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    Sony Announces Extensive Beta Test and Launch Details for Highly-Anticipated Hero Shooter Concord

      TL;DR: Sony's new hero shooter, Concord, will have a two-phase beta release: a closed beta for pre-orders and an open beta for all, previewing the game ahead of its full launch on PS5 and PC. The beta features all 16 characters, known as Freegunners, along with five diverse maps and multiple game modes. Concord's early access beta runs from July 12-14, with an open beta from July 18-21, culminating in the game’s official release on August 23.

    Sony Confirms Bountiful Beta Test for Hero Shooter, Concord

    Sony's much-anticipated hero shooter, Concord, is set to have a beta release in the coming weeks. Today, Sony announced a dual-phase beta test consisting of both closed and open periods, offering fans a tantalizing glimpse at the game ahead of its summer launch. The beta version is expected to be highly representative of the final game, which is set to debut on PlayStation 5 and PC platforms.

    Only a few days before the beta version becomes publicly accessible, an exclusive early access period will kick off. This privilege can be secured by those who pre-order Concord. Not only will they get an early sneak-peek at the game, but they will also receive five bonus codes allowing them to share this exclusive access with their friends.

    A Full Roster of Characters and Original Map Bonanza

    The Concord beta test is not holding anything back. All 16 characters, known as Freegunners, will be playable during the beta phase. Players can use this opportunity to familiarize themselves with each character, including fan favorites like Haymar, Vale, Lennox, 1-0FF, Star Child and other members of the Northstar crew like It-Z, Teo, Bazz, and more. Sony promises a diverse collection of strategic abilities, unique traversal and gunplay styles, and most importantly, a chance to inject your personality on to the battlefield.

    Accompanying this roster of characters comes an array of multiplayer maps. The early access and open beta will both include four maps: Freewater, Water Hazard, Star Chamber, and Shock Risk. The open beta will introduce a fifth map called Bone Mines to further enrich the gaming experience.

    Gamut of Exciting Game Modes and Upcoming Release Announcement

    On offer alongside the beta's maps are three unique game modes: Trophy Hunt, a respawn-based mode akin to Call of Duty's Kill Confirmed; Cargo Run, a high-stakes game of no respawns like CoD’s Search and Destroy; and Clash Point, a single-objective, no-respawn challenge. An additional mode, Area Control, will become available during the open beta, reminiscent of CoD's Domination style gameplay, providing ample opportunity to test your mettle against other early adopters.

    Concord’s early access beta is slated to run from July 12 to 14, followed by an open beta weekend happening July 18 to 21. Sony has made it clear that a PSN account will be necessary for all players, regardless of platform. Concord is gearing up for release this August 23, promising a dynamic story and live-service element as part of the final title. Advance orders for the game on PS5 and PC are already being accepted.

    Image Credit: Sony

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