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Twitter API Shake-Up Forces Microsoft to Disable Xbox Clip Sharing on Console and Game Bar

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In an unexpected turn of events, recent changes to Twitter's API have forced Microsoft to disable Xbox screenshot and clip sharing directly from the console and Windows Game Bar. However, avid gamers can still share their memorable moments on Twitter via the Xbox app for Android and iOS.

Numerous Xbox users have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns about issues uploading screenshots to the social media platform. In response, Xbox's official Twitter account explained that the functionality had been disabled, but they offered a step-by-step guide on how to share captures through the Xbox mobile app.

The exact reason behind Microsoft's decision remains unclear, but it's worth noting that Twitter's API price changes in March 2023 have led to a significant increase in costs for companies like Microsoft. With access to 50 million tweets via the API now costing around $42,000 per month, it's no wonder that Microsoft is reconsidering its options.

This decision also aligns with Microsoft's recent move to remove Twitter from its advertising platform. As of April 25th, Microsoft will no longer support Twitter, although other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will continue as usual.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been busy making changes of its own, including the removal of all verified legacy checkmarks.


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Twitter have been seeing a lot of drastic changes ever since Elon Musk took over the ownership and operational management of the social media platform. I'm very sure that it's not only Microsoft that's removed Twitter from its advertising platform because of one bad new policy or another. 

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