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    Star Wars Strategy Game in the Works by XCOM Veterans at Bit Reactor

      TL;DR: Bit Reactor is developing a new Star Wars tactical strategy game inspired by XCOM, with 15 team members being veterans of Firaxis' turn-based strategy games. The game aims to push the genre forward while remaining accessible to a wide audience. Co-founder Grey Foertsch and Lead Animator Hector Antunez emphasize leveraging their team's expertise to explore new directions. This upcoming title represents a significant moment for Star Wars strategy games, aiming to follow the success of the revamped XCOM series and potentially trailblaze in the same way.

    Bit Reactor Brings Star Wars Into the Strategy Game Arena

    The demise of Respawn's anticipated first-person shooter game sent a shockwave through the gaming industry. But Star Wars fans can breathe easy again, as there is still a highly promising prospect on the horizon. A new Star Wars tactical strategy game is currently in development at Bit Reactor. In a recent interview with PC Gamer, it was revealed that the upcoming title is heavily inspired by the XCOM franchise. As it turns out, 15 members of the Bit Reactor development team are veterans of the famed turn-based strategy franchise from Firaxis, representing roughly a third of the studio. Grey Foertsch, co-founder of Bit Reactor, spoke about the wealth of knowledge and expertise in the team and how they plan to leverage it. Paraphrasing an all-time classic, he described previous strategy games they had worked on as "just like tips of icebergs". This implies that the seasoned veterans at Bit Reactor have ambitious plans up their sleeves.

    Pushing the Genre Forward While Keeping Accessibility in Focus

    As they charter the unexplored waters of Star Wars tactical strategy gaming, the developers have a dual focus – pushing the genre forward while ensuring that the game remains accessible to everyone. Hector Antunez, Nead Animator at Bit Reactor, alongside Foertsch, voiced the team’s commitment to pushing the game in new directions. They want to make the game accessible to all, giving it maximum reach and "getting it in more people’s hands."

    Taking Lessons from the Success of the Revamped XCOM Series

    The new strategy game represents a significant moment for the Star Wars franchise. Although the franchise has seen a handful of strategy games over the past decades – the most recent being 2006's Empire At War – none have explored the genre that the upcoming title is venturing into. The XCOM games have rekindled the love for the turn-based strategy genre, prompting larger franchises to adopt this genre in subsequent years. Whether Bit Reactor’s Star Wars title will blaze a similar trail is an exciting prospect to look forward to.

    Image Credit: 2K Games (XCOM)

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