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Call of Duty 2021 Will Most Likely be WW2 and by Sledgehammer Games

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Modern Warzone has published a leak from some fairly creditable sources that Sledgehammer Games has been confirmed as the publisher for Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard.  It is safe to assume that “WWII Vanguard” is the project’s name and is very likely to change long before public statements are made about the game itself.  However, it does bring all the rumors of a WW2 based game to light as it would be hard to believe the game is not based in that timeline due to the project name.

There are still rumors that at least part of the game will take place in the 50s, although this seems to be hard to follow as WW2 ended in 1945 and extending this time would bring the game into the Cold War, which we are still playing a Cold War based game.  Of course, there have been pushes to make all of the Call of Duty games a “Call of Duty Universe” of sorts with the publishers backing up fan-based theories on how games affected the timelines of others.

Sadly, we still lack nearly all of the details of the game itself and can only go off what have otherwise been wildly inaccurate rumors about the gameplay.  We do know that Sledgehammer Games was the last CoD developer to create a WW2 based game, so they do have experience in this timeframe.  We also know that Sledgehammer Games is very likely trying to go all out to redeem themselves after essentially being booted off the Black Ops Cold War project, along with Activision knowing that Black Ops Cold War did not really impress any of the players and is often considered subpar when compared to the older CoD Modern Ware from 2019.  So here is to hoping an absolutely excellent CoD game as the series returns to its WWII roots.

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