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NZXT H1 PC Case Recalled

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The NZXT H1 is a premium small form-factor PC case that has been in the highlight as of late for shipping with a faulty PCIe riser cable that has exposed wiring touching the metal screw used to attach the cable to the case.  The riser was designed poorly and lacked reinforcement where the screw is inserted, which allowed the screw to break down the board material and come in direct contract with the internal wiring and create a new circuit.  This screw would then heat up and cause a fire.

NZXT stated this was an extremely low probability issue and shipped out nylon screws to customers to replace the included metal ones.  The nylon screws are non-conductive and therefore could directly touch the internal wiring without risk of fire.  However, the company made an oversight as customers could very easily switch the screws out with metal ones and there were no warnings on the product to remind customers not to change the screw type years later.

The product has been officially recalled by NZXT as a fire hazard and the official company letter states that they will be pulling the product off their company store until new risers are available and will be sending replacement risers to current customers.  The letter states that customers may return the case if they purchased it from their official store, but states that customers must work with the retailer to return the case if purchased somewhere else.  The letter also lists how to get a repair packet for current owners.

The CPSC has issued an official recall notice as well for the product and stated that around 32,000 units were sold.

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