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    LA Thieves Dominate For Organization's First Ever CDL Championship Win! #CDL2022

    LA Thieves won the CDL Championship thanks to their exceptional display of individual and team prowess. This was an historical moment for the Thieves, as it marked the organization's first CDL Championship win in the history of the League, and the first ring for each of the four players involved.

    It's indisputable that Octane, Envoy, Kenny, and Drazah are a powerhouse team. However, the Call of Duty League 2022 season has ended because of their tremendous victory over Atlanta FaZe in the CDL Championships.

    The Thieves secured back-to-back wins in the opening four games of the final match against FaZe. Atlanta FaZe recouped slightly on Bocage and then Berlin Control in SnD, but it wasn’t sufficient to prevent the Thieves from winning. After a grueling final 11-round SnD on Tuscan, the LA Thieves seized the $1.2 million prize and lifted the trophy in the Galen Center, in Los Angeles.

    In the beginning of the 2022 Call of Duty League season, the LA Thieves weren't able to win a Major tournament and didn't appear to be on a path to winning anyone soon. Major IV, however, saw the Thieves' players take off, grinding to the finish line and winning the first Call of Duty League championship for the organization. After winning their first Major just weeks ago, the Thieves have won again, securing the grand prize and anouther first for the organization.

    Throughout the season, Atlanta FaZe was not doing very well. Many people might argue that there was a curse on this team, and the reigning champions from the 2021 season did not win any of the four Major tournaments spread throughout the season. Even though the squad remained stable and finished first in the regular season, it wasn’t enough, and FaZe will now begin the 2023 CDL season with a lot of work to do.

    Atlanta FaZe would have been known as the greatest COD team in Call of Duty League history had they won the championship. Despite the fact that they still feature some of the very best Call of Duty players in the world, flying the Atlanta FaZe red flag, there is no doubt that the team would have been regarded as the best COD squad ever had they won the league. Rostermania for CDL 2022 is approaching fast, and teams will be swapping players during the downtime that occurs during the winter season.

    Image Credit: YouTube

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