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  1. From Charlie INTEL: During Call of Duty Next and the Warzone 2.0 gameplay reveal, Infinity Ward revealed that the next installment of Call of Duty battle royale will feature H1Z1-like proximity chat. Call of Duty fans got their first look at both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 gameplay at the Call of Duty Next event on September 15. The event revealed various new details about the titles, including Gunsmith changes, the new Perk system, Raids, and even the new Warzone map, Al Mazrah. Warzone 2.0 doesn’t just feature a new map either, many changes are coming to the popular battle royale which make the game feel like a completely new experience. One of these new features is proximity chat, which looks to bring a more immersive and social experience to Warzone. Proximity chat is a feature that allows players to hear other online players who are using a microphone whenever they are in close proximity. The feature has been seen in many games such as H1Z1 and Escape from Tarkov, and it will also likely be available Warzone 2.0’s own extraction-style DMZ mode. The proximity chat feature definitely opens up Warzone 2.0 to some hilarious plays, chatting with the enemy team as you battle for victory. The feature will work similarly to the after-death chat in the original Warzone, where you can hear the player you have eliminated. In Warzone 2.0, the feature will always be on, unless the player chooses to turn it off in the settings. Having the option to turn it off is vital, as it may ruin a stealthy team play by alerting close-by enemies when strategizing with your team. BR Trios are at 102 players and proximity chat is insanity. just loud noises. — CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) September 15, 2022 Players have been wanting proximity chat in Call of Duty for some time, so it’s great to see the devs give the fans what they want. However, it seems like it needs some work though, as at the Call of Duty Next event players reported that the feature is just “insanity” and “loud noises.” We’ll have to wait and see how the feature plays out when Warzone 2.0 launches on November 16. It’s also unclear if the feature is available in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, as nothing was mentioned about it at the event, but the MW2 beta should reveal more. Image Credits: Activision The post Warzone 2 will feature game-changing proximity chat appeared first on Charlie INTEL. Read More: Full Article on Charlie INTEL
  2. From DualShockers - Feed: Several sources report that David Berger, engineering director at 343 Industries, will be leaving the studio in the coming weeks. Read More: Full Article on DualShockers - Feed
  3. From Dot Esports: As Overwatch 2 makes its way into the limelight, Overwatch 1 is set to make its final swan song on Oct. 2 as that will be the final day for players to play the game before servers are taken down. Since its first official season on June 28, 2016, Overwatch players have gone through 35 competitive seasons throughout the past five years. Throughout that time, Blizzard’s first-person shooter introduced 11 new heroes and 20 new maps for Overwatch players to enjoy throughout this time. It appears that this will all be coming to an end on Oct. 2, however, as the series readies itself for the upcoming sequel on Oct. 4. According to an article from Eurogamer, commercial lead Jon Spector revealed in an Overwatch 2 roundtable interview everything that fans needed to know about both games heading into the Oct. 4 release. The final day for Overwatch 1 will be on Oct. 2 when the game will have a “27-hour downtime” period where Blizzard will use that time to get the Overwatch 2 server “stood up and running,” according to Spector. Current Overwatch players will have the opportunity to download Overwatch 2 ahead of the official launch date on Oct. 4, where they may have the game pre-downloaded to avoid any extra wait time upon release. According to Spector, Blizzard will also “share a kind of launch checklist with players” ahead of the official release as the devs look to give the sequel a smooth opening day. Image via Blizzard EntertainmentWhile it may be a sad day for fans who had hoped to enjoy the nostalgia of the original Overwatch game and its 6-vs-6 gameplay style, the new changes in Overwatch 2 should be enough to keep players attention on the upcoming game for quite some time. Regardless, those who already had Overwatch 1 will receive an update from a “system’s perspective. There, players will see “Update the game to Overwatch 2” as an option. The same goes for new players who never played Overwatch 1.  Overwatch 2 is set to launch on Oct. 4 and will be available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Unlike the original, Overwatch 2 will be a free-to-play game through the use of a battle pass system. Read More: Full Article on Dot Esports
  4. From DualShockers - Feed: Kiriko has been officially unveiled as the next support hero joining the Overwatch 2 roster when it launches earlier next month. As the new female hero, Kiriko will have both offensive and defensive tools at her disposal to save her teammates from danger and survive. Read More: Full Article on DualShockers - Feed
