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    Starfield: How To Establish Cargo Links

    In the expansive universe of Starfield, establishing Cargo Links is crucial for efficiently transporting goods between Outposts. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and managing Cargo Links, allowing you to create a thriving network of commerce throughout the galaxy.

    Introduction to Cargo Links

    Cargo Links serve as the backbone of your goods transportation system in Starfield. By connecting your Outposts with these links, you can easily move resources and items from one location to another. This not only helps you generate profit but also prevents you from becoming overencumbered during your travels.

    Step-by-Step Guide

    Step 1: Building Outposts

    1. Claim Outpost Locations: To establish Cargo Links, you need at least two Outposts. Begin by selecting suitable sites for these Outposts where you want to build your network.
    2. Place Outpost Beacon: Use the Outpost Beacon item to mark the chosen locations as potential Outposts. This marks the area for construction.
    3. Allocate Resources: Gather the necessary resources and invest them in building the Outposts. Customize the layout by placing buildings, structures, and objects according to your preferences.

    Step 2: Creating Cargo Links

    1. Access Building Menu: Once your Outposts are constructed, access the building menu of each Outpost.
    2. Select Cargo Link: Within the building menu, locate the option to build a Cargo Link.
    3. Choose Placement: Select a suitable spot within the Outpost for the Cargo Link's construction. Ensure there's enough space and that it's easily accessible.
    4. Resource Requirements: Verify that you possess the required resources for building the Cargo Link:
      • 2 Beryllium
      • Zero Wire
      • 12 Aluminum
      • 20 Iron
        Note: You'll need double the quantities of these materials to build Cargo Links at both Outposts.
    5. Build Cargo Link: Spend the necessary resources to construct the Cargo Link. Repeat this process for the second Outpost.

    Step 3: Activating Cargo Links

    1. Access Cargo Link Console: Once both Cargo Links are built, locate the console associated with each link. These consoles control the transportation between Outposts.
    2. Activate Cargo Links: Interact with each console to activate the Cargo Links. This action establishes the connection between the two Outposts, enabling goods transportation.

    Step 4: Utilizing Cargo Links

    1. Storage Containers: Each Cargo Link pad comes with two storage containers: a red container and a green container. The red container holds items or materials you want to send out from the Outpost, while the green container contains incoming goods.
    2. Goods Exchange: Periodically, ships will land at the Cargo Links to drop off goods and pick up stored items. Maintain a balanced flow of goods to ensure a steady exchange.
    3. Managing Multiple Links: If you have multiple Cargo Links across the galaxy, interact with the console to select which links you want to trade with. This provides flexibility in managing your network.

    Important Considerations

    Storage and Activation: Ensure that the Cargo Link is not currently active when using the storage containers. Activating the link with stored goods could result in unintended shipping of your items.

    Safety First: To prevent accidental shipping of valuable items, exercise caution when storing items in containers near active Cargo Links. Be sure to deactivate the link before storage.

    By following these steps, you'll establish an efficient network of Cargo Links in Starfield, allowing you to transport goods seamlessly between Outposts and ensuring your success in interstellar commerce.

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