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    Cloud9’s Return to Competitive Call of Duty: Partnering with New York Subliners for Modern Warfare 3 Tournament

      TL;DR: Cloud9 is set to partner with the New York Subliners, marking its return to competitive Call of Duty after seven years. The alliance aims to enable Cloud9's participation in the Modern Warfare 3 tournament at the Esports World Cup. This partnership could lead to Cloud9 acquiring and merging with the NXYL organization, which owns the Subliners. The merger could encourage other organizations to rejoin competitive CoD due to recent changes in the league, such as waived franchise fees and guaranteed revenue. Currently, the Subliners hold fourth place in the 2024 CDL standings, with Cloud9 yet to confirm the partnership reports.

    Cloud9's Forthcoming Partnership with New York Subliners

    Cloud9, a foremost esports organization, is reportedly finalizing an unprecedented partnership with the defending champions of the Call of Duty League, New York Subliners. This strategic partnership marks Cloud9's reentry into the competitive Call of Duty scene after a seven-year hiatus. According to reports sourced from Sheep Esports, the alliance is targeted at enabling Cloud9 to achieve its immediate objective of participating in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 tournament at the Esports World Cup.

    From Partnership to Merger: A Look into the Future

    At the core of this partnership development is an anticipated progression towards a 'second phase'. This progression is expected to see Cloud9 acquiring and merging with the NXYL esports organization that owns the New York Subliners franchise. Recent years have seen similar mergers in the esports industry, as shown in the merger between OpTic and Envy in 2021, resulting in the formation of OpTic Texas team in the CDL.

    If the reported acquisition comes to fruition, Cloud9 could set the pace for more esports organizations to make a comeback to competitive CoD, thanks to the recently implemented changes to the league's structure. Earlier this year, relief came to multiple esports organizations as the CDL announced the waiving and refunding of all franchise entry fees. Additionally, increased revenue and two-year minimum revenue guarantees were instituted. At the time, NXYL's founder, Farzam Kamel, applauded the new team agreements, stating that they would make participation in the CDL much more attractive for any organization.

    Current CDL Standings and Cloud9's Past Involvement in CoD

    As the partnership news stirs the esports scene, the New York Subliners continue to put up a strong performance in the 2024 CDL standings, cementing themselves in the fourth position as we approach Major Four scheduled for this weekend. Prior to its exit from competitive CoD in 2017, Cloud9 had under its umbrella a range of well-known veterans, including Priestahh, and Accuracy.

    Image Credit: Cloud9

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