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    Valve Introduces Integrated Game Recording System for Steam and Steam Deck

      TL;DR: Valve has introduced a built-in game recording system for Steam, allowing gamers to replay, clip, and share highlights from their games easily. Designed to work seamlessly with any game, including compatibility with Steam Deck, the system emphasizes performance and customization, enabling users to manage disk space and export clips as mp4 files. Gamers can join the beta test by adjusting their Steam settings. Additionally, Valve shared that 59% of Steam gamers use Xbox controllers and highlighted an unexpected popular game involving clicking a banana.

    A New In-Built Game Recording System By Valve

    Gaming giant, Valve, has recently announced an integrated game recording system for Steam. This exciting new feature will enable gamers to easily replay, clip, and share striking moments from their beloved games. The new game recording system is not only designed as an efficient alternative to third-party solutions, but also performs well with Steam Deck.

    According to Valve, this unique system will function effectively with any game and is carefully crafted with an emphasis on performance. Furthermore, it provides numerous options which give users the flexibility to customize their disk usage. This system lets gamers send a clip to their preferred device or export it as an mp4 file for versatile use.

    Joining the Beta Test

    For gamers itching to try out this innovative feature, they can opt-in to the beta testing phase. To do this, players need to access their Steam settings, navigate to the 'Interface' option and then select one of the beta options from the 'Beta Participation' menu. Afterward, Background or On-Demand recording can be selected from the Game Recording menu which is also located under Settings.

    More News From Valve

    Apart from the new recording feature, Valve has also unveiled a variety of statistics surrounding the use of controllers on their platform. Astonishingly, they revealed that almost 59 percent of controller gamers on the platform use an Xbox controller, a true testimony to its widespread popularity. Meanwhile, a somewhat unusual game involving the task of clicking a banana has swiftly become one of the most-played titles on Steam.

    Image Credit: Valve

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