  5. From Charlie INTEL: Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer will finally be revealed at Call of Duty Next, and then PC players can play during the crossplay beta weekend. Infinity Ward have revealed the beta’s minimum and recommended specs, so here are Modern Warfare 2’s PC requirements. Modern Warfare 2 finally arrives on PC and consoles on October 28, but players can get their hands on the game early during the open beta. PlayStation players get an exclusive weekend following the Call of Duty Next event, but PC players can jump in on Thursday, September 22. With the beta fast approaching, Infinity Ward have revealed the minimum and recommended PC requirements for Modern Warfare 2’s beta. Here are the full PC specs and how they compare to Warzone and Vanguard. Modern Warfare 2 minimum PC requirements OS: Windows 10 – 54 Bit (latest update)CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600XVideo Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 470Video Memory: 3GBRAM: 16GB RAMStorage Space: 25GB Sound Card: DirectX CompatibleRecommended Graphic Drivers: NVIDIA: 516.79 or AMD: 21.9.1 Modern Warfare 2’s beta minimum PC specs aren’t a huge jump from 2019’s Modern Warfare, which would make sense as the game is still being developed for last-gen consoles. If you could run both Modern Warfare and Vanguard smoothly then your rig should also run Modern Warfare 2’s beta but you might need to turn down a few more graphics settings to reach your desired frame rate. Modern Warfare 2 recommended PC requirements OS: Windows 10 – 54 Bit (latest update)CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K or AMD Ryzen 7 1800XVideo Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580Video Memory: 3GBRAM: 16GB RAMStorage Space: 25GBSound Card: DirectX CompatibleRecommended Graphic Drivers: NVIDIA: 516.79 or AMD: 21.9.1 Of course, the Modern Warfare 2 beta’s recommended PC specs are more demanding than the minimum, but players shouldn’t need to invest in a major upgrade if coming from Vanguard and Warzone. The recommended GPUs are the same as Vanguard, but you’ll need to upgrade the CPU and jump to 16GB of RAM to match Infinity Ward‘s recommended settings for beta. With this hardware, you should be able to crank up the graphics settings while maintaining a high frame rate. These are only the beta PC requirements for now so there’s a chance they’ll change ahead of launch once players have their hands on the game. For more on Modern Warfare 2, be sure to check out why players already love the Museum map and all of the beta rewards. Image Credit: Activision / Infinity Ward The post Modern Warfare 2 beta PC requirements: Minimum & recommended specs appeared first on Charlie INTEL. Read More: Full Article on Charlie INTEL
  6. From DualShockers - Feed: Bandai Namco has announced at Sony's latest State Of Play event that their futuristic dystopian game, Synduality, will release in 2023. The publisher is working in collaboration with developer Game Studio to create their latest project for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Read More: Full Article on DualShockers - Feed
  7. From Dot Esports: Call of Duty’s multiplayer mode hasn’t always had the best reputation over the last couple of decades when it comes to respecting others. In the 2010s, abusive CoD lobbies and players were the subjects of many memes and jokes among gamers. But now, Activision has taken notice and is taking big steps toward making sure its games are welcoming to all. Activision confirmed today that it has banned 500,000 accounts to date for “toxic” reasons, like having an offensive username, text chat, or calling cards. Another 300,000 accounts have been forced to change their names thanks to the game’s automated filtering system. This automatic moderation system has been extended to support 13 additional languages as well. Activision uses this automated filtration system in addition to human moderation to ensure that players are not using offensive language in play. Since the publisher has enacted these systems, it claims there has been a 55 percent decrease in offensive username and clan tag reports from Call of Duty: Warzone users in August alone. This is all a part of Activision’s new unified Code of Conduct for the entire Call of Duty franchise, which has three core values. These are meant to help all gamers have a more positive experience and they include: Treat everyone with respect – “We do not tolerate bullying or harassment, including derogatory comments based on race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, culture, faith, mental or physical abilities, or country of origin.”Compete with integrity – “You are responsible for how your account is used. The use of cheats, including third-party software, is unacceptable. Exploiting bugs or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.”Stay vigilant – “To promote an enjoyable gameplay experience, utilize in-game tools to report any incidents or inappropriate behaviors you encounter.”Starting with the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta, players will have to acknowledge the Code of Conduct that states these values. Fans who are unable to meet those standards will likely face punitive actions like the many other accounts that have been banned at the hands of Activision. Read More: Full Article on Dot Esports
  8. From IGN News: A DDOS attack against Activision Blizzard brought down the company's PC servers for hours, leaving many users unable to play games including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. Activision Blizzard first acknowledged the issue in a tweet at 12:15am Pacific on September 14, saying it was investigating an issue affecting its authentication servers that was causing slow or failed login attempts for players. Around 40 minutes later, however, Activision Blizzard confirmed that its PC servers were down as a result of a DDOS attack. "We continue to actively monitor an ongoing DDOS attack which is affecting latency/connections to our games," it said in a follow-up tweet (below). We continue to actively monitor an ongoing DDOS attack which is affecting latency/connections to our games. — Blizzard CS - The Americas (@BlizzardCS) September 14, 2022 The issue is resolved now, with the servers being down for roughly three hours and 30 minutes, at least from when Activision Blizzard first reported the problem. It's not clear who is respnsible for the attack, or if there was a specific motive. Alongside the previously mentioned games, Hearthstone and Diablo: Immortal were also affected by the server outages. The publisher has a busy few months on the way, as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and Overwatch 2 are all due to be released in 2022. A Call of Duty showcase taking place tomorrow, September 15, is expected to shed new light on both upcoming titles. Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He'll talk about The Witcher all day. Read More: Full Article on IGN News
