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Call of Duty Warzone Bans 20k Cheaters

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Call of Duty Warzone enters season 6 and continues the fight against the plague of cheaters ruining the experience for many others trying to enjoy the game.  The start of the sixth season began with the banning of around 20,000 players who were using cheats within the game.  While we appreciate the ban hammer being lay down upon these players, the fact cheats are so abundant that they are openly streaming cheats on Twitch is still concerning.

It does appear that a popular subscription based cheating site EngineOwning was the target of the ban as they are currently listing their cheats as "detected".  Activison (Call of Duty's publisher) has taken legal action against cheating services before and we wonder if that will be the case with EngineOwning as no official statements have been released about the service. 

Players seem to be mixed about the bans as they do not appear to be helping in the fight against cheaters as a whole and the plea for more enforcement remains.  It has been reported that over 200,000 players have been banned for the service over cheats this since the game's release, but it still seems always seems too little and too late.

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