction & UI Updates

  • Zombies: New Covenants, Dedicated Server Pause, and Additional Updates

  • New Pro Pack, Boston Breach Team Pack, and Bundles

  • New Ukrainian Flag Calling Card has been added to Vanguard and Warzone. This free Calling Card is now in your inventory. Equip in the Barracks tab, under Customization.

  • Max 2XP Weekend to celebrate the midseason update. Increase your Operator, Player, Weapon, Clan, & Battle Pass XP. Live Mar. 25 – 28.

For a full breakdown of all the new content dropping to Vanguard in the Season Two midseason update, check out the official Call of Duty blog, here. 


Sniper Rifle Balance

On Thursday, March 10th, we got a little too excited and announced that a significant balance pass for Sniper Rifles was live. Unfortunately, these changes would not be made available until the Season Two Reloaded update. Well, now they're here! Let us know what you think.

Missed the early announcement? Here are our goals for this balance pass…

Given your feedback and our metrics, we recognized that Sniper Rifles were underperforming across the board.  Because of this, we wanted to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon in this class.

  • Type 99

    • This one is for all of your Quickscopers out there. Faster ADS time and less sway while walking makes it ideal for high-risk, high-reward sniping. But watch out for return fire - you’re fast but not invincible!

  • 3-Line Rifle

    • Reliability at its finest. We decreased the flinch received when taking fire to allow players to maintain accuracy while holding a position.

  • Kar98K

    • Our jack-of-all-trades Sniper Rifle. Although it was already a popular choice, we decreased its ADS time to give it a better chance in close-quarters combat to offer an alternative to the Type 99. 

Let us know what you think of these changes. Your feedback will play a critical part of future weapon balance passes. We look forward to sharing more in the near future!

Aim Assist

In Vanguard Season One, we saw reports from players who suggested that the Aim Assist system was not always functioning as it should. Today, we are optimistic we have fixed a bug that caused Aim Assist to intermittently deactivate while engaging an enemy player.

First, we want to thank everyone who shared clips of this problem. This bug was very difficult to reproduce and the video clips were critical to the QA investigation which helped our Engineering team diagnose and solve the issue.

When functioning properly, the Aim Assist system analyzes every frame of the game to determine if it should activate, based on whether an enemy is currently in sight. We call this a “player visibility check”. The Aim Assist bug was the result of the system not waiting for the “player visibility check” before running an action. In certain scenarios, the Aim Assist system was left to assume that no player was visible, which meant that Aim Assist could potentially deactivate multiple times in a single engagement. With today’s fix, the Aim Assist system will ensure that a result from that “player visibility check” is received before continuing and we are confident based on testing that it should behave as intended.

Please note that although we have tested this fix extensively with our team, the real test is in the live game environment with all of you. Please let us know if you are still encountering problems with Aim Assist while playing Vanguard.

Multiplayer Patch Notes

Stability & Performance

  • Stability improvements should result in better connectivity and lower rates of server disconnect errors.

  • Scrolling through a large friends list will no longer kick the player out of the Social menu.

  • Resolved a bug resulting in Dev Error 604, which was caused by being revived while a melee weapon and tactical equipment are equipped.

  • Resolved a bug resulting in Dev Error 5573 when using the “Ace Casual” and “Decorated” Operator Skins for Wade and Daniel.

  • Resolved a bug resulting in Dev Error 7272 when using the “Tooled Up” Operator Skin for Lucas.


  • Aim Assist

    • Addressed an issue that caused Aim Assist to erratically deactivate while engaging an enemy player.

  • Destruction

    • Addressed an issue that allowed enemy nameplates to be seen through surfaces in various situations.

  • Progression

    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from earning XP for some Operators.

    • Addressed an issue that caused the “Hello There” Trophy to not be awarded upon joining a Clan.


In this update, we paid special attention to improving the overall quality of our Multiplayer maps. We have made efforts to improve spawn logic in difficult scenarios, namely high-intensity Combat Pacing selections and objective-based modes. Several improvements have been made to the environment to prevent players from taking advantage of exploits, such as spawning in a player’s line of sight. We’ve also improved pathing for objective points for certain Modes on several maps.

Please note that these spawn changes are fixes and improvements to situational exploits and there is no sweeping change to spawn logic. However, we will continue to iterate on our spawn logic in the coming updates and look forward to sharing more soon.

  • Berlin

    • Addressed an exploit that allowed players to reach unintended locations near the Train Yard.

