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  • Halo Championship Series

    The Halo Championship Series (HCS) is the official league of Halo Infinite and is organized by 343, the developer of the current Halo Series.  The HCS currently features a Pro Series and an Open Series that combine in multiple Majors throughout the year.  Eventually, teams can work their way to the Halo World Championship and compete in one of gaming's largest and most prestigious tournaments for the world championship.

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  • Event Results

    • 1. HCS Kickoff Major Charlotte
      OpTic Gaming

    • 2. HCS Global Invitational Dallas
      FaZe Clan

    • 3. HCS Arlington Major hosted by OpTic
      FaZe Clan

    • 4. HCS Global Invitational SLC
      Spacestation Gaming

    • 5. HCS Ft Worth Major
      OpTic Gaming

    • 6. Halo World Championship 2023

    • Updated: 07/04/2023

  • Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events found
  • 2023 HCS Roadmap


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