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    Uncrowned Guard

    Call of Duty Cold War Season Four Lands June 17th!

    Starting at 9PM PT June 16th / 12AM ET June 17th, Season Four begins with all-new content for multiplayer, zombies, and league play! Five new weapons will be released during this season including the MG 82 light machine gun and C58 assault rifle, along with the addition of four new prestige levels (16-19) and numerous other items within the game.

    Along with the new weapons and prestige levels, multiple new maps will be arriving with this season including Collateral Strike and Hijacked which are both 6 versus 6 MP maps. Collateral will be a new Combined Arms map for the 12 versus 12 game mode and Amsterdam will land for Gunfight and Face Off in 2 versus 2 and 3 versus 3 MP modes.

    One in the Chamber, Multi-Team: Sat-Link, and Hardcore Hardpoint will be launching as new multiplayer modes and Hijacked 24/7 and Cranked Hardpoint will be new featured playlists. There will also be a new scorestreak called the Hand Cannon along with twenty additional multiplayer season challenges.

    As far as League Play, they have adjusted the skill divisions along with restricting the LC-10 and AK47. League play will now offer rewards, but this will not be released until later into the season.

    Of course, we cannot forget about zombies that will be gaining a new outbreak region called Zoo and a new outbreak main quest called Operation Excursion. New Dark Aether Intel will be available for players along with additional music tracks for players to unlock. They will also be adding new operator missions in zombies along with twenty additional zombie season challenges. For PlayStation players, Onslaught will be gaining the Collateral map.

    A new operator Jackal will be a tier 0 release for Battle Pass holders, and they have also reduced the amount of experience needed to progress through season levels in both Cold War and Warzone.

    Ground Fall will be a limited time event available in both Cold War and Warzone that will be a set of challenges with exclusive rewards. This event ends June 24th and at that time the rewards will be unavailable for good.

    There are numerous tuning changes that can be found in the full patch notes, but this season begins with a heavy focus on increasing the effectiveness of assault rifles utilizing suppressor attachments by increasing their effective range.

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