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    LOUD Roars to Victory in VCT Americas, Sets Sights on Tokyo Masters

    In an adrenaline-charged showdown that saw sparks fly and hearts pound, the audacious Brazilian squad LOUD clinched a jaw-dropping victory over regional contenders NRG Esports on May 28. This accomplishment reaffirms LOUD's standing as a formidable force in the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Americas, setting the stage for their impending clash at the Tokyo Masters.

    After tasting bitter defeat in the VALORANT LOCK//IN, LOUD roared back with a vengeance to claim the title of VCT Americas champions. The team's unwavering determination saw them blaze through the regular season, tasting defeat only once against NRG - their inevitable rivals in the grand final.

    The playoffs found LOUD in a relentless mood, tactfully dismantling fellow Brazilians FURIA, before shattering the dreams of the resurgent Evil Geniuses with a definitive three-map victory. When LOUD faced off against NRG in what has become a legendary 'El Clasico' of the Americas region, the thrill was palpable, the stakes high, and the rivalry fiercely reminiscent of years past.

    The grand final battle marked the ninth face-off between these VALORANT titans, with the scores seemingly in a perpetual deadlock. But this time, LOUD's relentless barrage proved too much for NRG, ultimately paving the way for a clean 3-0 sweep. However, the bare figures barely hint at the razor-thin margins that colored the entirety of the thrilling finale.

    LOUD sweated every inch of the way to claim victory on both Bind and Fracture maps, needing all of the 25 regulation rounds to tame their indomitable foe. An electrifying moment that will be etched in the annals of esports history was during the Fracture at 9-9: Saadhak, the declared MVP of the finals, single-handedly clinched a four-versus-one ace to stun the audience, in an awe-inspiring exhibition of precision and instinct.

    LOUD's monumental VCT Americas victory further embellishes their glittering trophy case, already boasting of their VALORANT Champions triumph in Istanbul, Turkey, and numerous regional accolades since their formidable debut in 2022.

    Looking ahead, LOUD is geared up to storm the VALORANT Masters Tokyo in June, alongside esteemed teams such as Team Liquid, Fnatic, and Paper Rex. Their VCT Americas title secures them a place in the forthcoming VALORANT Champions LAN, set to unfold in August 2023.

    Image Credit: Midjourney

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    The good thing is that LOUD have got a good team and it's how they were actually able to beat NRG Esports. Congratulations to them because it wasn't an easy contest for them. It's not going to be an easy battle with the Tokyo Masters in their upcoming clash but if they do their home work well, they stand a chance to win. 

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