  9. From The Verge: Discord and Xbox users can now chat to each other. | Image: Discord Xbox owners can now access Discord voice chat on their consoles. Starting today, a new update is rolling out that will allow Xbox users to connect to Discord calls from an Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X console. Discord voice chat on Xbox works by transferring voice chats from Discord to an Xbox, instead of being a dedicated Discord app for Xbox. That means you can’t directly join Discord calls from an Xbox, and you’ll have to transfer calls from the mobile Discord and Xbox apps to your Xbox console instead. Xbox owners will see a new Discord voice option inside the Parties & chat section of the Xbox dashboard, and this will start a linking process for accounts. Once you’ve linked accounts you’ll see a new transfer to Xbox option when you go to join a call on Discord mobile or desktop. Hit that, and you’ll be transported into the mobile Xbox app, where it transfers the call to your Xbox console. Screenshot: Tom Warren / The Verge Discord integration in the Xbox dashboard. Once you’re in a Discord call on Xbox you’ll be able to see all your Discord friends that are currently in the call, adjust volume, and disconnect from a call directly from the Xbox dashboard. Microsoft and Discord have been testing this integration since July, and while it’s not as easy as joining calls directly from your console, it’s easy to get used to joining from the Discord mobile app and transferring the call across. It certainly beats joining a Discord call from the mobile app and having to have an Xbox headset capable of Bluetooth so you can hear game sounds and Discord voice at the same time. The integration may even improve over time, too. “We’re so excited to be bringing support for Discord Voice chat on Xbox consoles in partnership with our friends over at Xbox,” says the Discord team in a blog post. “We look forward to continuing our partnership to create even deeper, more meaningful experiences for your friends and communities. Who knows what the future holds!” Read More: Full Article on The Verge
  10. From IGN News: Ubisoft's biggest games will now be sold at the $70 price point – something the company had so far resisted. During an interview with Axios, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that the company’s upcoming AAA games will now be sold at $70 – a price hike that’s in line with the current industry standard. “Some of the games will come at the same price as the competition,” he confirmed. “The big AAA games will come at $70.” Skull & Bones is the first of these games to be set at the new $70 price point. Amazon has already adopted the new pricing structure with both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of Skull & Bones available to pre-order for $69.99. However, the Ubisoft store itself lists the game at just $59.99 – you can save yourself a cool $10 by pre-ordering the game direct from Ubisoft. At least, at the moment. Whether or not Ubisoft updates the store in line with their new prices remains to be seen. So, if you’re interested in Skull & Bones, you might want to act fast. Until now, Ubisoft had stuck with the last-gen price cap of $60 for a standard edition game. However, it made clear at the time that it would not rule out a price rise, and that has come to pass. Want to read more about Ubisoft games? Check out the latest Skull & Bones trailer as well as what you’ll get in each edition of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage. Ryan Leston is an entertainment journalist and film critic for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter. Read More: Full Article on IGN News
  11. From Charlie INTEL: With eager Call of Duty fans ready to get their hands on the Modern Warfare 2 beta, a ton of players will be wondering if the progress they make playing the beta will carry over to the full game at launch. The Modern Warfare 2 beta will give Call of Duty players their first taste of the new title’s multiplayer experience. As players dive into the beta as early as September 16, new features like the Gunsmith system and Perks are set to be revealed. With each game, players will earn XP and unlock in-game items like new weapons. Most players will undoubtedly make a ton of progress leading up to the October 28 release of Modern Warfare 2. Here’s what you need to know about Modern Warfare 2 beta progress carrying over to the full game. Will Modern Warfare 2 beta weapon XP & unlocks carry over to launch? The progress you make playing the Modern Warfare 2 beta will not carry over to the full game at launch. This includes weapons you unlock in the beta as well as weapon XP and overall XP that you accumulate. Unfortunately for players who may have been looking to get a head start on the competition during the beta, the Call of Duty team confirmed that progress would not transfer over. One of the questions in the FAQ section of a Modern Warfare 2 beta blog reads: “Will my experience in the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II Open Beta transfer over to the full game?.” To which the answer of “No, experience will not carry over from the Open Beta,” is provided. However, there is one exception to the rule as Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards will transfer over to the full game. All of the Modern Warfare II Beta Rewards will be available to use in the Beta itself, and instantly unlocked in the game on October 28th. — CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) September 12, 2022 Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards are the only cosmetics items earned through the beta that will carry over to the full game at launch. In total there are ten beta rewards for players to earn, which can be equipped during the beta. These beta rewards will be instantly unlocked in Modern Warfare 2 at launch. Essentially, the rewards you earn by reaching new levels and grinding your way through the Modern Warfare 2 beta are the only form of progress that will carry over to the full game. For more, check out how a Modern Warfare 2 teaser revealed that two classic game modes could be present at launch. Image Credit: Activision The post Will Modern Warfare 2 beta progress carry over to launch? appeared first on Charlie INTEL. Read More: Full Article on Charlie INTEL