  • Bocage

    • Players will no longer spawn in the sight of enemies near the Water Wheel in Assault pacing Free-for-All.

  • Casablanca

    • Players will no longer spawn in the sight of enemies near the Hotel in Free-for-All

    • Addressed an issue that prevented the Patrol capture point from progressing near the Bridge.

  • Castle

    • Addressed exploits that allowed players to reach unintended locations in the Courtyard and Garden.

  • Desert Siege

    • Addressed exploits that allowed players to reach unintended locations near the Destroyed House, Train Station, and Courtyard.

    • Improved collision to prevent players from obstructing the view of their character near the Trench, Ammo Dump, and Destroyed House.

    • Improved collision to prevent an unintended line of sight near the Train Station.

  • Dome

    • Adjusted spawns to prevent players from facing interior walls upon respawn.

    • Improved spawn logic to avoid spawning players in locations where a teammate was recently killed.

  • Gavutu

    • Addressed an exploit that allowed players to reach an unintended location near the Arched Rock.

  • Gondola

    • Corrected lighting that caused a blue tint to be applied to the environment in certain locations.

    • Adjusted the capture point in Control to prevent players from capturing it from an unintended location near the Fire Watch Tower.

  • Oasis

    • Addressed an exploit that allowed players to reach an unintended location near Ruins East.

  • Paradise

    • Improved spawn logic to avoid spawning players near enemies in Team Deathmatch.

    • Players will no longer spawn in the sight of enemies on the Cliff Path.

    • Improved collision in several locations to prevent players from obstructing the view of their character.

    • Improved the pathing of the capture point in Patrol.

  • Radar

    • Addressed an issue that caused players to spawn out of bounds in Patrol.

    • Improved the pathing of the capture point in Patrol..

  • Sub Pens

    • Addressed an issue that caused players to spawn out of bounds near the Utility Room in Team Deathmatch.

    • Addressed an exploit that allowed players to reach unintended locations near the Dry Docks.


  • Kill Confirmed

    • Addressed an issue that caused server disconnect errors. Kill Confirmed has returned to the quickplay filter and featured playlist rotations.


  • Thomas (Yeti)

    • Thomas’s Date of Birth has been corrected in his Operator Bio.

  • Halima (Hellhounds)

    • Halima will no longer be invisible during her Highlight Intro.


  • NEW: Armaguerra 43 (Submachine Gun)

    • Very high rate-of-fire SMG. Effective at short to medium range engagements.

    • Unlock the Armaguerra 43 through an SMG-based challenge or via Store Bundle.

  • Sten (Submachine Gun)

    • Stock attachments will no longer display incorrect textures.

  • Welgun (Submachine Gun)

    • In Gunsmith, ammo attachments that decrease reload quickness will now properly communicate this change.

  • KG M40 (Assault Rifle)

    • Addressed an issue where the firing audio would not be affected by suppression attachments.

  • Type 99 (Sniper Rifle)

    • Decreased ADS time from 498ms to 400ms (-20%).

    • Decreased weapon sway while walking by 80%.

  • 3-Line Rifle (Sniper Rifle)

    • Decreased weapon sway while walking by 50%.

    • Decreased flinch intensity by 50%.

  • Kar98k (Sniper Rifle)

    • Decreased ADS time from 595ms to 500ms (-16%). This change currently does not apply without a Scope attachment equipped.

  • Sniper Rifles and Marksman Rifles

    • Decreased flinch intensity by 30%.

      • This change does not apply to the SVT-40, 3-Line Rifle, or Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle.


While evaluating the performance of the BAR Assault Rifle, we found that it was far too powerful when equipped with the .50 BMG Mags. The goal of these changes is to transition some of the Chariot 18" Rapid Barrel penalties to the .50 BMG Mags. Players should find that the .50 BMG BAR is now more challenging, while the Barrel Attachment is a viable option on a wider variety of loadouts.

  • Shiraishi Short Barrel (Type 99)

    • Decreased ADS time multiplier from -10% to -5% (-50%).

  • Empress 514mm F01 (3-Line Rifle)

    • Decreased over-penetration range from 40m to 15m (-63%).

  • Chariot 18" Rapid Barrel (BAR)

    • Decreased recoil while firing.

  • .50 BMG 20/30 Round Mags (BAR)

    • Increased initial recoil while firing.

    • Decreased horizontal recoil.


  • Counter-Spy Plane (4 Kills)

    • Players equipped with the Engineer Perk will no longer have their radar scrambled while an enemy Counter-Spy Plane is active.

