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Battlefield 2042 Confirmed Open Beta Date & More

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EA has finally pushed out a solid chunk of information about Battlefield 2042’s progress and thankfully they have given us a lot of information this time around!  The game’s open beta will be available to pre-load on Oct 05 and then playable on Oct 06 (for early access players) and Oct 08 (for everyone else) and will run until Oct 10 at 07:00 UTC.  The Open Beta will feature Conquest on the Orbital map, which is one of the maps that will feature dynamic map changes that differ between games.

Some of the new Battlefield’s progression system has been released in detail and will be part of the beta in at least a usable format.  The game’s match XP system will feature “ribbons” that are focused on teamwork to give bonus XP for performing actions like objectives and revives.  Weapons and gadgets will be unlocked via the XP system as the player gains Player Levels over time and this system seems to offer cosmetic unlocks as well as the player levels up.

On top of a long list of unlockable equipment and weapons, players will be able to “master” weapons and unlock more attachments and hardware for those weapons.  Mastery of weapons will also feature milestones (challenges) to unlock additional features, such as skins and player card decorations. Speaking of player cards, the game will feature a customizable Player Card that allows the player to not only show off fancy unlocked art, but also display multiple achievement badges as well. 

Cross-progression was also addressed, and Battlefield 2042 will not only feature cross-progression in the form of unlocks and XP but also allow players to unlock purchases made on other platforms.  There are a few limits to these as special edition items and pre-order content will not carry over across devices.  It also sounds like each platform will have its own Premium Currency ecosystem that will not cross over to other platforms.  Overall, those are minor restrictions in our eyes but don’t forget that the core game needs to be purchased (or obtained via EA Play) for each platform you intend to play on.

Cosmetics are of course coming to the game as well and the article by EA states “You’ll be able to earn cosmetics through gameplay, or by purchasing them” and does not elaborate if ALL cosmetics can be obtained with enough gameplan or if that just means some are via gameplay and others are purchased.  It appears most items in the game will have cosmetics available for them but there was not much offered in terms of examples per the article.

Source: https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/news/battlefield-briefing-progression-and-cosmetics?__twitter_impression=true

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