  12. From Charlie INTEL: Modern Warfare 2 fans are convinced that Pro Perks will be a comeback in this year’s game, after a familiar logo was spotted in the latest CoD Next teaser. We’re just weeks away from the launch of Modern Warfare 2, and the beta is set to kick off in the coming days. Despite this, fans are still itching for any slither of information on new or returning features they can expect in Infinity Ward’s latest game. While we’ve had a handful of trailers and footage from the single-player campaign, the multiplayer reveal is due to take place at Call of Duty Next on September 15, which should provide fans will plenty of details about new weapons, maps, and more. But in a teaser trailer for the CoD Next event, players think they’ve spotted a clue that a classic feature is returning for the first time since Modern Warfare 3 – Pro Perks. First introduced in the original Modern Warfare 2, and used in the following two titles, Pro Perks are improved versions of standard Perks unlocked by completing challenges. Pro Perks offered bonus effects that the regular versions didn’t; for example, Sleight of Hand Pro gave players faster ADS as well as faster reloads. In a short teaser for CoD Next, fans spotted a handful of Perk logos, including one which appeared to be Hardline Pro, as you can see from the star logo which was used in MW2 and MW3. Some perks/logos shown pic.twitter.com/u1frOGeMOh — CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) September 10, 2022 Many have taken this as confirmation that Pro Perks are making a comeback in Modern Warfare 2 2022, including Jason ‘FaZe Jev‘ Eugene in his September 10 video. “If you guys aren’t aware of it, this is the shape of Perks whenever they are the Pro version of them,” he said while observing the Hardline logo. “At least that’s how it was on the original Modern Warfare 2.” Modern Warfare 2019 did also feature the star logo for the Hardline Perk, but the logo in the trailer looks much closer to the Pro version from the first MW2. He went on to point out that some sources have claimed that Pro Perks will appear in the past, and Jev felt that it’s now safe to assume that these leaks were accurate. “Nine and a half times out of 10, if we’re hearing leaks and then also seeing footage that lines up with the leaks, I can pretty much take that as confirmation. I’ll be very surprised [if it’s not.]” Although the trailer does appear to hint that Pro Perks will be a part of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, this is all still speculation until the developers themselves confirm it. With Call of Duty Next just days away, and the beta giving players their first hands-on time just a day later, we won’t have to wait too long to get a clearer picture. For more on Modern Warfare 2, be sure to check out the teased AC-130 campaign mission, and the Battlefield 2042 feature players want to see. Image credit: Activision The post New Modern Warfare 2 video convinces players Pro Perks are returning appeared first on Charlie ... Read More: Full Article on Charlie INTEL
  13. From Charlie INTEL: A teaser for the Modern Warfare 2 reveal at Call of Duty Next confirms the arrival of two classic game modes at the highly-anticipated MW sequel’s launch. Modern Warfare 2 has generated a ton of hype among the Call of Duty community, and the developers have revealed details about the game’s campaign, mechanics, and AI improvements. We’ll get our first look at the game’s multiplayer at Call of Duty Next on September 15, and the developers have released a video counting down to the event. This clip revealed new details about the content included in Modern Warfare 2. The Call of Duty Next countdown video posted on September 10 showed images of Operators, map layouts, and different icons, which included logos for Domination and Capture The Flag game modes. Domination is an objective-based mode that tasks players with capturing three flags. Capture the Flag is similar and requires you to bring the opposing team’s flag back to your own team’s flag. These 2 game mode icons in the video below are Domination and Capture The Flag if we go off the game mode icons Reality found in the WZM files a while back. https://t.co/QYlMDZ0WUw pic.twitter.com/4URr1GWBmh — Hope (@TheGhostOfHope) September 10, 2022 Notable leaker ‘TheGhostOfHope’ pointed out that the icons in the countdown video match the ones that were leaked through the Warzone Mobile game files. That leak also revealed other game modes such as the fan-favorite Infected could arrive in Modern Warfare 2. Domination is so popular that it has been featured in every main CoD title since the original Modern Warfare. However, Capture the Flag has been either added as post-launch content or left out entirely in titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts. The inclusion of these logos in the teaser could mean that the devs are planning to show these game modes off at Call of Duty Next. We’ll just have to wait and see if this ends up being the case. For more Modern Warfare 2 content, check out our piece on the devs using beta feedback to decide on the return of slide canceling and the AC-130 campaign mission shown in a teaser. Image credits: Activision The post Modern Warfare 2 teaser confirms two classic game modes arriving at launch appeared first on Charlie INTEL. Read More: Full Article on Charlie INTEL
  14. From DualShockers - Feed: After a turbulent period with Halo's next phase as a live service game, and a promised revamp of the entire experience with Halo Infinite's recently announced winter roadmap, Bonnie Ross, the founder of 343 Industries and Corporate VP at Xbox Game Studios has announced her departure. The reason for the executive's departure is for purely personal reasons as she had to attend to a family medical issue. Read More: Full Article on DualShockers - Feed
