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  • Operator

    Class Stats
    Offense: 1
    Defense: 1
    Speed: 10
    Objective: 10
    Teamwork: 5
    Solo: 1
    Versatility: 10

    Playstyle: Equipment User
    Focus: Vehicles & Equipment

    Class Description

    Operators are a special playstyle that can either be highly focused or simply a secondary role of any other class.  If a game allows the player to build a class highly focused on vehicles and utilize special items to repair equipment and such, then that should be the main goal.  However, it is not uncommon that games simply leave this class without much support in terms of perks and items, in this case, we advise sticking with either an infantry or light infantry role as these will allow you to defend yourself when not in the equipment that close to mid range.  This class must also focus on survival and teamwork when not in their equipment as standing around and waiting for an item to spawn is not aiding the team as a whole.  

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