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Riot Games Faces Backlash for Valorant's Black Market Bundle Resembling CSGO Skins

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Riot Games' latest Valorant Black Market bundle has left fans feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. The new skin pack, which is expected to cost $75, features weapon skins that bear a striking resemblance to those in rival title, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO).

The Black Market bundle includes skins for the Vandal, Bulldog, Marshal, and Classic, as well as a butterfly knife similar to one found in CSGO. The weapon skins closely resemble their CSGO counterparts, especially the Classic skin which appears to be a direct copy of the Glock 18. Additionally, the bundle offers two variants for each weapon, with the skin variant depending on the player's role as an attacker or defender—a feature that also mirrors CSGO's mechanics.

The butterfly knife may be the sole incentive for some to purchase this expensive bundle. However, the lack of visual effects or animations in the skins relegates the Black Market bundle to the lower tier of Valorant skin packs. Fans have expressed disappointment with the perceived lack of creativity in the bundle, especially given the realistic weapon skins already available in the Infantry and Recon packs.

Some speculate that Riot Games is attempting to capitalize on the current buzz surrounding the rumored release of Counter-Strike 2, as CSGO's player base has surged, making it a direct competitor to Valorant. While it remains to be seen if Valve or CSGO will respond to the Black Market bundle, one thing is certain: the Valorant community expects more from Riot Games when it comes to their in-game cosmetics.

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No one is again trying to copy from another game franchise but when you want to copy, try and do it in a smart way so that you don't sell yourself out too easily. Imagine trying to sell a copied work for $75 to gamers who already most likely have same thing in another game? It's never going to end well. 

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