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    Unlocking the Reclaimer 18: A Closer Look at MW3's Season Four Reloaded Update and Its Impact on Gameplay

      TL;DR: Modern Warfare 3's Season Four Reloaded update introduces the Reclaimer 18, a revamped version of the classic SPAS-12 shotgun, previously seen in Black Ops Cold War and the original MW2. This 12-gauge shotgun features a slide-action mechanism with eight semi-automatic rounds and 16 in reserve. Players can unlock the Reclaimer 18 through challenges in the classified battle pass sector, which goes live post-update on June 26. This eagerly awaited update is expected to enhance the gaming experience for both veteran and new players.

    The popular choice among gamers is back with the Modern Warfare 3’s Season Four Reloaded update adding two exciting new weapons. The latest addition to the MW3 shotguns in multiplayer or Warzone is the Reclaimer 18. Notably, this isn't a new weapon, but a modified version of an old classic that Call of Duty veterans will definitely recognize.

    Introducing the Reclaimer 18 to MW3 and Warzone

    The Reclaimer 18 is the latest addition to MW3’s Season Four Reloaded update. It was last seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and is now making its return to the MW3 battlefield. Renowned for its powerful punches, this legendary 12-gauge shotgun features a rapid, slide-action mechanism that offers eight semi-automatic rounds with 16 in reserve.

    Regarded as the updated version of the classic SPAS-12 shotgun, the Reclaimer 18 was a favorite in previous CoD series like Black Ops Cold War and the original MW2 in 2009. Now, players will be able to wreak havoc yet again in the MW3 Zombies mode. The Reclaimer 18 features 15 progression levels, giving players new attachments to unlock along the way. Moreover, players can speed up this process by using a double XP token.

    Unlocking the Reclaimer 18 in MW3 and Warzone

    The process for unlocking the Reclaimer 18 revolves around completing set challenges that can be found within the classified battle pass sector in the season four battle pass. For those interested, the sector is located between sectors one, nine, 10, and 11. However, the challenges will go live only post the Season Four Reloaded update, coming on June 26.

    For those curious on how to unlock the new shotgun in CoD, make sure to check back here after the update rolls out. We will keep the article updated with the latest information on unlocking the Reclaimer 18 as and when it becomes available

    A Much Anticipated Update

    Among the many exciting aspects of the Season Four Reloaded update, the introduction of the Reclaimer 18 stands as a highlight. It adds value to the formidable array of shotguns already present in MW3 and is set to enhance the overall gaming experience for avid players.

    Having proven its worth in the past, it's no wonder that the COD community is keenly anticipating the return of this classic shotgun. And it's not just for the experienced players who'd had a run with it in the original MW2 or Black Ops Cold War - new players will also now have the opportunity to wield the power of the Reclaimer 18.

    Image Credit: Activision

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