  • Ball Turret Gunner (12 Kills)

    • Ball Turret Gunner usage is now properly tracked in the Barracks and on the scoreboard

    • Audio increased

User Interface & Experience

  • Improvements

    • Added subtitles when previewing Operator Quips.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Barracks

      • Addressed an issue that prevented players who reached Level 1,000 in Season One from entering the Barracks menu.

    • Accessibility

      • Added the Menu Readability option to the Settings > Interface menu.

    • Social

      • An error will no longer be displayed when attempting to view the Social tab in the Clans menu.

      • Addressed an issue where the View Invite prompt would not function as intended.

    • After Action Report

      • Addressed an issue where the Scoreboard tab was missing from the After Action Report.

    • Customization

      • Completionist camos will now properly display current progress.

      • Calling Card Frames, Titles, and Killcam Themes can now be unequipped.

Bundles & Cosmetic Fixes

  • Blueprints

    • The “Shootout” and “Pawn Shop Special” Top Break Blueprints will now use the correct models for barrel, trigger action, magazine, and optic attachments.

    • The “Imperator” and “Run It Back” BAR Blueprints will now use the correct models for the CGC 27” 2B and Chariot 18” Rapid barrel attachment.

    • Adjusted the positioning of the ZF4 3.5X Rifle Scope on the “Ymir Curse” Volkssturmgewehr Blueprint.

    • Addressed an issue that caused the iron sights to be obstructed when the optic attachment was removed from the “Wasp” RATT Blueprint.

    • Fire Tracers will now be properly displayed when using the “Helm of Darkness” and “Blacksmith” Blueprints.

    • The Welgun Submachine Gun is now unlocked upon purchase of the “Heliox” Blueprint.

  • Other Items

    • Padmavati will no longer be invisible during her Highlight Intro when using the “Astrakhan” Operator Skin.

    • Addressed an issue that caused the camera to go out of bounds when using the “Trifecta” Highlight Intro.

    • Corrected the audio that is played when using the “Quicker They Fall”, “Asshole”, and “Badass” Operator Quips.

    • Several issues with Watches have been resolved including placement, invisibility, and animation.

    • Fixed the alignment of several Weapon Charms.

    • Corrected the alignment of Thomas’ cigar when previewing the “Smoked Out” Highlight Intro.

    • Corrected the alignment of Halima’s bottle when previewing the “Nice Shot” Highlight Intro.



Treyarch is delivering plenty of Ranked Play updates with Season Two Reloaded, including the introduction of the Top 250 Skill Division & Leaderboard, new Season Two Rewards and Skill Division Rewards, rank progression improvements, new progression menus, additional quitter penalties, and more.

Start grinding for the ultimate bragging rights as one of the highest-ranked players in the world, and earn new rewards no matter which Skill Division you’re in, including Weapon Blueprints, Camos, Charms, and Animated Emblems. New rewards will arrive with each season, so be sure to earn your Season Two Rewards while they’re available.

Ranked Play competitors will now be able to form parties with more friends outside of their Skill Division via newly expanded party restrictions. Additional suspension rules have also been added to penalize players who quit mid-match. Read on below for everything new coming to Ranked Play, and remember… play to win.

Top 250

  • Skill Division

    • New 8th Skill Division added above Challenger to feature the 250 highest-ranked players in the world.

  • Leaderboard

    • New Top 250 Leaderboard added to track the top players in Ranked Play, visible to all players in-game.

New Rewards

  • New Season Two Ranked Play rewards can be earned by completing Win Challenges and earning Ladder Placements.

    • Each new season of Ranked Play will introduce a new set of Season Rewards. Season Two rewards can only be earned in Season Two.

    • All rewards can be used in both Vanguard and Warzone once unlocked.

  • Season Two Rewards:

    • Two “Pro Issue” Weapon Blueprints

    • Two Weapon Camos: “Season Two Ladder Champion” & “Season Two Ranked Veteran”

    • Two Charms: “I Got Bomb” & “Mano-a-Mano”

    • “Don’t Be Salty” Spray

    • “Season Two Competitor” Sticker

  • Skill Division Rewards:

    • Exclusive “Ranked Legend” Solange Operator Skin awarded for winning 25 games in the Master Skill Division or higher

    • Animated Emblem awarded at the end of the season based on the player’s final Skill Division

    • Each Skill Division has a Charm that can be earned by winning 10 games in that Skill Division

Expanded Party Skill Restrictions

  • Players in Master & Challenger can now form parties with players up to one adjacent Skill Division away (previously only within 500 SR).

