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[Resource] Palworld: How Do You Find the Arena and Master PvP?

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Introduction to PvP in Palworld: Sakurajima Update

With the much-anticipated Sakurajima Update finally out, the Summer 2024 update of Palworld has finally incorporated PvP (Player vs Player) interaction into the gameplay. This update not only brings a new island and new Pals but also introduces host of other new features such as Arena battles. Let's explore them in more detail.

Reaching the Arena

The designated spot for PvP duels is the Arena situated south of the Desert Biome. Check the image below - this is your destination. Remember, it's not accessible by foot. Thus, prepare a flying Pal for your voyage. Once having reached the Arena, a must-do is unlocking the fast travel point near the Arena entrance. This gives you easy access via Waypoints.


Starting a PvP Game

To commence a PvP game in the arena, prior setting your World Settings to Multiplayer Mode is required. Once changed in your settings, just walk up to the Arena door and wait for an opponent after entering. This is much like how the Tower Entrances work, but without putting you on a timer while waiting for other players.

The Arena Match

After another player interacts with the Arena Door, the PvP commences. You and your opponent should be in the same server as currently there isn't an option to get matched with a player in another World. Within the Arena your battle squad will include 3 Pals. In small singularities, one primary Pal will serve as your partner which you can mount and use its skills actively, while the other two will use their abilities independently.

Victory Conditions in the Arena

Your winning conditions are dual-sided. You can either triumph by knocking out the opponent Pal Tamer or by defeating all three Pals of your adversary. Do note that Pals might be easier targets as they have larger hitboxes compared to players so they can be defeated more easily.

In the aftermath of an Arena Match, no worries about any resources wasted for the match, as all Ammo and Consumables used during the fight will be refunded.

Strong PvP Game Tactics

To ensure a strong competitive edge, garnering up the best weapons and armor, crafted using Schematics, can be a good strategy. All legendary weapons and armor Schematics can be a rare reward for defeating rare Alpha Pal Bosses.

"Type" advantages also can be used to your favor - certain Pal types may be more effective against others. In the upcoming PvP scene, Dual-Type Pals could serve crucial roles, especially the Fire Type, being strong against two other elements. Watch out for Fire-Electric Pals although they haven't been spotted in the game yet. Nonetheless, Water Types may emerge as high-demand picks to counter the abundance of Fire Types.


With these helpful tips and detailed information about the new Sakurajima Update, be ready to dive into the exciting world of PvP in Palworld. Master the gameplay and show your mettle in the Arena!

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