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    Los Angeles Thieves Triumph Over OpTic Texas in Call of Duty Major IV

    In a captivating battle, the Los Angeles Thieves emerged victorious against OpTic Texas, clinching their first Call of Duty championship of the season and their third since the 2022 campaign. The grand finals saw the two teams face off in a series of matches, with Los Angeles Thieves winning 4-2 overall.

    The opening match on Hydro witnessed Los Angeles taking the lead early on, but OpTic quickly narrowed the gap. However, the Thieves managed to hold onto their advantage, securing a 250-200 win in their third straight Hardpoint match. OpTic rebounded in the second map, Hotel SnD, with Shotzzy leading the team to victory and tying the series.

    As the competition moved to Expo for the first of two Control maps, Los Angeles turned the tables, taking the map 3-1 and regaining the lead. Despite their previous Hardpoint losses, OpTic found success in Fortress Hardpoint, thanks to a dominating performance by Ghosty, and a strong showing from Huke and Dashy.

    The El Asilo Search and Destroy saw Los Angeles on the brink of victory with a 5-1 lead. Although OpTic fought back, the Thieves ultimately triumphed 6-4. The final Control match on El Asilo saw OpTic start strong, but Kenny's exceptional play for Los Angeles helped secure their win and the championship title.


    The Los Angeles Thieves' latest win marks their third CDL championship in franchise history and demonstrates the team's growth since their 2021 season.

    Image Credit: Midjourney

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    Their name - The Los Angeles Thieves have always been funny to me whenever I come across it. Why in the world did they choose that name? I'm not privy to that information, if you are, I'd love to know 😁. Well, congratulations on their 3rd CDL Championship. 

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