  • Players in Elite can now form parties with players up to two adjacent Skill Divisions away (previously only within 1,000 SR).

  • Players below Elite can continue to party up without restrictions, and can now party with players who haven’t yet completed their Seasonal Skill Evaluation matches.

  • Party Restriction rules are now determined by the highest Skill Division represented in the party.

  • Players are now less likely to get matched with other players who are outside of their current Party Skill Restrictions.

UI Updates

  • My Career & Rewards

    • Added new My Career & Rewards menu, where players can access their Rank, Rewards, and Skill Division screens for additional information.

      • Rewards Screen: Preview your Season Two & Skill Division Rewards and track your progress toward your next unlock.

      • Skill Division Screen: See where you stack up in the Skill Divisions with information on your current Skill Division, as well as your progress toward your next Tier promotion.

  • Progression

    • The player's current Rank number is now displayed above their Rank Icon in the Ranked Play lobby.

    • Players without a Rank will now appear as Unranked.

    • XP and Weapon XP summary screens are no longer shown after Ranked Play matches.

  • Ladder Events

    • The Ladder screen now defaults to the player's current position when opened.

    • Stars for previously earned Ranks now correctly appear as filled in on the Ranks screen.

    • Ranks 10-29 now display the correct number of Stars needed on the Ranks screen.

  • Restrictions

    • Create-a-Class, Killstreaks, and Field Upgrades menus now correctly display all restricted Ranked Play content as restricted. These restricted items can no longer appear to be equipped to Ranked Play loadouts.

  • How to Play Menu

    • Maps & Modes tab now displays accurate Ranked Play maps.

    • Added information about Victory Flames to the Ladder Events tab.

  • General

    • Addressed an issue that was causing the player's Operator to occasionally not appear in the Ranked Play menu.

    • Addressed an issue where players in their 5 Skill Evaluation matches would occasionally appear as being already placed in a Skill Division in some locations.

Rank Progression

  • Increased the number of Stars earned for each Ladder Placement to make progression through the 50 Ranks slightly faster:

    • 1st Place = 7 Stars (previously 5)

    • Top 5 = 6 Stars (previously 4)

    • Top 10 = 5 Stars (previously 3)

    • Top 25 = 3 Stars (previously 2)

    • Remaining players = 2 Stars (previously 1)

Disconnect Penalties

  • The first player to disconnect or quit a Ranked Play match in progress will receive a timed suspension from Ranked Play matchmaking, with increased suspension durations for repeat offenders.

  • Players receive SR and Ladder Point penalties if they quit or disconnect from a match in progress. These penalties are applied after their next completed match.

  • The first player to disconnect from the match receives a larger penalty than players who disconnect afterward.

Match Cancelation

  • Players will now see "Match Canceled" whenever a match is canceled due to uneven teams.

  • MVP Voting no longer displays after a match that was canceled after it started.

Playlist Changes

  • Adjusted the map and mode weighting used by the Ranked Play playlist to provide a more even balance of Search & Destroy maps. Previous to this change, Desert Siege Search & Destroy was being selected more than intended.


  • Resolved Dev Error 5476, which was occasionally displayed for some players when trying to access Ranked Play from the main menu.

  • Addressed an issue where players would occasionally not earn SR for a win after the entire enemy team had quit.

  • Addressed an issue where players could be automatically returned to the Lobby when scrolling on the Ladder screen.

  • Addressed an issue that was causing a small number of players to have empty Ranked Play classes and no ability to create Custom Classes.



Season Two Reloaded brings Dedicated Server Pause to Vanguard Zombies, allowing solo players to pause for up to two hours collectively in matches played on dedicated servers. The inactivity kick timer has also been extended for players in public matches, so you’ll have more than enough time for a bathroom break while your friends keep the undead at bay.

Two powerful new Covenants arrive this week with three rarities each: equip Critical Expertise to boost your critical hit rates, and Explosives Expert for when you want to go loud. This update also includes improvements to the Decimator Shield & Ray Gun, the addition of the Sacrifice Objective to “Der Anfang,” Season Challenge improvements, various bug and stability fixes, and more. Check out the full patch notes below:

Dedicated Server Pause

  • Server Pause implemented for players in Solo and single-player Private matches on dedicated servers.

