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Predatory Play: The Dangerous Intersection of Gaming and Gambling

As smartphones have become increasingly ubiquitous, mobile gaming has witnessed explosive growth. From simple games like "Snake" on the early Nokia phones to the current graphics-intensive multiplayer games, mobile gaming has evolved dramatically. But as the industry has grown, so has its reliance on aggressive monetization tactics – many of which have been identified as predatory. The Evolution of In-game Purchases In the nascent stages of the gaming industry, the formula was straight

Battle Pass Blues: The Unforeseen Impact of Gaming's Popular Monetization Model

As the digital age has progressed, the gaming industry has continuously adapted to new business models and revenue streams. One such adaptation is the introduction of the Battle Pass, a monetization method that has swept across the gaming landscape. From Fortnite to Call of Duty, Battle Passes have quickly become a norm. But, despite their widespread adoption, they've stirred up a significant amount of frustration among players. The Mechanics of a Battle Pass: Reward or Chore? For thos

Special Edition Xbox Controllers For The Holiday

Xbox controllers are a gold standard for both console and PC gamers but why settle for a basic black or white controller? Grab a special edition controller for yourself or that special gamer in your life and change things up a bit.  Not sure what is all available out there?  Well here is a basic list to help get you started! Special Edition Color Schemes Xbox Wireless Controller - Lunar Shift Special Edition Get surreal with the Xbox Wireless Controller – Lunar Shift Special Editi

Uncrowned Guard

Uncrowned Guard in Xbox

Uncrowned's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Review

Welcome to Uncrowned Gaming’s first-ever game review! We will be looking at the hit release Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, although that is the Roman numeral II not the number two as that would be an entirely different game. Yay for modern naming schemes. Overall I enjoy pretty much all the changes that they added to this game and most of the new systems are actually quite positive. However, due to a few key features, this review would actually be more of a thumbs down than a thumbs up.
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