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[Resource] Palworld: How Do I Trigger the Meteor Shower Event?

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Palworld’s Latest Meteor Shower Event

The recently updated Palworld game presents a unique event where meteors periodically fall from the sky, providing gamers with the opportunity to farm for rare Pals and valuable resources. Given the event's unscheduled occurrence, this guide aims to assist players in their quest to successfully navigate and take full advantage of the meteor shower phenomenon.

Understanding Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers are sporadic events in Palworld, dotting the gaming environment with a host of valuable resources. From Meteorite Fragments to the chance of spawning unusual Pals like Xenovader and Selyne, these celestial showers are worth the wait.

Despite the random nature of these showers, some gamers believe that they occur every three Palworld in-game days. A gaming day and night cycle equivalent to a real-world day.

Identifying Meteor Showers

The typical alert of an in-game meteor shower comes in the form of a pop-up saying, “Meteoric descent in progress.” At this point, players can check the world map for the crash site's location, typically marked by a meteor icon. The location should be about 140 to 240 meters away from the player.

Increasing the Meteor Shower Occurrence

While there's no tested way to force meteor showers into existence, players can optimize conditions for the event:

  • No Active Supply Drops: Having an active Supply Drop might prevent a Meteor Shower event. Ensure to collect all active Supply Drops.
  • No Existing Meteor Shower: The next meteor shower timer only starts when the last one has been collected. Therefore, collect meteors as soon as they land to trigger the next event.
  • Play Depending on Geographic Location: Volcano Island, New Island, and Snow Island have high meteor shower occurrence instances, increasing your chances of experiencing the event by playing near these locations.

What do Meteor Showers bring?

Each meteor contains a wealth of resources and pals. Upon landing, fragments and pals begin to spawn around the site. You have to act quickly to scoop up these resources as they can also be collected by NPCs and other Pals. Here are the exclusive and coveted rewards obtainable from a meteor shower:

  • Meteor Fragments: These are useful in crafting a Meteor Launcher, a robust new weapon in the game. The launcher uses the meteorite as bullets, necessitating abundant fragments to keep ammo supply.
  • Selyne: With the fall of a meteorite in Sakurajima, a type-level 50, Dark-Element Selyne Pal may spawn. Have a Dragon-type pal nearby whenever you attempt capturing a Selyne.
  • Xenovader: Xenovaders always spawn at crash sites, and you can get fragments by either catching or defeating them.
  • Xenogard: Xenogards, which are stronger versions of Xenovader, are among the game’s most potent Dragon types. Their appearance during an event is a rare occurrence, but when they do appear, they replace the Xenovader mobs.

Note: Xenogard and Selyne cannot occur at the same time.

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