  15. From Charlie INTEL: Call of Duty expert WhosImmortal has revealed which forgotten Vanguard LMG is dominating the long-range weapon meta after receiving buffs in Warzone Pacific Season 5. Warzone Pacific players are searching for the new best weapons after the game’s meta went through major changes in Season 5, and the UGM-8 is currently dominating the long-range meta. While you’ll find plenty of Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles that are great in long-range encounters, Warzone expert WhosImmortal has highlighted a forgotten Vanguard LMG that’s worth trying out. WZ Ranked shows that the Type 11 LMG has a low pick rate of 0.05, and the weapon has been overshadowed by other guns. However, that could change after the attachment buffs that the weapon received in Season 5. The Sakura 487mm Shrouded barrel had its rate of fire penalty decreased and received a boost to its horizontal recoil control. Season 5 also removed the muzzle velocity penalty from the 5.6mm 45 Round Mags. WhosImmortal compared its stats to those of the STG44, XM4, and the Grau 5.56. While those three still remain top-tier options, the Type 11 was the only weapon without a damage drop-off. The Warzone expert called it a “sleeper weapon in the long-range meta.” WhosImmortal’s Warzone Type 11 loadout Muzzle: Mercury SilencerBarrel: Sakura 487mm ShroudedOptic: G16 2.5xStock: Shiraishi CustomUnderbarrel: M1939 Strife AngledMagazine: 6.5mm Sakura 90 Round DrumsAmmo Type: Hollow PointRear Grip: Hatched GripPerk: BracePerk: Fully Loaded The three core components of WhosImmortal’s Type 11 loadout are the muzzle, barrel, and Magazine. The Mercury Silencer and Sakura 487mm Shrouded will improve the weapon’s damage range and bullet velocity. He went with the 6.5mm Sakura 90 Round Drums so that the gun has plenty of ammo. The Shiraishi Custom stock and Brace perk help with the strafe speed and initial firing recoil control. With these attachments equipped, WhosImmortal was able to secure 20 kills in a game. So, we expect to see this weapon get more attention in Season 5 after being largely ignored for quite some time. For more Warzone Pacific content, check out why players think airstrike warnings are more broken than ever and our guide on how to watch the Warzone 2 reveal. Image credits: Raven Software The post Forgotten Vanguard LMG dominates Warzone’s long-range meta after major Season 5 buffs appeared first on Charlie INTEL. Read More: Full Article on Charlie INTEL
  16. From Dot Esports: Valve has shifted another update to CS:GO, and this time around has focused on improving four maps in the game. The developer decided to bring a bunch of fixes and small changes to Anubis, Blagai, Cascade, and Ember. Those changes primarily improve the gameplay, making a few spots much more easily accessible. Anubis, the only map that is available to play in matchmaking, has seen the most changes. The devs focused on improving both bombsites, both for the T side and for the CT side, which should see some players pull off more impressive plays. Some sounds, like on A long, have also been tweaked. Blagai and Cascade are maps made for the Wingman mode, and they also have seen a few changes. While the former only had a couple of things fixed, Cascade received some new visuals, a new ladder in the lower main, and had the self-boost in the upper main removed. Ember, a map made for the Danger Zone mode, has also been taken under the scope. The devs once again tried fixing a bug here and there, and tried improving the ever-breaking cannonball. Also, the devs Crater has been renamed to Water Tower, and door usage around the map has been updated as well. As always, Valve also looked into some interface and Steam Input issues, like improving the support of the latter for the mouse and keyboard on Steam Deck. The latest CS:GO update is yet again unannounced, and doesn’t bring many major changes to the game. With the IEM Rio Major 2022 on the horizon, though, it’s possible that the devs will shift some bigger updates after the tournament concludes. Read More: Full Article on Dot Esports
  17. From IGN News: New details about Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland have emerged on an Ubisoft Store listing, revealing more about the free-to-play shooter and its various game modes. Twitter user Unknown1Z1 posted a video of the game listing together with a link to the page for it, which now returns a "404 - Page not found" error. The same information, however, appears on another page on the Ubisoft Store that spotlights several in-game images as well as new details about the different gameplay features and character options available to players. The Division Heartland is now available in the Ubisoft Store listed as "Coming Soon" #thedivisionheartland #thedivision #comingsoon #f2p @TheDivisionGame https://t.co/pydu6vY2mn pic.twitter.com/tuBbNpcdDK — Unknown1Z1 (@Unknown1Z1) September 4, 2022 The game's product description promises "massive PvEvP" 45-player Storm Operations that will see players fight against "a group of dangerous Rogue agents, an aggressive faction known as the Vultures, all while surviving a lethal virus." There will also be "PvE Excursion Operations" for players to gather gear and "prep the battlefield" before heading out into combat. Players will also have the chance to be "one of six agents and select between three classes each match, all with their own perks and skills," but the game's listing doesn't confirm when this will be possible. The Division Heartland is given a very vague "coming soon" tease instead of an actual release date, though that status might change with Ubisoft Forward around the corner. The Division Heartland is described as "a standalone game that doesn’t require previous experience with the series but will provide an all new perspective on the universe in a new setting." The last we heard it was quietly delayed to Ubisoft's fiscal year 2022-23, but more details about the game are expected to be shared at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward showcase. Ubisoft has already confirmed that Assassin's Creed Mirage will be part of the presentation, which is returning in full force with lots of news and updates on various games and projects. The event will take place on September 10 at 12noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK (or 5am on September 11 AEST), so be sure to stay tuned to IGN for all of the latest announcements and reveals from the event. Adele Ankers-Range is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow her on Twitter. Read More: Full Article on IGN News
