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Unleashing the Power of CHIMERA Armor: Dive into Halo's Fracture: FIREWALL

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Are you excited about the latest addition to Halo Infinite's Season 3? If you're a fan of customization and unlocking new rewards, you're in luck. The Fracture: FIREWALL event has just begun, and it's bringing some exciting changes to the game.

Unlike previous Fractures, FIREWALL doesn't require players to engage with any specific playlist. You can jump into any game mode you like and complete the FIREWALL-themed Event Challenges to progress your Event Pass. And speaking of the Event Pass, it's completely free and comes with a whopping 20 tiers of customization items for the CHIMERA Armor Core.

This event spans four weeks, with each week offering new challenges and rewards for players to unlock. But what makes FIREWALL stand out from other Fractures is its ties to the Halo canon. The event explores a digital future where man and machine exist as one, a vision conceived by artificial minds in the aftermath of Cortana's sacrifice on Zeta Halo.

But let's talk about the rewards you'll be unlocking. The ultimate reward for this week is the Burnt Chrome coating for the MARK VII Armor Core, which can be earned by completing all of the weekly challenges. And for those who want a matching set, the CHIMERA Armor Core and weapons also have Burnt Chrome coatings available in the Event Pass.

But that's not all. The Shop is also offering the Groovy Grendel "super" bundle, which includes a variety of items for both the CHIMERA and MARK VII Armor Cores. From the GRENDEL helmet to the Epsilon Series Augmentor shoulder pads, this bundle has everything you need to look your best on the battlefield. And if you're a fan of flashy weapons, the Groovy Pink coating is available for a range of weapons, including the MA40 Assault Rifle and S7 Sniper.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fray and start unlocking those customization items. With FIREWALL, the possibilities are endless, and the rewards are waiting for you.


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I'm a good fan of the Halo games franchise. Halo Infinite is definitely fun, it's by far my favourite of all the previous Halo games that's been released till date. I'm definitely going to get to this Halo Infinite Season 3 and give this Fracture: FIREWALL event a long shot. 

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