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Destiny 2 and Epic Games Team Up for Massive Crossovers

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Bungie has teamed up with Epic Games for a Destiny 2-focused crossover with both Fortnite and Fall Guys on the Epic Game Store.  This will also mean that Fortnite skins will be dropping on Destiny 2 as well, although a Fall Guys skin in Destiny 2 does not appear to be a thing (perhaps we should all be glad of that). 


  • Destiny 2 is now on Epic Games
  • Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Destiny 2 will all be getting crossover items
  • Destiny 2 and Fortnite will be getting crossover maps (Destiny's map might not be themed)
  • Players can find deals on Destiny 2 for the launch event on Epic Games

Destiny 2 will also be gaining a collaboration map with Epic Games for the player-vs-player Crucible mode in Destiny 2.  The map appears to be focused on Javelin-4 but we currently do not have many details about this map or if it will be themed after one of the crossover games.

Fall Guys will feature Destiny 2 skins and Fortnite will be getting an entire arsenal of skins, gliders, pickaxes, and more.  It sounds as though Fortnite will also be gaining a Destiny 2-themed map for creative mode.

These crossovers are due to Destiny 2 coming to the Epic Games store and that also has perks for players looking to pick up the game on the platform.  Destiny’s 30th Anniversary pack will be free for Epic Game’s players that feature Halo-inspired weapons for a limited time. The Destiny 2 base game is free on all platforms, but the add-ons will also be discounted for a limited time on Epic Games.

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