  18. From DualShockers: 1047 Games, the creators of critically-acclaimed indie shooter Splitgate, has announced that they are currently working on a new triple-A game, which will take place in the Splitgate universe. However, the studio will end further development of Splitgate to shift their priorities to developing their dream project. “We are, in a way, bailing water while also trying to keep everyone who bought a ticket to board our ship happy, while also trying to turn our boat into a rocket ship. After careful consideration and much deliberation the 1047 Games team has determined that in order to build the game fans deserve – and to build it in a way that isn’t trying to retrofit and live operate an existing product – we are ending feature development of Splitgate”, the developers said via a Twitter announcement. Important announcement from 1047 Games about the future of Splitgate: pic.twitter.com/5E0YG1DWQm — Splitgate (@Splitgate) September 2, 2022 RELATED: Is Splitgate Built to Last Against Its Biggest Competitor? The development team confirmed that their new triple-A title will be a shooter like its spiritual predecessor, and will be developed in Unreal Engine 5. It looks like the forthcoming AAA title aims to carry some key aspects of Splitgate to the next level, improving the in-game portal mechanism and multi-dimensional, fast-paced combat. According to 1047 Games, the brand new shooter, ”which will present revolutionary, not evolutionary, changes” will be free-to-play. Splitgate gained huge success in the gaming world, with over 18 million downloads since its initial release back in May 2019. As the developer team renews, its significant success across all platforms brought them the opportunity to start working on their triple-A project, the title of which has not yet been revealed. Indie developer 1047 Games went on the game’s official website to say that Splitgate will no longer receive updates so that the team can focus on their new triple-A project. Although no new content for Splitgate will enter development, support for the online services will still continue. 1047 Games will launch a new Battle Pass on September 15th, which will be free for everyone. Items and progression will also be maintained after the feature development of Splitgate come to an end. “Game support will continue and there will be smaller updates and fixes to Splitgate, but the bulk of our focus will be on an entirely new shooter that we can’t wait to share with you.” We’re likely to hear more about what the studio is currently working on in the months ahead. Splitgate is available to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. NEXT: 11 Bit Studios No Longer Giving Steam Keys To Curators The post Splitgate Development To End As Devs Focus On New Title by Berat Ozkan appeared first on DualShockers. Read More: Full Article on DualShockers
  19. From IGN News: Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that Call of Duty - along with the likes of Diablo and Overwatch - is eventually coming to Game Pass but it'll still be released on PlayStation on the same day. Announced in a Microsoft blog post, Spencer confirmed that Activision Blizzard's library of games is coming to Xbox Game Pass once the acquisition deal goes through, which includes Call of Duty and other blockbuster titles like Diablo and Overwatch. Spencer said that Xbox's goal was to bring games to as many people as possible, and therefore reaffirmed alongside the Game Pass news that Call of Duty would arrive on PlayStation the same day as it launches elsewhere. "We intend to make Activision Blizzard’s much-loved library of games – including Overwatch, Diablo and Call of Duty – available in Game Pass and to grow those gaming communities," Spencer said in the blog post. "By delivering even more value to players, we hope to continue growing Game Pass, extending its appeal to mobile phones and any connected device." It could be a while before Activision Blizzard's games arrive on Game Pass, of course, and Spencer didn't give any specific date or details regarding which games would be coming to the service. As with other Xbox first party titles like Forza and Halo, future iterations of these Activision Blizzard franchises will presumably come to Game Pass on day one. Overwatch 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 both have 2022 release dates, however, while Diablo 4 is due next year, meaning they may have been released before the acquisition deal goes through. Xbox's $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard was announced in January but has since been scrutinised by several consumer boards including the UK government's Competition and Markets Authority, though Spencer recently commented that he "feels good" about its progress. Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He'll talk about The Witcher all day. Read More: Full Article on IGN News
  20. From Dot Esports: Halo Infinite fans who’ve been patiently waiting for the Forge will be happy to know that the beta is coming soon, but unfortunately, other content and features are being delayed or outright canceled. In a Sept. 1 update post, 343 announced that the start of Season Three: Echoes Within has been pushed back all the way to March 7. Additionally, networked/online co-op campaign won’t release until the Nov. 8 Winter Update, alongside the Forge beta and two new maps in Detachment and Argyle, plus a free battle pass and some monthly events. In addition to the delays, 343 relayed that local split-screen co-op has been completely canceled. “In order to improve and accelerate ongoing live service development, and to better address player feedback and quality of life updates, we have reallocated studio resources and are no longer working on local campaign split-screen co-op,” the devs said in their corresponding update video. Echoes Within will feature new maps for both the Arena and Big Team Battle playlists, plus a new weapon in the M392 Bandit, a new piece of equipment called Shroud Screen, plus a plethora of new events, game modes, and quality of life improvements. Forge mode has long been anticipated by the Halo community since Infinite launched, with many fans upset that the latest Halo release didn’t launch with one of the community’s most beloved features. Since Infinite’s release, fans of Halo have been happy with the gameplay but somewhat disappointed by the slow drip of content. The release of Forge could stave off the community’s concerns about lacking content. Read More: Full Article on Dot Esports
