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[Resources] Palworld: How Do You Unlock and Craft Plasteel?

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Plasteel in Palworld: An Introduction

Plasteel, the latest material introduced in Palworld with the Sakurajima update, is a vital addition for any advanced player. Primarily used in crafting high-level gear including weapons, armor, and essential structures, it's a key component for endgame development. Unlockable at Level 50, Plasteel production only increases the intensity of this already exciting game.

Unlocking and Crafting Plasteel

Unlocking Plasteel in the Technology tree requires reaching level 50 and spending technology points. Once unlocked, you can start crafting Plasteel in your Electric Furnace, which you would have already unlocked at level 46.

Crafting a single Plasteel requires five Crude Oil, five Paldium fragments, and 10 Ores. Paldium fragments can be crafted in a Crusher via stone or found in the world via rocks. Ores can be found through mining shiny rocks on the map or by constructing an Ore mining site. Assign a Pal with high mining proficiency to this site to automate your Ore collection.

Collecting Crude Oil, a newly added material, involves either obtaining it from supply drops on Sakurajima Island, or by creating Crude Oil extractors. Place these extractors on the darker nodes on the map to passively accumulate the material over time.

Utilizing Your Plasteel

Once you've amassed enough Plasteel, you can craft a variety of powerful items using the hammer in the forge. For instance, the Lightweight Plasteel armor provides 400 defense points and 1300 health points, resistance to health and cold terrains, and increased carrying capacity—an ultimate choice for endgame gear.

New lategame weapons like Grenade Launchers, Flamethrowers, Gatling Guns, and Guided Missile Launchers requires Plasteel for crafting. It's also crucial for creating the highest-rated Ultra Shield. In essence, Plasteel crafting in Palworld brings enormous potential for upgrading your power and defensive capabilities in the endgame.

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