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    Once Human: The Next Big Thing in Survival Gaming

      TL;DR: The gaming world is buzzing with anticipation for 'Once Human,' a new survival game from Starry Studio, set to release on July 9. Following a successful demo at Steam Next Fest, the game sat just behind 'Hollow Knight: Silksong' in Steam’s wishlist rankings. Combining survival, multiplayer city-building, farming simulation, and FPS gameplay, 'Once Human' offers a post-apocalyptic sandbox experience enhanced by player feedback. With a required 70GB of PC storage, the game promises player-driven growth and evolution. While eagerly awaited, it joins a robust lineup of survival games like Palworld and Enshrouded.

    A New Era for Survival Games

    The gaming landscape is set for a shake-up as one of Steam's most highly anticipated games gears up for release. Amid a standout year for survival games, with titles such as Palworld and Enshrouded already grabbing attention, 'Once Human' is preparing to make its mark. With popularity surging to unprecedented levels during its demo at the recent Steam Next Fest, the game is currently holding its own with the likes of Black Myth: Wukong and Frostpunk 2 for a top 5 wish-listed game on Steam in the online platform's wishlist rankings.

    As users clamor for a taste of the innovative offering from developer Starry Studio, 'Once Human' showcases an integrative experience combining elements of survival, multiplayer city-building, farming simulation, and first-person shooter gameplay. As players navigate a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with alien chemical ‘Stardust', the focus is on unrestricted player autonomy within the online sandbox. However, the danger is never far with bio-chemical monsters lying in wait once night falls.

    Countdown to Launch

    Excitement continues to build as the ‘Once Human’ release date looms. PC users should be prepared for the multicast opening on Tuesday, July 9, with launch times set at 2pm PST, 5pm EST, 10pm BST, and the following day at 8am AEDT from July 9 onwards. Starry Studio recommends ensuring that a hefty 70GB of space is available on PCs so users can experience the game in full, leaving a few hours to declutter data repositories and say goodbye to any old games.

    A Transformative Gaming Experience

    One of the keys to 'Once Human' likely success is seen in the proactive approach taken by Starry Studio when handling player feedback. Unlike many other games, 'Once Human' is designed to grow and evolve according to user suggestions, in an ongoing dynamic dialogue where developers and players interact to shape the gameplay experience. Whether you indicated a preference for fishing or wished for new features, Starry Studio is ready to add it to the 'Once Human' universe. This distinguishing characteristic promises a unique gaming environment where user desires drive the future of the game.

    While 'Once Human' is certainly attracting interest, it is by no means the only game deserving of attention this year. Add it to your wishlist and keep an eye out for other releases while combing through the extent of your game library.

    Image Credit: Starry Studio

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