  21. From Charlie INTEL: Apex Legends data miners have uncovered new cosmetic items that hint towards the arrival of a crossover event based on the Alien vs Predator series. Respawn Entertainment often introduce new cosmetic items to Apex Legends players through in-game Collection Events, including weapon heirlooms for Legends as well as new character and weapon skins. While the developers haven’t officially revealed what we should expect from the Season 14 Collection Event, Apex Legends leaks suggest that it might bring an Alien vs Predator crossover event. Data miner ‘Kralindo’ claimed that the Season 14 Collection Event will be titled “Hunter Predator” and leaked cosmetic skins for the Legend Gibraltar, the C.A.R SMG, Longbow, Hemlock, and Wingman. Many in the Apex Legends community noticed that these leaked weapon skins and character cosmetics share visual similarities with different elements from both the Alien and Predator franchises. The next collection event’s theme may be a reference to the universe of Alien, Prometheus, and Predator from ApexUncovered The leaked Gilbratar skin resembles the Engineer from the 2012 film Prometheus, which is part of the Alien movie series. The textures on the Car SMG weapon skin look similar to the design of the Xenomorph, including the same green as the creature’s acidic blood. Players also noted that the design of the Longbow epic rarity skin seems to emulate the look of the Predator. Both of these movie monsters have a firm place in film history, and they’ve battled each other in movies, video games, as well as comic books. Now, Respawn Entertainment might be planning to bring a new Alien vs Predator crossover to Apex Legends. However, since this information is based on leaks and speculation, we recommend taking it with a grain of salt until we get an official announcement. For more Apex Legends content, check out our list of the most popular Legends in Season 14 as well as everything that you need to know about how Rank resets work. Image credits: Respawn Entertainment / 20th Century Studios The post Apex Legends could be getting Alien vs Predator crossover in Season 14 appeared first on Charlie INTEL. Read More: Full Article on Charlie INTEL
  22. From TechCrunch: Sony is acquiring mobile game developer Savage Game Studios, the company announced on Monday. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Savage Game is joining a newly created PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, which will focus on creating games based on new and existing PlayStation IP. Sony says the new studio, which will operate independently from console game development, aims to reach new audiences and give gamers more ways to engage with its content. Savage Game Studios is already working on a new unannounced AAA mobile live service action game. Sony says it’s too early to reveal more about this upcoming game. “This acquisition reaffirms Sony Interactive Entertainment’s commitment to delivering innovative experiences to new players around the world by expanding to additional platforms,” said Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, in a statement. “PlayStation Studios must continue to expand and diversify our offering beyond console, bringing incredible new games to more people than ever before. Acquiring the talented team at Savage Game Studios is another strategic step towards that goal.” Savage Game Studios was founded in 2020 by developers Michail Katkoff, Nadjim Adjir and Michael McManus. The trio has years of experience working at numerous developers, including Insomniac Games, Zynga and Rovio. The studio doesn’t appear to have produced any games yet. Following the close of the acquisition, Savage Game Studios’ day-to-day operations will continue to be run by the company’s current management. “Savage Game Studios was founded by industry veterans yearning to challenge the status quo and bring meaningful innovation to mobile gaming,” said Michail Katkoff, the CEO and co-founder of Savage Game Studios, in a statement. “Today’s announcement reflects our firm belief that SIE shares our passion for experimentation and taking risks. We have great admiration for the consistency and quality of PlayStation’s first-party catalog, knowing just how hard it is in this industry to deliver time and time again as they have. We’re honored to become part of that legacy, and to join PlayStation Studios’ world class collective of immensely talented designers, artists, and engineers. We’re early in development on our unannounced project but can’t wait to show you more of what we’re working on.” Sony says its efforts beyond console don’t diminish its commitment to the PlayStation community or its passion to keep making single-player, narrative-driven experiences. The company says its mobile gaming efforts will provide ways for more people to engage with its games. Today’s announcement comes a few weeks after Sony confirmed that its $3.6 billion deal to acquire Bungie, the gaming company that created Halo and Destiny, had gone through without any surprises. At Sony, Bungie will remain a standalone game studio, but its expertise will be woven into the company’s strategy for PlayStation Studios, the division of Sony Interactive Entert... Read More: Full Article on TechCrunch
