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    Once Human: Blending Beloved Features with Raw Survival Instincts

      TL;DR: “Once Human” is an upcoming survival game by Starry Studios, set to launch globally on July 9, 2024. It combines traditional survival mechanics with action-adventure elements, drawing inspiration from AAA titles like “V Rising,” “Valheim,” and "ARK: Survival Evolved." The game features a combat system akin to “Dark Souls with guns,” co-op gameplay, and a unique aesthetic influenced by “Ghostwire Tokyo” and “Control.” With its diverse gameplay and artistic influences, “Once Human” aims to stand out in the crowded survival game market.

    A New Contender in the Survival Game Arena

    In the ever-evolving landscape of survival games, a new title emerges with the promise of innovation and excitement. "Once Human," developed by Starry Studios, is poised to join the ranks of the genre's best with its unique blend of gameplay elements and artistic influences. As the game approaches its global release on July 9, 2024, the gaming community buzzes with anticipation and the critical question: Can "Once Human" stand out in a market saturated with survival experiences?

    A Tapestry of Influences

    "Once Human" is not shy about its heritage. It draws inspiration from a plethora of AAA titles, creating a rich tapestry that promises to offer a familiar yet fresh experience. The game's core mechanics, such as base-building, resource management, and a gradual power creep, are reminiscent of genre staples like "V Rising," "Valheim," and "ARK: Survival Evolved." However, "Once Human" extends beyond mere survival, incorporating elements from action-adventure games. The combat system, with its emphasis on movement and evasion, echoes the "Remnant" series, often described as "Dark Souls with guns." The co-op gameplay, gear system, and enemy design further solidify this connection.

    The game's aesthetic is another area where its influences shine. The blending of mystical concepts with urban design elements is highly reminiscent of "Ghostwire Tokyo," while the eerie contrast between corporate science and otherworldly phenomena may remind players of "Control." The post-apocalyptic setting, complete with motorcycle mechanics, nods to titles like "The Last of Us" and "Days Gone." Even the MMO elements and the Deviant capturing system draw parallels with "The Division," "Fallout 76," and monster-catching games like "Pokemon" and "Palworld".

    Surviving the Hype: The Ultimate Challenge

    With its rich blend of influences, "Once Human" has the potential to carve out its niche. Yet, the true test lies in its ability to transcend the hype and establish a lasting presence. The survival game market is crowded, with many titles vying for players' attention. "Once Human" must deliver on its promises of a unique, melting-pot style that not only pays homage to its influences but also innovates upon them.

    The game's success will depend on its ability to maintain a balance between familiar gameplay loops and fresh, engaging content. With a global release imminent, "Once Human" stands at the threshold of an opportunity to redefine what it means to survive in a virtual world. Will it rise to the occasion, or will it become another footnote in the annals of survival game history? Only time will tell, but the anticipation and potential are undeniable.

    Image Credit: Starry Studios

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