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    EVE Vanguard: CCP Games' Bold New FPS in the Eve Online Universe Set for Post-November Release

      TL;DR: CCP Games is pressing forward with EVE Vanguard, their latest attempt to create an FPS within the Eve Online universe. Announced in September last year, EVE Vanguard has since gone through open betas with a release expected post-November. A roadmap highlights plans for economic integration with the MMO and upcoming features like weapon customization and diverse gaming environments. Despite previous failed projects like Dust 514 and Project Nova, CCP remains committed.

    A New Frontier: EVE Vanguard's Journey

    The revered developer CCP Games refuses to back down from its ambition to create an FPS within their MMO universe, Eve Online. The studio's latest attempt, titled EVE Vanguard, was declared in September of last year. Following this announcement, the project has been in various open betas and a release is set for post-November, as per a recently released roadmap.

    Decoding the Roadmap

    The image provided by CCP Games gives an overall guide of the path they intend to take to complete EVE Vanguard. The roadmap at present is more of a yawning gap charting the time from now until the final open beta event, with a few future plans highlighted, but dates absent. These plans aim to establish an increased number of economic connections between the shooter and the long-established MMO, providing an innovative concept, even for those less invested in the genre.

    Besides this, future updates include an assorted array of weapon customization options, diverse gaming environments, an expanded range of progression strategies, and broader gameplay elements. In the meantime, closed founder tests are envisioned to fill the time leading up to November, concluded by a major update set for the 16th of November. Anticipated developments also include diaries like the "future visions" trailer, showcasing comparisons with their previous FPS, Dust 514.


    Persistence in the Face of Challenges

    EVE Vanguard is CCP's freshest attempt to integrate a standalone shooter into its massively successful MMO journey. The concurrentness of their efforts can be seen in their previous attempts, such as Dust 514, launched in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and later discontinued, or Project Legion, announced in 2014 but never reaching launch. Then, Project Nova was declared in 2018 but was officially dropped in 2020. EVE Vanguard, devoid of numerical or the 'Project' prefix, may finally succeed in achieving what CCP has been pushing towards.

    Image Credit: CCP Games

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