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    Xur’s New Inventory: Crafting and Red Border Weapons in Destiny 2

      TL;DR: In Destiny 2’s latest update, “The Final Shape,” Xur’s role expands beyond selling Exotics. Players can now purchase Exotic Catalysts, crafting resources, and engrams, including the new Strange Weapon Engram for Red Border Weapons from the Season of Plunder. This update offers fresh avenues for weapon crafting and collection.

    Xur's Enhanced Role in Destiny 2's The Final Shape

    In the latest update to Destiny 2, titled "The Final Shape," Xur, the enigmatic weekend vendor, has undergone a significant transformation. Players can now visit Xur to purchase an array of items beyond the usual Exotics, including Exotic Catalysts, crafting resources, and various engrams.

    Strange Weapon Engrams: A Gateway to Red Border Weapons

    Xur's inventory now features the Strange Weapon Engram, which offers a chance to obtain Red Border Weapons, specifically from the Season of Plunder's arsenal. These engrams are affordable, costing only 7 Strange Coins, making them an accessible option for players looking to farm these unique weapons.

    Season of Plunder's Legacy

    The Season of Plunder, which ran from August to December 2022, introduced six craftable seasonal weapons. Although they may not be the top choice for PvE or PvP currently, weapons like Brigand’s Law and Tarnished Mettle offer unique perk combinations that can be advantageous in specific scenarios.

    Acquiring Red Border Weapons

    Players seeking Red Border variants of these weapons have multiple avenues to explore. They can use Strange Engrams, earned by increasing Xur's vendor rank, or Deepsight Harmonizers, a rare resource that transforms compatible weapons into Red Borders. These methods provide additional means to obtain the coveted Red Border Weapons without solely relying on Strange Coins.

    This rework of Xur's role adds a new layer of depth to Destiny 2's gameplay, offering players more opportunities to enhance their arsenal and experience the thrill of crafting and upgrading gear.

    Image Credit: Bungie

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