  • Players can pause for up to 2 hours collectively per match, and can continue to pause indefinitely in Offline/Local matches.

Inactivity Timer

  • Inactivity kick timer extended for players in Public matches.

New Covenants

  • Two new abilities with three rarities added to the Altar of Covenants:

    • Critical Expertise

      • Non-critical hits have a chance to become critical hits. Critical kills with Death Blow equipped will return ammo.

      • Rare: Non-critical hits have a 10% chance to be critical.

      • Epic: Non-critical hits have a 20% chance to be critical.

      • Legendary: Non-critical hits have a 30% chance to crit for 50% bonus damage.

    • Explosives Expert

      • Your explosions do more damage to the enemy and less damage to you. Splatterfest & Energy Mine explosion damage is increased. Ray Gun splash damage is not affected.

      • Rare: Your explosions do 50% more damage to the enemy and 50% less damage to you.

      • Epic: Your explosions do 75% more damage to the enemy and 75% less damage to you.

      • Legendary: Your explosions do 100% more damage to the enemy and 100% less damage to you.


  • "Terra Maledicta"

    • Addressed multiple issues where zombies could spawn in unintended locations.

    • Addressed multiple issues where zombie corpses could fall through the floor.

    • Addressed an issue where the Ray Gun could still be seen floating in space after acquiring it via Side Quest.

  • General

    • Closed various exploits in "Terra Maledicta" and "Der Anfang."


  • Sacrifice

    • Sacrifice Objective now available in all maps.

Wonder Weapons

  • Decimator Shield

    • Reduced the Decimator Blast ability cooldown from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.

  • Ray Gun

    • Addressed an issue where the Ray Gun was not always used when the player was downed if they had it equipped.


  • Weapon Blueprints with custom visual effects will no longer lose these custom effects when upgraded at the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

  • Addressed an issue where players were not receiving Butcher Medals when getting five rapid kills with certain melee weapons.


  • Addressed an issue where Brain Rot-controlled zombies were not attacking Strumkreigers and Zaballa the Deceiver.

  • Addressed an issue where Zaballa the Deceiver could fail to path to and attack players in some instances.

  • Addressed an issue where the Sturmkrieger's weapon could clip into its body during stun animations.

Season Challenges

  • Adjusted one of the Season Two Zombies Challenges to be completable with 75 Molotov kills.


  • Addressed an issue where visual effects were not displaying correctly when using sprays in Zombies.


  • Fixed various stability issues related to Zaballa the Deceiver, Sturmkriegers, and Artifacts.



Bug Fixes

  • Lady Nightingale

    • Addressed an issue where the player could not perform a takedown on Steiner which halted progression.



As always, we’ll continue to collect feedback from all the corners we can find it. Have constructive feedback? Please let us know your thoughts!

You can also report a bug or leave feedback about Call of Duty: Vanguard in this survey.

Best of luck out there!

Sledgehammer Games 

Link: https://www.sledgehammergames.com/blog/2022/season-two-midseason-update

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Welcome to Vanguard Season Three

by Sledgehammer Games

Vanguard Season Three begins now!  Along with new seasonal content dropping in today’s update at 9 AM PT such as new Weapons, Maps, Operators, and more, you can expect to see performance improvements and new gameplay elements such as the addition of the Trophy System Field Upgrade. 

Also released globally in this update is Ricochet, the PC kernel-level anti-cheat security driver. To learn more about how Ricochet will impact Vanguard, you can read the full statement from #TEAMRICOCHET in the Call of Duty blog, here

To kick off Season Three on a high note, MAX 2XP starts today! Earn more XP across the board now through May 2nd.

Now let's get into what's happening in Season Three...





  • NEW: Mayhem

    • This 1950s movie set is built for fast-paced combat. Jump into the Mayhem 24/7 Playlist at the start of Season Three!

  • Bocage

    • Adjusted the P1 Hardpoint location to prevent players from capturing and contesting from an unintended location.

  • Eagle’s Nest

    • Addressed an issue that caused graphical corruption near the Library.

  • Gavutu

    • Players can no longer use the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade to prevent other players from climbing the ladder on the LST Ship.

  • Sub Pens

    • Attack Dogs will no longer get stuck outside of the playable area.

    • Footstep audio will now properly play when players walk on the grate floor in the Maintenance area.


  • Control

    • Addressed an issue where the Announcer's voice lines sometimes did not match the current game events.

  • Arms Race

    • General

      • Addressed an issue where players within the blast radius of a Base were not properly notified.