  23. From Charlie INTEL: CoD Mobile Season 8 is beginning to be teased as new content will soon make its way to the mobile Call of Duty game. We’ll go over the expected release date and content to arrive in CoD Mobile Season 8. CoD Mobile fans will soon have brand-new seasonal content to dissect as Season 7 comes to a close. Season 7 introduced players to a unique Ghost in the Shell crossover and following its success, expectations for CoD Mobile Season 8 are high. CoD Mobile Season 8 should deliver plenty of new content including weapons, maps, and Operators. In addition, fans are hoping to get their hands on yet another interesting crossover. CoD Mobile Season 8 expected release dateCoD Mobile Season 8 new leaked weaponsExpected content coming to CoD Mobile in Season 8 CoD Mobile Season 8 expected release date While there’s no official start date for CoD Mobile Season 8 as of yet, the CoD Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass comes to an end on September 10. If there are no delays it’s safe to expect the Season 8 release date to be September 10 or 11. The Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account posted a Season 8 teaser that included an image with details hidden in morse code. When deciphered, the teaser hints at major Season 8 information arriving on August 31 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST. CoD Mobile Season 8 new leaked weapons According to leaks, the ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle is expected to arrive in Season 8 of CoD Mobile. The ZRG 20mm debuted in Black Ops: Cold War and it is currently one of the best Snipers in Warzone Season 5. ZRG 20mm bolt-action sniper rifle is expected to come in Season 8 (2022). #CODMobile pic.twitter.com/9dxumjsPOe — Call Of Duty: Mobile Leaks & News (@PlayCODNews) August 12, 2022 The Sniper could potentially have the same impact on CoD Mobile Season 8 as a fast-firing Sniper with excellent movement speed. Leaks have also indicated that a Butterfly Knife melee weapon could also arrive in Season 8. The Butterfly Knife has appeared in Black Ops III as well as Modern Warfare (2019). The weapon is iconic within the gaming community due to its popularity in the CSGO franchise. It’ll be interesting to see if the Butterfly Knife will also be a popular melee weapon in CoD Mobile if it arrives in Season 8. Expected content coming to CoD Mobile in Season 8 The melee 'Butterfly Knife' is also expected to come in Season 8 (2022). #CODMobile pic.twitter.com/8GWf6tkMPP — Call Of Duty: Mobile Leaks & News (@PlayCODNews) August 14, 2022 While we currently don’t know exactly what is set to arrive with the CoD Mobile Season 8 update, we could use previous seasons to put together our predictions. Season 8 Battle PassNew weapons including Butterfly Knife and ZRG 20mmNew mapNew OperatorsBalancing changes, buffs, and nerfs As soon as more information concerning CoD Mobile Season 8 comes to light, we’ll be sure to provide an update. For more, check out our guide to fixing CoD Mobile’s Loading Timeout error, or our explanation of Class Chips.... Read More: Full Article on Charlie INTEL
  24. From Dot Esports: Another set of leaks is pointing to Valve’s Source 2 engine possibly coming to CS:GO in the near future. The form of the game, which is reportedly a Source 2 port of CS:GO, was played on the 730 App ID on Steam, which is a regular version of the game that players use, according to a leaker called Aquarius. The leaker revealed Valve has been making some other intriguing changes to the game’s files. They explained that the developers made a backup version of CS:GO, which was followed by an update that has some client and server tweaks. It’s tough to say whether this is just the devs testing minor changes to the game or if Valve really intends to release the Source 2 engine. Aquarius has been reporting on Valve’s work on Source 2 for months now and it looks like the devs have been focusing on the engine behind the scenes. Last week, the devs loaded a Source 2 version of Cobblestone to CS:GO, according to leaks. The same thing happened a few months back when the leaker found six maps with Source 2 in their names, including Italy, Inferno, and Overpass. Many players have been asking Valve to finally update CS:GO with its new and improved engine, but the devs have yet to officially speak about the project. Read More: Full Article on Dot Esports
  25. From Charlie INTEL: Fortnite’s 21.50 update is here, giving dataminers even more content to sift through in the game files. Leaker HYPEX claims the new files reference Oculus, likely meaning VR support is coming to Fortnite in the future. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is drawing to a close, with Season 4 set to arrive in mid-September. Epic aren’t slowing down ahead of the new season though, as they dropped the 21.50 update on August 30, bringing back Late Game Arenas and introducing the Shadow of Phantasm week. These updates always give leakers an insight into what’s to come, and new files added in 21.50 suggest that virtual reality support could be coming to Fortnite in a future season. According to popular leaker HYPEX, “Epic added stuff related to Oculus (Quest, Quest 2 & Mobile)” in the 21.50 update. They believe this means there’s “most likely proper VR support in the future.” Epic added stuff related to Oculus (Quest, Quest 2 & Mobile) in today's update. Most likely proper VR support in the future.. — HYPEX (@HYPEX) August 30, 2022 While it’s unclear what Fortnite would look like in VR, some have speculated that it will use the first-person mode that has been leaked for a while now. HYPEX reported back in July that a first-person mode was “updated quite a few times,” and suggested we might see it in Season 4. However, even if the first-person mode arrives with Season 4, it could be much longer until we see VR support added. Perhaps it will come with the Creative 2.0 update which will allow players to create their own games in Fortnite. But, this is just a leak for now with no confirmation from Epic Games, so there’s no guarantee that Fortnite will receive VR support. Not much has been leaked about Chapter 3 Season 4 yet, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve unlocked Indiana Jones and stayed on top of the weekly quests to unlock all of the Battle Pass skins before they disappear to make way for the next batch. Image Credit: Epic Games The post Fortnite leak claims VR support is on the way appeared first on Charlie INTEL. Read More: Full Article on Charlie INTEL
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