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A Guide to Lockpicking Tools in Palworld

Lockpicking Tools in Palworld offer a variety of benefits and unique opportunities for players. They enable treasure chest unlocks through a mini-game while adding a worthwhile investment in time and performance towards the ultimate goal - acquiring powerful loot. Ensuring the crafting of these tools remains a vital task in Palworld.

An Ancient Technology Tree Requirement

Lockpicking Tools are categorized under the Ancient Technology Tree, opposed to the standard Technology Tree where you'd expect to find other basic item blueprints. They materialize as you acquire Ancient Technology Points, which can be earned by defeating Alpha Pals and Tower Syndicate bosses or reading the Ancient Technical Manual singular to Palworld.

Unlocking the Lockpicking Tools

There are three ranks of Lockpicking Tools: V1, V2, and V3. Each type requires a specific level in the Ancient Technology Tree for unlocking, crafting, and upgrading them. Data for each locking tool are as follows:

  • Lockpicking Tool V1: Requires Ancient Technology Level 16, 1 Ancient Technology Point, Crafting Recipe: 10 Ingots, 10 Paldium Fragments.
  • Lockpicking Tool V2: Requires Ancient Technology Level 28, 2 Ancient Technology Points, Crafting Recipe: 20 Ingots, 20 Paldium Fragments, 10 Nails.
  • Lockpicking Tool V3: Requires Ancient Technology Level 51, 3 Ancient Technology Points, Crafting Recipe: 30 Ingots, 30 Paldium Fragments, and 20 Nails.

Note: your base's Production Assembly Line can craft any of the Lockpicking Tools provided that the ingredients: Ingots, Paldium Fragments, and Nails are available.

Crafting Lockpicking Tools and Their Usage

Lockpicking Tools, when crafted, can be found in the "Key Items" section of your inventory- they do not break with chest unlocking attempts. Thus, only one of each type is required.

The use of these tools corresponds with three kinds of chests found in the Palworld: Copper, Silver, and Gold. V1, V2, and V3 tools are specifically designed to unlock Copper, Silver, and Gold chests respectively. A Lockpicking Tool can also open chests of a lower level if required. However, players must choose the "Lockpick" option while interacting with a chest to use the tool.

Lockpicking Tools and the Chest Unlocking Mini-Game

To successfully unlock a chest, a mini-game entailing the turning of two lockpick parts is necessary. The aim here is to rotate the chest's lock mechanism clockwise. If the lock does not move, continue tweaking the lockpick until the mechanism moves again. Players have unlimited attempts to pick a lock, ensuring there's no worry about the tool being used up in the process. With the strongest Lockpicking Tool V3 at your disposal, you can unlock treasures from even the most securely fastened chests in Palworld consistently.

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