      • Destructible walls at the Castle Base are now properly damaged by the Demolition Charge Lethal Equipment.

      • Corrected the capture point boundaries at Base E to prevent players from capturing from an unintended location.

      • Players will no longer lose a Lethal Equipment after purchasing a Field Upgrade from a Buy Station.

      • Addressed an issue where Base gates could not be damaged after deploying a Motorbike.

      • Improved the Tank’s ability to traverse the terrain.

      • Addressed an issue where Operators would not be aligned with the Motorbike while driving it.

      • Friendly Base gates will no longer become stuck after a player detonates the Goliath Field Upgrade.

      • Weapons equipped with the Wreck Proficiency Attachment will now deal increased damage to walls, gates, and vehicles.

    • Stability & Exploits

      • Addressed an issue that caused a fatal error crash when players join an in-progress match.

      • Increased the distance at which enemies can be seen to prevent engagements where a player is seemingly invisible.

      • Addressed an exploit where players could survive out of the playable area using vehicles.

      • Addressed an exploit that caused players to become invulnerable when there are no lives remaining.

      • Addressed an exploit where players could obtain an unintended number of Nebula Crates.

Ranked Play

  • Ranked Play Leaves Beta

    • A special note to say THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the Season Two Beta. The data and feedback we collected throughout the Beta resulted in many fixes and improvements and were critical to the success and future of Ranked Play. Keep the feedback coming! - Treyarch

  • Season 3 Skill Rating Reset

    • Players' Skill Ratings have been reset at the start of Season 3.

    • Play 5 Skill Evaluation Matches to earn a Season 3 Skill Rating and get placed into a Skill Division & Tier.

    • Initial Skill Rating placement has changed in Season 3. Therefore, after their 5 Skill Evaluation matches, some players may find that they get placed below where they were initially placed at the start of the Season 2 Beta.

    • Win matches after your initial placement to earn SR and advance your Skill Division & Tier over the remainder of the Season.

  • Season 3 Top 250 Skill Division & Leaderboard

    • The Season 3 Top 250 Skill Division and Ladder will go live on May 4th, one full week into Season 3, to give players time to earn a Season 3 Skill Rating and advance through divisions.

  • General

    • Fixed the "Cricket Glitch" that was causing some players to have reduced performance and chirping noises on some maps.

    • Fixed an issue where Ranked Play Camo Rewards would occasionally unequip.

    • Inactive players will now be kicked from Ranked Play matches, making them eligible for Suspension or Ladder and Skill Rating penalties.

    • Added Berlin Control to the Ranked Play map rotation.

  • UI Updates

    • Skill Division Tiers now use Roman Numerals instead of Numbers (Elite V, Elite IV, Elite III, Elite II, Elite I).

    • Once unlocked, Ladder Event Rewards correctly appear as unlocked on the My Career Rewards screen.

    • All players can now see and preview the Ranked Legend Solange Operator Skin Reward on the "Division Rewards" tab on the Rewards Screen, regardless of their current Skill Division.

    • Victory Flames now display behind Rank Icons on the Ladder and Top 250 Leaderboard when earned.

    • Updated the Top 250 Skill Division icon used in various locations.

    • Fixed an issue causing Skill Division icons to be incorrectly offset from player Rank icons on some screens.

  • Restrictions

    • The Volkssturmgewehr Assault Rifle is now restricted in Ranked Play.

    • The Sledgehammer melee weapon is restricted in Ranked Play.

      • This weapon can be selected in Loadouts but will unequip/appear restricted upon entering matchmaking and replaced with the Ratt in-game.

  • Season 3 Ranked Play Rewards

    • Players can earn the following rewards in Ranked Play during Season 3:

      • Blueprints

        • Pro Issue Automaton - Finish Top 5 in a Ladder Event

        • Pro Issue SMG Charlie - Win 50 Ranked Play Matches

      • Camos

        • Season 3 Ladder Champion - Finish 1st in a Ladder Event

        • Season 3 Ranked Veteran - Win 100 Ranked Play Matches

      • Charms

        • Good Game - Finish Top 10 in a Ladder Event

        • Dap Up - Win 25 Ranked Play Matches

      • Spray

        • Defuse You Lose - Win 10 Ranked Play Matches

      • Sticker

        • Season 3 Ranked Competitor - Complete 5 Skill Evaluation Matches

      • Emblems

        • Earn an Animated Skill Division Emblem at the end of Season 3 to reflect your highest Season 3 Skill Division 

  • Ranked Play Matchmaking

    • Updated Ranked Play matchmaking rules to reduce the likelihood of receiving a high-ping match with players from a different region.


