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    New Halo Infinite Update Introduces Big Team Battle: Sentry Defense Mode and Operation Pass

      TL;DR: Halo Infinite introduces an exciting new update featuring a 20-tier Operation Pass and free items. The main highlight is the Big Team Battle: Sentry Defense mode, spreading over six maps where teams protect their sentries and aim to eliminate enemy sentries. With gameplay enhancements like the neutral Repair Field for health and repair, the game also rewards players with Sangheili-themed armor and items celebrating Disability Pride Month. Player feedback is mixed, showing varied levels of ongoing engagement.

    New Developments in Halo Infinite

    Halo Infinite, the dynamic and evolving virtual gaming world available on Xbox and PC, has sprung a new exciting update. The aims at injecting potency in the game offering a fresh 20-tier Operation Pass and added freebies. The highlight of the release is a unique Big Team Battle mode.

    This thrilling mode, titled Big Team Battle: Sentry Defense, offers enhanced gameplay across six maps, applicable in Fragmentation, Highpower, Deadlock, Oasis, Scarr, and Command.

    Strategy behind Sentry Defense

    Experienced gamers and developers from 343 Industries have crafted the innovative mode derived from the Halo Infinite campaign character, Adjutant Resolution. In this alternate scenario, gamers can expect double challenges as two Adjutant Resolutions or 'sentries' join each team. The mission, for players, is to not just protect their sentries, but also to eliminate the enemy's sentries to secure victory.

    Commencing with 2,000 points for each team, the stakes gradually decrease as the sentries are targeted. The game ends when the available score hits zero. Every map ensures a neutral Repair Field, enhancing the health regeneration of both Spartans and vehicles while also repairing the player's sentries.

    Exploring Awesome Rewards and User Experience Feedback

    The newly introduced "Operation: Anvil Pass" permits players to win the new Sangheili-themed ASSAILER armor, among other incentives. To celebrate Disability Pride Month, developers have thrown in free armor coatings, visors, and emblems for their dedicated player base.

    Image Credit: 343 Industries

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