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    Respawn Entertainment Unveils Major Overhaul to Apex Legends Battle Pass System Ahead of Season 22

      TL;DR: Respawn Entertainment is set to overhaul the Battle Pass system in Apex Legends with the launch of Season 22, focusing on enhanced user experience and varied purchasing options. Key changes include replacing the existing single 110 Tier pass with individualized 60 Tier passes per split, omitting unpopular rewards, and adjusting the pass cost. Notably, the Battle Pass will no longer be purchasable via Apex Coins. The updated pass will offer three levels of rewards: Free, Premium, and the new Premium+, which includes exclusive items and features. Premium+ mirrors Call of Duty’s BlackCell BP, requiring real money for exclusive cosmetics. Season 22 will also introduce a new map, "District", and a Lifeline revamp.

    Revolutionizing the Battle Pass System in Apex Legends

    A sea of change is heading toward Apex Legends with Respawn Entertainment unveiling a plethora of adjustments to the game's Battle Pass system. Revolutionizing the purchasing and user experience of the cosmetic pass is at the forefront of these changes. Slated to be rolled out with Season 22, the reimagined Battle Pass will introduce a Premium+ option, seemingly ideated with a nod towards Call of Duty’s BlackCell offering.

    Key Changes to the Battle Pass

    Under the new system, each split will sport its own individualized 60 Tier Battle Pass, replacing the previous single 110 Tier pass per season. Unpopular rewards from earlier passes will no longer be a part of the pass to enhance each user's experience. Additionally, the Battle Pass cost has been revised downwards while an innovative Premium+ option broadens the buying choices for players. Moreover, the Battle Pass will no longer be purchasable via Apex Coins, significantly shifting the purchasing options.


    Fresh Insights on Battle Pass Pricing & Rewards

    The updated cosmetics pass will include a range of varied rewards distributed across three levels - Free, Premium, and Premium+. The Free level offers 200 Apex Coins, 7 Apex Packs, an Epic set, and more. Meanwhile, the Premium rewards go beyond with 2,400 Crafting Metals, 1,300 Apex Coins, 10 Exotic Shards, a variety of Apex Packs, 1 Reactive and 1 Legendary Weapon Skin, 2 Legendary and 3 Epic Legend skins, 7 Epic weapon skins and several other rewards.

    Premium+, the newest arrival, boasts of 10 Tiers, 2 distinctive Premium+ Legendary skin variants exclusive for one year, 10 Exotic Shards, a feature unlocking all Legends for the extent of the Battle Pass, Premium Track rewards, and more.

    The Premium+ Track effectively replaces the now unavailable Premium Battle Pass bundle that previously allowed tier skips for surplus Apex Coins. Echoing a similar concept found in Call of Duty’s BlackCell BP, this will require players to shell out real money to acquire exclusive Battle Pass cosmetics. This strategic move aims to streamline purchasing while allowing for a cutback on the Premium+ price.

    Season 22 promises not only a refresh to the Battle Pass but is also geared up to introduce a brand-new map claimed by insiders to be dubbed "District", along with a revamp for Lifeline.

    Image Credit: EA Games

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