  • NEW: Mateo Hernandez (Harpy)

    • Mateo was born into a large immigrant family in Texas, dreaming of becoming a civil engineer.  He joined the Navy during World War II, fighting as a tail gunner in the Pacific. After witnessing growing prejudice and racism against his people following the war, Meteo threw himself into campaigning for his people, speaking out against these injustices as well as helping reunite families across the Mexican border.

  • NEW: Florence Carter (Harpy)

    • Born and raised in Alabama, Florence dreamed of representing her country as a fighter pilot since she was a little girl. During WWII, she was determined to make those dreams come true, but was turned away from those opportunities due to both her gender and her race. After the war, the SOTF recognized her talent and passion for being in the sky and Florence has flown as a rescue helicopter pilot for them ever since.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Snoop Dogg’s body will no longer float after death.

    • Beatrice, Constanze, and Padmavati are no longer silent while mantling, landing, and performing other movements.

    • Addressed an exploit that caused Operator heads to disappear when using the Top Break Pistol with certain Attachments.



  • NEW: Nikita AVT (Assault Rifle)

    • Accurate and reliable with best-in-class fire rate, this AR can be outfitted to exceed in CQC or long-range combat scenarios.

    • Unlocked with Battle Pass at Tier 31.

  • NEW: M1916 (Marsman Rifle)

    • A semi-automatic rifle with a combination of power and fire rate. Impressive at any range in the hands of a capable marksman.

    • Unlocked with Battle Pass at Tier 15.

  • NEW: Sledgehammer (Melee)

    • A tool designed for breaking stone, though it works equally well on enemy bones in a punch.

    • Unlock Challenge: Get a Multikill with a Melee Weapon in 15 different matches.

  • NEW: Skål Crusher (Melee)

    • A tool usually used to chop apart wood; it can also chop apart enemies or be thrown at them.

    • Unlock Challenge:Get 5 Melee Weapons kills in 15 completed matches.

  • STG44 (Assault Rifle)

    • Konstanz Tactical (Stock)

      • Decreased ADS move speed benefit.

  • Volkssturmgewehr (Assault Rifle)

    • Decreased aim walking movement speed.

    • Shells will no longer cease to eject from the Weapon after sustained fire.

    • VDD 287mm (Barrel)

      • Decreased aim walking movement speed benefit.

    • Reisdorf 22V Adjustable (Stock)

      • Decreased aim walking movement speed benefit.

  • Type 100 (Submachine Gun)

    • Sakura 196mm Light (Barrel)

      • Decreased aim walking movement speed benefit.

    • Warubachi 134mm Rapid (Barrel)

      • Slightly increased accuracy penalty.

    • Warubachi Grip Folding (Stock)

      • Decreased aim walking movement speed benefit.

    • .30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags (Magazine)

      • Increased fire rate penalty.

  • PPSh-41 (Submachine Gun)

    • Increased accuracy.

    • Decreased hip fire accuracy.

    • Kovalevskaya 230mm BO3P (Barrel)

      • Decreased hip fire accuracy benefit.

    • ZAC 300mm (Barrel)

      • Decreased accuracy benefit.

      • Increased aim walking movement speed penalty.

  • Armaguerra 43 (Submachine Gun)

    • Imerito 180mm Short (Barrel)

      • Decreased aim walking movement speed benefit.

    • Imerito TA Skeletal (Stock)

      • Decreased aim walking movement speed benefit.

  • Welgun (Submachine Gun)

    • Decreased damage ranges.

    • Increased initial recoil while firing.

    • 320mm SA Shrouded (Barrel)

      • Decreased accuracy benefit.

  • G-43 (Marksman Rifle)

    • Fitzherbert Short (Barrel)

      • Decreased aim walking movement speed benefit.

    • Wyvern Skeletal (Stock)

      • Decreased aim walking movement speed benefit.

  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (Sniper Rifle)

    • 22mm ZAC Rapid (Barrel)

      • Slightly decreased rate of fire.

  • Ice Axe (Melee)

    • Addressed an issue that prevented throwable Melee Weapons from being thrown while the Aim Down Sights button is held.

  • General

    • Camo Challenges that require Headshots or Longshots are now properly tracked.

