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Ranked Halo Infinite Getting Small but Welcome Change

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Halo Infinite’s surprise launch and solid gameplay have been loved by many gamers, both casual and competitive alike. However, the game is not perfect, as players rush to point out the game’s terrible cosmetic system and horrible XP progression, other players have noticed some oddities about the ranked play of the game.

Players trying to get the most out of the competitive side of Halo have reported numerous matches where players are not all equal in rank.  This has caused some uproar as it means lower-skilled players are being placed with higher-skilled players in competitive matches.  Unequal player ranks also defeat a major part of the concept of having a “ranked” system if the ranks get mixed anyway.

343 has confirmed this as a feature of the game as they currently place players on ranked teams to balance the team, not the players.  This concept does have a few good merits as it allows for mixed players to matchmake as a team, but for solo players, it is discouraging when you are not matched with players of your skill to make the team balanced. 

However, after a Twitter posting, 343’s Junyszek has posted that they are looking into making this system better and seemed to confirm that random matchmaking should not be balancing teams when it isn’t needed.  We have no idea what those changes will be or how they will affect groups, but the ranked system needs numerous aid as players continue to face unequal teams, 3v4 starts, and cross-platform cheats.


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