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    Dead Space Meets Battlefield 2042: A Look at the "Outbreak" Crossover Event

      TL;DR: Battlefield 2042 is introducing a Dead Space crossover event named "Outbreak," running from July 9 to July 16, where players must escape the Boreas laboratory while battling Necromorph-like enemies. The event features unique challenges and opportunities to earn free and purchasable items, including a weapon charm, skins, and a Dead Space-themed bundle. This event is part of Season 7: Turning Point, the final content update for the game, as EA and Dice shift focus toward future projects within the Battlefield franchise. Despite the end of new content for Battlefield 2042, the developers plan to create a connected universe for the series, details of which are yet to be disclosed.

    Dead Space Crossover with Battlefield 2042

    Post-launch content for Battlefield 2042 is not yet done rolling out, with a surprise Dead Space crossover event now on its itinerary. This limited-time activity, aptly named "Outbreak," will offer more than the mere joy of trotting around in an Isaac Clarke-esque engineer skin. The collaborative event held by EA and Dice is designed to challenge squads by requiring resilience and resourcefulness to overcome a formidable, relentless enemy while escaping the Boreas laboratory. The first trailer showcases adversaries that resemble an uncanny mixture of Necromorphs and typical zombies, lunging towards players armed with non-Plasma Cutter weapons to fend them off. The Battlefield 2042 Dead Space crossover event is scheduled to run from July 9 through July 16.

    Perks of the "Outbreak" Event

    The thrill of the Outbreak event extends beyond gameplay, as participating players can walk away with a series of free and purchasable items. Free rewards include a brand new weapon charm and skin; in addition, players will receive a card background and tag. On top of this, there's a special Dead Space-themed bundle up for grabs, which features a legendary specialist outfit named "Marked Man," along with three legendary weapon skins, and more, available for purchase for 2200 BFC.

    Final Season: Turning Point

    The Dead Space Outbreak event is a notable part of Season 7: Turning Point, the final seasonal content update for Battlefield 2042. EA has revealed that the ongoing season will indeed mark the end of the line for this iteration's content, enabling the team to pivot its attention exclusively towards future projects within the franchise. Battlefield General Manager, Byron Beede expressed his understanding of the potential disappointment fans may feel, but underscored the necessity of the decision, stating, "As we looked at what the future of the series required, it became clear it was time for us to shift our resources and focus to be fully dedicated to what comes next." Despite its rocky beginning in 2021, Battlefield 2042 has seen a wealth of regular updates in the following years. EA and Dice are now planning to create a connected universe for the series, although specifics regarding this vision are still under wraps. This year saw game director Marcus Lehto part ways with EA, and his studio, Ridgeline Games, was subsequently closed down. In the meantime, players eagerly await further news about the future of Battlefield.

    Image Credit: EA Games

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