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  • Sniper

    Class Stats
    Offense: 10
    Defense: 1
    Speed: 5
    Objective: 2
    Teamwork: 2
    Solo: 8
    Versatility: 2

    Playstyle: Ranged
    Focus: Marksmanship & Support

    Class Description

    Snipers are a specialized long ranged unit that focuses on supporting their team with long ranged eliminations and callouts.  Snipers are often called upon to act as counter snipers when teams get pinned down and while they excel at playing in solo situations, they also require a team to keep them out of harms way.  Users of this class can often focus their playstyle on eliminations or team support based on the map and weapon selection.  Many long ranged weapons can be extremely limited to single shot, long ranged engagements or they can be focused on closer up support fire with less ability to eliminate in a single shot.

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