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  • Recon

    Class Stats
    Offense: 6
    Defense: 2
    Speed: 7
    Objective: 2
    Teamwork: 2
    Solo: 9
    Versatility: 2

    Playstyle: Stealth
    Focus: Guerrilla Fighting & Counters

    Class Description

    Recon are specialized in using reconnaissance and guerrilla tactics to both aid their team with information and demoralize the opposing team.  These players use stealth and short-range firepower to cause chaos among opposing ranks and use their ability to see and track opponents to inform their team of opponent movements.  Gear setups are often focused on stealth with very short-range weapons that excel in destroying and disrupting enemy support players.  Recon players are known for their “dirty” tactics and eliminating players without being noticed.

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