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Epic Games Fails to Overturn Majority of Rulings in Appeal Against Apple

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Epic Games faced an uphill battle in its legal feud against tech giant Apple over alleged monopolistic practices. The Ninth Circuit Court, however, largely rejected Epic's appeal, maintaining the previous ruling with just a few updates.

In a David versus Goliath showdown, Epic Games accused Apple of maintaining a monopoly by controlling the revenue developers earned on in-app purchases. Despite the gaming company's best efforts, the court ultimately upheld most of the previous rulings. One notable exception was the decision that Apple had violated anti-steering laws, effectively prohibiting the company from preventing users from being directed to other websites for purchases. Additionally, Epic may now be responsible for covering Apple's legal fees.

The outcome was largely anticipated, and Epic Games, with its deep pockets, should be able to handle any legal expenses incurred. As for the company's reputation, CEO Tim Sweeney admitted via Twitter that Epic failed to prove its case.

The future of this legal dispute remains uncertain, leaving fans to wonder if Fortnite will ever return to the App Store. While Apple could decide to permanently exclude the game from its platform, there's still a glimmer of hope that iOS users may once again enjoy Fortnite on their devices.

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