    • Progress toward unlocking the Plague Diamond Camo in Zombies is now properly tracked.

    • Added unlock challenges for the Season Two Battle Pass weapons.


  • S-Mine 44 (Tactical)

    • Addressed an issue that caused the S-Mine 44 to jitter and repeatedly play sound effects upon placement.


  • Fortified (Tactics)

    • Bomb site explosions in Search & Destroy will now kill players who have Fortified equipped.

Field Upgrades

  • NEW: Trophy System

    • Deployable autonomous defense system that destroys up to three nearby pieces of equipment and projectiles.

    • Available to all players upon logging in for the first time during Season Three.

More on Trophy System

When we released Vanguard last year, our initial tuning on Lethal Equipment deemphasized their lethality in combat, focusing our combat on gun skill. With new explosive equipment added in Seasonal updates and clear player feedback indicating its appeal, it became apparent that the Trophy System should make its debut.

Upon deployment, the Trophy System will protect its immediate radius from the following incoming and pre-established items for a limited time. Notably, the Throwing Knife is an exception to these defenses due to the high-risk, high-reward nature of this Lethal Equipment.

  • Incendiary Grenade

  • Sticky Bomb

  • MK2 Frag Grenade

  • Gammon Bomb

  • Thermite

  • Demolition Charge

  • Molotov Cocktail

  • No. 69 Stun Grenade

  • MK V Gas

  • S-Mine 44

  • Decoy Grenade

  • Ammo Box

  • Trophy System

  • Jammer

  • Field Mic

User Interface & Experience

  • Party member Operators will now hold the correct showcase Weapon during the lobby walk sequence.

  • Proximity indicators are no longer displayed on the HUD for the Sticky Bomb Lethal Equipment in Hardcore modes.

  • Arms Race, Control, and Patrol are now properly tracked in the Combat Record.

  • Improved the scrolling functionality of the Friends and Recent Players lists.

  • Corrected the challenge descriptions for the NZ-41 Survivalist and Type 11 Death Artist Camo Categories.

  • Addressed an issue that caused player microphone indicators to disappear.

Bundles & Cosmetics

  • General

    • VFX and Animation pass completed for Weapon Blueprints, Finishing Moves, Charms, and other Bundle items.

    • Addressed issues with some Attachment cosmetics that prevented the Attachment from being equipped. 

    • Addressed instances of Operator skins and Blueprints blocking scope visibility. When aiming down sights. 

  • Tracer Pack: Snoop Dogg Operator

    • Cigar light will no longer disappear at the end of the “Hit This, Fam” MVP Highlight animation.

    • Operators equipped with the "Finishizzle Movizzle" Finishing Move will no longer observe hands clipping through face.

    • Snoop Dogg's nose no longer clips through his mask in the “Tactical Toke” Highlight Intro animation.

  • Mecha Menace Mastercraft

    • Addressed an issue with the Mechanized Blueprint in which Reactive Inspect did not function properly.

  • Forbidden Sacrifice

    • Corrected the positioning of Operator hands while the Spinebuster Blueprint for the Sten SMG is held.





  • Season Three

    • M1916 and Nikita AVT available in Zombies loadouts once unlocked in the Season Three Battle Pass.

  • New Weapon Unlock Challenges added to Zombies for the KG40, Whitely, Sledgehammer, and Skål Crusher.


  • Addressed an issue where the Deadshot Covenant was not always moving weapon crosshairs to an enemy headshot location.


  • Season Challenges

    • New Season Challenges available at the start of Season Three.

  • General

    • Addressed an issue where an incorrect icon was appearing when completing the Amaguerra 43 unlock challenge.

Side Quest

  • Addressed an issue that allowed a player already equipped with the Ray Gun to acquire a second Ray Gun from the digging side quest on Terra Maledicta.


  • Addressed various stability issues related to using Artifacts at higher rounds.


  • Addressed an issue where players equipped with a melee weapon and lethal equipment would be holding the equipment like a weapon after being revived.

  • Addressed various visual and animation issues with thrown melee weapons in Zombies.

Dedicated Server Pause

  • Addressed an issue where accessing certain menus could unpause the game.


As always, we’ll continue to collect feedback from all the corners we can find it. Have constructive feedback? Please let us know your thoughts!

You can also report a bug or leave feedback about Call of Duty: Vanguard in this survey.

Best of luck out there!

Sledgehammer Games 

Full Notes: https://www.sledgehammergames.com/blog/2022/vanguard-season-3-update

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