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There will be no more Overwatch 2 testing periods until the official beta launch, according to Blizzard.

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Overwatch 2 will not get any additional public tests before the game's PvP beta in October, according to Jon Spector, the game's commercial leader, and vice president.

“Today marks just 2 months until Overwatch 2‘s launch,” Spector said. “We know players are eager to dive in and have seen questions about the possibility of a third public Beta. While we will continue testing OW2 daily internally, we’re not planning any additional public Beta tests. With all the valuable feedback we received from our alpha and 2 public beta tests, we will be focusing all our efforts on launching the best game possible on Oct. 4.”

Before the upcoming release of Overwatch 2's PvP side, there have been a few open beta periods. Players had a hands-on experience with the game's current version during the previous public testing periods, all of which were opt-in. On October 4th, Overwatch 2 will be live for the first time, and players will no longer have a choice about it.

The player base was hoping for at least one additional public beta testing period before October's beta. Having no more testing periods before October 4 means that the player base will have no chance to try out big changes and offer their input before then, including one of the most significant changes from the last public testing phase: Mercy and Moira, who recently had their reworks reversed due to player feedback.

Blizzard will exclusively test the PvP beta before its release later this year; players will have to wait until then to provide more comments on any altered aspects.

Those hoping for another public testing phase will have to wait until the official beta version is released on October 4th.

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