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Halo: MCC’s Next Season to Feature Ancient Mythical Armor

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We recently got word from 343 Industries, the current developer of the Halo series, that the upcoming Halo Infinite will feature “non-realistic” cosmetics as part of the game.  More specifically, Halo will be joining the ranks of other games (such as Fortnite and PUBG) that offer cosmetic items within their battle pass systems and stores.  Players familiar with these games already know that in-game cosmetics can be based on current movies, social events, pop culture, etc and are simply added to encourage the purchase of those items without any connection to the game’s setting or lore.

Players of Halo have been a bit reluctant to welcome these types of items into the Halo Infinite universe as Halo is generally regarded as a much more practical and “serious” world compared to Fortnite and the others.  However, it seems we will not have to wait until Infinite to see how the out-of-place cosmetics feel in the series as 343 has announced they are starting with Halo: MCC.

Season 8 of MCC will be called Mythic and is named such to put focus on the addition of the new Mythic Mjolnir armor cosmetics that are based around mythological armor sets from ancient times.  These armor sets include items from ancient Greek mythology, medieval crusades, and even Skyrim.  And while it may be true that even the future Halo universe will still be releasing remastered versions of Skyrim, the armor sets are quite out of place for anything we have seen in the game.

Halo has featured some custom helmets being worn by Spartans in the lore and even released some that were not quite “lore-friendly”, but this will be the largest departure from the culture set by the Halo community.  Granted, these helmets look quite epic and are highly detailed in the pictures provided on 343’s blog, so it is safe to assume that a vast number of players will welcome them with open arms and seek to unlock these armor sets.  Plus, if I was a “Spartan” that was essentially an absolute super soldier actively saving humanity from hordes of space aliens by completing a series of essentially suicide missions, well I might just order myself a custom horned Leontokardos helmet to fit the role.

Full 343 Blog with images: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/myths-mysteries

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