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Asus Working With Qualcomm to Create a Qualcomm Gaming Phone

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As reported by Android Authority Asus has partnered up with Qualcomm to create a line of Qualcomm gaming phones.  The report makes it sound as if Asus will be designing the Qualcomm branded devices and they may land as early as this holiday season.  The contract between the two companies includes a partnership to bulk order parts for these phones and the Asus ROG phone lineup, which would make us believe the Qualcomm phones will be a powerhouse. 

Qualcomm has a habit of releasing new flagship phones in December, but we all know the COVID is still a thing and delays should be expected at this point.  There was also a section of the report that mentioned how a portion of the new phones need to be branded as Qualcomm at first and then will become the ROG phone brand later.  This may include the phones will be made for different markets, perhaps a budget ROG line, or simply a way to sell more of the same phone. 

Details are still lacking, but as mobile gaming grows in popularity, it is hard to argue that more options is a bad things.  Although we certainly have a lot of questions about how this deal will play out or if we will even see the Qualcomm phone at in here in the US.

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